10 Amazing Ways To Make A Man Addicted To You (2023)

Don’t take this the wrong way but all the girls want the hot they like gets addicted to them and be theirs. But it’s not something that can happen own it’s own.  Here the addiction doesn’t mean that your man will be there 24/7 and constantly talk to you every second of the day, but this means that your guy thinks about you and find you irresistible. He will always want to spend more time with and enjoy your company. It also means that your man’s eyes will be on you and only you and he won’t go after other girls.

But how to do that? We have answers but it isn’t the black magic or love potion. We have listed a few tips and ways that can help you to get the attention of your guy and make home addicted to you. Read the following article and help yourself in getting to know him better and let him see the good and irresistible side of you as well in order to make him addicted to you. Let’s not waste anymore of your time and start the article for How to make a man addicted to you!
how to make a man addicted to you

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1. Make him know you better

There are two scenarios, the guy already knows you or him doesn’t. If he doesn’t know you, you will have to initiate the conversation and make him know you.

First of all, introduce yourself nicely and then start the conversation with them. A nice and low key conversation would be adequate for the first meeting but then you can find something common between you two and use them as the advantage. You can talk about the thing that he is interested in or you can do the activities together as well.

2. Talk about yourself but not too much

You have to give him something about yourself too which can make him interested in you. See the thing is, you have to talk about yourself and what you like but you don’t have to tell him everything about yourself in one go.

You can ask him some questions (which should be the simple question with simple yes or no answers but something that can start the conversation further), and if he is interested in you, he will ask you questions as well. And right there you will make him get to know you better and you will know one or two things about him as well.

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3. Use social media platform as well

Social media platforms have become an important part of our lives and that’s why they play an important role to make a man interested in you. First of all, you can add him to your or social media account and send him the request as well.

Once you started following each other on social media you can start by liking his photos, but only a few, not more as this will let him know that you like the way he looks and you won’t seem desperate either. And if too likes your photos them this will be a clear sign that he likes you back and you can further initiate the conversations as well. Although present yourself from over showing your affection on social media by liking his old posts or liking every one of his pics.

4. Meet him on a regular basis

Try to find what he does in a day and then you can come up with an idea to spend more time together. See if there is anything that he does and you found that in common then this might be your chance to come close to him. For example, if go jogging in a park or he goes to a particular coffee shop or any restaurant daily or more often then you can also go there and you will have a chance to meet him daily.

There is a good chance that he will notice you more often and you two may start the conversation and become friends or more than that.

5. Dress nicely

A man surely will be attracted to you if you dress nicely. Of course, it’s for grabbing attention in the initial days. Here the thing is you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on your closet but you can wear the clothes that highlight you or compliment your body.

You can smartly choose good clothes. But don’t try to overdo it, be casual but classy at the same time. It should look natural and not over the top!

6. Become his friend and also make him a part of your circle as well

This way you would have extra time to spend with him and you can also see more of him. You can also be friends with his group as well or use your connections to increase your time with him. You will get to know each other better and have a lot of fun time as well. It’s something that can help you to make him like you and you will be on his mind as well.

7. Make him feel special

You will have to let him know what you feel about him, it shouldn’t have to be in a direct way but you can always give the indirect hints to make him know you better. Here you can drop hints by making him feel special and letting him know that he holds a special place in your life.

Be a good listener to him and pay attention to the little details as well and make him know that you are paying attention to them. You can also gift him some nice things (such as any old book that he was looking for or anything another thing for that matter) that let him know that you care about him as well.

8. Be mysterious about yourself

As we have mentioned earlier you don’t wanna give away too much about yourself which might kill his curiosity about you. So play smart when it comes to being mysterious. You don’t have to tell him everything about yourself. You can tell an interesting fact about yourself every time you are with him. So always leave something about yourself and make a mysterious appearance about yourself.

9. Make him want more of you

You would wanna make him want more so that he will be looking for more from you. You should end the conversation when it’s high and you should say bye when you are having a great time so that he misses you after you have spent time with him. This will leave him wanting more and he will look forward to meeting you or talk to you in the future as well.

10. Play hard to get

This one is a very important step in order to make him addicted to you. You don’t wanna be easy to please or get so always play hard to get. So you can ignore him a few times and don’t make him realize that he is too big of a deal for you.

You should also try to reply late (occasionally) or not answer his calls a few times. Don’t be available all the time and you can also try to say no to him as well. Although you have to make a balance between playing hard to get and not seeming uninterested at all!

What not to do!

  • Don’t be a stalker – You don’t have to be a stalker or make him feel uncomfortable. Just be cool and seem confident and casual when he is around you.
  • Be patient – Don’t act impatient with him, just keep in mind that things will eventually turn out right if they meant to be and you can’t control him. So be patient and don’t lose your cool over him.
  • Don’t frighten him – You don’t have to scare him away with your desperate moves and that’s why you will have to be careful about that. Don’t frighten him by being around him all the time or surprising him more often with your presence. Initiate the moves when you are certain that he likes you as well otherwise it can be pretty awkward for both of you!


So these are the ways that can make your man addicted to you. Now some of the ways are already well known but should still work on them in order to get more attention to your guy. Now we don’t recommend using these ways to manipulate your guy because that would be very wrong but yeah make a positive impact using the tips and make him feel strongly about you and build a strong connection as well.

Apart from this, see the signs that the man likes you and then initiate the process of making him like you even more otherwise it would be a waste of time for both of you. We really hope you found the article helpful, so thank you for being with me and keep coming for more such articles.