How To Get Your Crush To Like You (2023)

So you have got a crush on someone? We all have experienced this feeling of having a crush on someone. But there are only a few people out there who can actually turn things around and make their crush to like them back as well. Are they superhuman? Or good at hypnotizing? Well no, but they are good at understanding the pattern which can help them to develop a friendship and then into more. And you can do that too.
You just need to realize that there are a few things that you need to do and you can get your crush to like you back. This article features some tips that might help you to get your crush likes you back, so read them out and prepare yourself to impress your crush!

How To Get Your Crush To Like You

1. Become their friend

The first step you need to take is to become their friend. As you know every relationship starts off from friendship. And there is a saying that if you can be their best friend, you can easily fall in love with them and they can also develop feelings for you as well.
So before going to the different lengths, you might wanna be their friend. This will help you to know them better and you might find out if you actually like them as a person or it is only a simple attraction.

2. Find out about them

Ask questions that will lead to a nice conversation and where you both can know a little bit more about each other. Yes, they need to know you better as much as you need to understand their likes and dislikes.
You can find their passion, their childhood, and their past relationships. You can also ask about how their day went and what are they up to. And when you know about their passion and their dreams, you can help them to motivate and achieve what they like. You can support them in many ways as well. This will help them to understand how supporting and understanding you are to them.

3. Listen to them

This is very important to let them know that they are important to you and make them feel special. So whenever they are talking about something just listen carefully and it might help a bit if you ask a question in between So that they know that you are fully interested in them.

4. Spend more time with them

To get closer to anyone, you need to spend some time together. And when it’s your crush, make sure you spend as much time as possible with them.
You might invite them to movies or start new activities with them. Or it can be simply hanging out with them more often at the park, on the campus, cafeteria, etc. So it will be on your part to find ways to spend more time together and make sure they enjoy the time spending with you, you don’t want them to drag into something that they don’t like or enjoy.

5. Be yourself around them

You don’t have to be a different person just to get them like you, and even if they like the person you are not, it will be no good for either of you. Be as real as you can around them and show them what kind of person you are. As we have mentioned you need to find more about them, you should also make sure that they also know about you as well. Share some things about yourself, about your likes and dislike. And let them know you better.

6. Dress nicely

Yes, you can be yourself and look good too! You don’t have to be too comfortable around them and dress too casually (keep those things for later). So make sure out on some clothes that actually look good on and compliment your body and color.
You can also accessories a bit (not too much though) and most importantly always smell nice when you are around them (no one likes a person who is smelling bad). Take care of personal hygiene and always look clean and fresh. You might wanna use a shampoo that smells good. Put on washed clothes every day as well.

7. Don’t spill every secret of yours

It kinda attractive when there is some mysteriousness left in you. You might wanna share a little bit but not everything from your childhood. Let the things come up at the right time and surprise them as well. You can also make them want to know more about you as you would ask good questions to them as well.

8. Make eye contact

The best way to make yourself comfortable is to make eye contact with the person while talking to them it will not only boost your confidence but also keep them interested while you are having the conversation. And make eye contact more often. Avoid looking in another direction while you talk to them this will only give a message that you are not confident and comfortable about yourself.

9. Smile often

A smile can make a big difference. So give a nice smile as much as you can. It would be helpful if you give a smile every time you see them or while having a conversation. Because let’s face it no one will fall in love with you having a resting face every time.
Apart from this, laugh at their jokes and every time they say or do something funny. You can also try to make them laugh as well.

10. Watch your body language

Your body language says a lot about you. Some people take it for granted and that’s where they go wrong. So always pay attention to your body language. Your body should speak for your confidence and your attraction towards your crush.
You can try to stand straight and watch your posture more often that gives you a confident look. You can also lean towards them when they are talking to you. Just don’t be nervous or make yourself uncomfortable because your body will show that.

11. Be straight about your feelings

We know its a big step but someday you gotta confess your feelings. It might be scary but it’s definitely something you have to do! Share your true feelings to them and say out loud how you feel about them. This may go wrong but it will be good for both of you and you will know whether or not you stand a chance here.
The bottom line is, you don’t need to wait for years to finally confess your feelings. Because you don’t wanna stuck for one person for that long and develop one-sided feelings for them. If it’s not going anywhere, you need to know that and move on.

12. Ask them out

Finally, if you like them and you think they might like your back as well then pick the right moment and ask them out for a date. This one is again a big step but as we have said earlier you can’t be their friends for years before confessing your feelings to them.
And if they say yes, plan a good date at their favorite restaurant or the place they like the most. Overall this is your chance and you don’t want to blow this out. So make sure you do everything right this time!

Some extra tips –

Don’t forget your self-worth!
  • People often compromise with their self-worth when it comes to winning the hearts of their crushes. But it’s the last thing you wanna do. See you are as important as they are and just because you have a feeling for them doesn’t mean you have to go the extreme measures to make them like you back.
  • You have to understand where to stop yourself and let them go. You can develop a crush on anyone but that doesn’t mean they are worth your time and energy.
Don’t talk about the old crushes!
  • You don’t need to share your feelings about your old crushes in front of them, this won’t be a good idea and might bother them in many ways. So avoid talking about your past crushes or relationships.
Take advice from your friends as well!
  • After all, what are they for? Involve your friends in this and take their advice and ask them to help you out. Your friends know you and they will try everything to make you look good in front of your crush and help you to get your crush like you back! You don’t need to hesitate to share your feelings with your friends (unless you have a crush on your friend!).

Conclusion –

So these are a few tips that might help you to get your crush like you back. Although we are not suggesting to plot a whole plan and become obsessed about your crush, some healthy efforts might make a difference as well.
So thank you for sticking with us and keep coming for more such helpful articles in the future as well.