How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text (2023)

We know asking a girl out is anyway a complicated task and it becomes more complicated when you have to do it over texts. As you know, ideally a girl would want to be asked out in person but since texting has become one of the important ways of communication these days, it will okay if you ask her out on text as well.

But the thing is, you can just send her a direct text, Will you go out with me? There are higher chances that she will say no to that if she isn’t expecting this from you or you lack some of the keys points that make her say yes to the question. So how do you ask a girl out over text? Well, we know you don’t know the answer and this the very same reason you have come to us.

And luckily we do know, how to ask a girl out over texts and we can also help you with this as well. It might seem too big of a deal (which it is at some level) but it’s definitely not something you can’t do. In this article, we are going to feature a few ways and steps which you can use and follow to ask your crush out over texts.
Let’s not waste anymore of your time and start our article for How to ask a girl out over texts?

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1. Set the tone

The most important step in asking a girl out is setting the tone and letting her know that you might ask her out on the future. This will make sure she is not taken by surprise or shock when you actually ask her out. And setting the tone and letting her know that you are interested in her and if she reciprocates the gesture you will know you are on the right track. , in short, rt it will be helpful for both of you and save you guys from trouble.

Now that we are talking about setting the tone, we should also know how to do that. The casual clothing is a must and also long conversation where she gets to know you better will also do the job. You can share memes, you can have some meaningful conversation (not too much though), you can compliment her often and you can also tell her about you as well.

2. Wait for some time before you ask her out

It’s natural that you can’t ask her out on the very same day that she has exchanged the number with you, that would be a disaster. So you make sure she has spent enough time talking to you and get to know what kind of person you are or at least have some idea for that. And that’s why it’s important to give her some time. But make sure you don’t spend too much time where she starts thinking that you might not interested in her.

3. The opening texts

See the day you want to ask her out will be just perfect and you should start off with a good opening text as well. This might sound like a tough job but it’s not. Just consider a few elements and you will be good to go.

And your opening texts should be always on point regardless of whether you are asking her out or not. There are many ways you can start the conversation, such as compliment her and say the last time we met you were looking amazing, or you can also start the conversation based on your last interaction or you can refer to the next time you will see her, such is going for that event/party, etc.

4. Ask her out

Now that you have set the tone and you have sent some good opening texts every day to her, she will definitely be expecting you to ask her out sometime soon. But you will have to choose the right time to do that. That is making sure that she is in a good mood and is healthy. Because let’s face if you are going to ask her on a bad day, she will say no and there will be nothing you can do about it.

To know her mood, you can first start a casual conversation and ask her about the day and see if there is anything that might have upset her. And if she is in a great mood, grab the opportunity and ask her out!

And here comes the difficult part, you will have to actually ask her out!! Just make this quick and easy and here you can actually ask her if she is free on Friday and would she like to go on a movie with you? Or another plan that you might have made.

You will have to be clear about the place and time otherwise you might get awkward and say something stupid.

Plan the date!

This part comes before asking her out actually, see you will have to pick a place and the right time. So you will have to do a good amount of work to make it all right.

So when it comes to the place, you can take the help of her friends(if you know them!) Or you can choose a place yourself. But make sure the place is something she would like. You might not have to pick an expensive or fancy place but at the same time, you can’t just take her anywhere. If you are going to ask for a movie then make sure it’s something she would like or you both can enjoy, a rom-com is considered as the perfect pick but again of she likes anything genre you can go for that too.

The time should be right too, you don’t wanna ask her when she needed to be somewhere else. Weekend days would be a great choice though. But you can actually ask her if she has any plans and then you can plan your date perfectly.

Don’t take too much time to ask her out

We have said it earlier and we reiterating, you have to be considerate about the timing. Don’t be too late and don’t be too early, that should be your mantra. Just make sure she knows about your intentions and giving you some kind of green signal by flirting back. And then you think it’s time you can simply ask her out.

Respond to her answer after you have asked her out

It doesn’t matter what she has said, whether yes or no, but you make sure you give her a reply after that. And it has to be a nice one so she knows you respect her decision and looking forward to meeting her (whether on a date or just casually).

Ask her if you can pick her up for the date!

If she has said yes then you can further ask her to whether it’s okay to pick her up. As you girls like to get picked up by their dates. And it will make her feel pretty special.

Do all the necessary stuff before your date

It’s important that you show her by your action that how excited you are to be her date. So it’s important that you take care of the little things. For example, if you are picking her up, make sure to buy her flowers (it will be great if you can pick her favorite flowers!).

Other than this, dress up nicely. Yeah, it’s not just about the girls being dress up and boys too can dress nicely to impress her. You can pick up anything that looks great on you.

Make sure you smell nice. So wear good perfume and brush your teeth well before you meet her. You should also groom yourself. Trim your beard or hairs if necessary.

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Respect her decision

You should anyway be prepared in case she says no, and ask her out without thinking too much what will she says! This will boost your confidence.

Apart from this, if she actually says no then you will have to respect her decision. Also, don’t take her rejection way too seriously as well.

Have a good date

The last and final advice from us, if everything goes well. We know it’s your chance to make your first impression on her (and it has to be good). So do everything that will impress her, like pull out the chair, hold the door, (trust me these things do matter!). And most importantly be nice.


So these are the few ways and steps that you can use to ask her out. Just remember we have only given out the theory of the concept and executing this in real life still depends on you. We make sure you do a smart job while asking her out.

We hope you found the article helpful, so thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such helpful articles in the future.