How To Start An Ice Cream Business In 13 Easy Steps

Experienced entrepreneurs have wondered more than once in which business idea to invest with maximum benefit. To bring a new unique product to the market, or to start producing a well-proven essential product?
If you are a fan of ice cream and you love people, the ice cream business can be a good start. Depending on your budget, the business may be located in a cart, truck, or store. According to Entrepreneur, the ice cream business can be very lucrative, yielding up to $ 50,000 in the summer months alone. Before opening your doors to the public, make sure you have a business plan, an original concept that distinguishes you from the competition, and the necessary licenses.

We all know that everything ingenious is simple. The ice cream business is exciting and attractive. This product is familiar to everyone from the earliest years. Remember, not a single trip to an amusement park or a carousel was complete without a sweet ice cream treat. For exemplary achievements, parents often reward their children with what the “child” wishes. And what more could one wish for a “child” like the famous “Eskimo” or the like.

Don’t assume ice cream is just for kids. We all come from childhood, and there are many real fans of this delicacy among the adult population. Ice cream desserts are trendy in cafes and restaurants. And they are in demand for a whole year. Human fantasy has produced hundreds of ice cream varieties for every taste. Besides, all over the world, and already in our country, frozen juice and yogurt, ice cream cake, and various ice cream desserts are famous. Thus, this “ice cream” product has ceased to be seasonal and is in demand and marketed all year round.

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How To Start An Ice Cream Business

Drawing up and implementing a business plan

So, we figured out the business ideas. The next step is to draw up and implement a business plan. The first point is which will be the organization of the business. It would be best if you start by choosing a production facility. The room must be at least 200 square meters. Firstly, in this room, production and packaging lines should be located and separate refrigerating places for storing the finished product. Secondly, the production room should have unique rooms for storing employees and management personnel’s offices to manage the production process as efficiently as possible. When choosing a room, you should familiarize yourself with the norms of SanPiN There should be convenient access near the warehouse so that the freight transport can deliver the products to the customer.


Next, we move on to the selection of personnel. All personnel is conditionally divided into three groups:
1) enterprise management,
2) production management,
3) production personnel.

We select a director, deputy director, accountant, administrator, raw material procurement manager, sales manager for the first group. The second group includes the chief technologist, engineer, chief power engineer, shop manager. In the third group, we recruit specially trained workers with a permit to work in medical books (the second group should also have such books). The approximate number of employees of the third group is 20 people. This is Minimum. With the increase in production volumes, the number of personnel will grow proportionally.


For the production of ice cream, special modern equipment is required. The choice of equipment will depend on the product range and the technology chosen. The selection of equipment should be taken very seriously since you can buy an inexpensive kit with a small production capacity. And you can invest more in equipment, which will make it possible to expand the range in the future and increase production capacity. Better the second option.
There are four types of freezers for the production of ice cream:
1. for the production of soft ice cream;
2. for the production of hard ice cream;
3. for the production of cocktails and other desserts;
4. combined.

On the market, you will find freezers from different manufacturers. The most popular brands are from the USA, China, and European countries. The most reliable and reputable freezers are of the following brands: Altezoro, Innova, Nemox, Ocean Power, and SPM. Your task when choosing equipment is to select a suitable model. The price of such equipment is approximately 200,000 USD.

For your ice cream to sell successfully, it needs good advertising. The most effective type of advertising is television and radio advertising. However, it is also the most expensive. But the waste pays off. Order a video with a sweet little tooth, an ice cream lover who eats this delicacy with appetite, and the demand for your product is guaranteed. It would be best if you also placed an advertisement for your brand of ice cream on the city’s billboards.

The selling points for ice cream will be shops, restaurants, cafes, kiosks, and stalls. The sales manager (in the future, the sales management department) will be responsible for product sales. The manager should monitor the market. The best option would be to cooperate with wholesale companies that sell food products. For the sale of products, you need to purchase transport with refrigeration equipment.

Investment and profit

The amount of investments required for the development of the ice cream business is 224600USD to cover the following capital expenditures:
– ice cream production line – 91327 USD;
– refrigeration equipment – 11,000 USD;
– packing line – 18667 USD;
– vehicles – 10,000 USD;
– working capital – 93606 USD.

The selected equipment can produce 1 ton of ice cream per day. The price per kilogram should be set at 6 USD. The monthly revenue will be around 132,000 USD. Net profit (if all expenses .;/are subtracted) will be 11871 USD. Thus, the investment payback period is 18 months.
An ice cream business idea is very tempting. Appreciate all the advantages of this direction.

Promote your business

As delicious as the ice cream we offer, it will be meaningless if we don’t have customers. But how do you promote a new business?
Well , there are two ways we can choose, namely the conventional way and the modern way. Both are equally important. For example, for the conventional way, we need signage that shows the existence of our store. There is nothing wrong with distributing special vouchers so that people are more interested in coming.
Meanwhile, in a modern way, we can maximize the presence of the internet. Create a website that includes important information about our ice cream shop, such as menus, addresses, and operating hours. Don’t forget to also create a social media account on Instagram or Facebook so you can connect directly with customers.

Join your local chamber of commerce and other business organizations to publicize your opening. Create colorful flyers listing the products and services you sell and post them on bulletin boards in your area. Post ads in your local newspaper and online, and create a social media fan page to spread the word. Celebrate a grand opening by giving away free samples of your flavors and doing other activities. Give out coupons to encourage new customers to visit your store.

Understand the Ice Cream Business

The best way to learn something new is to do it yourself. Sure, we could easily read a book on how to open a successful ice cream shop, but we wouldn’t fully understand the ins and outs of an ice cream shop if we didn’t dive right in.
Try to find experience first to work in an ice cream shop. Learn the flow of all parts, from staff, marketing, inventory, ordering, and so on. Ice cream shop business people who have been in business for years can be our best teachers.
We don’t need to work for other people for long. Make the most of our time while working there, ask lots of questions, and don’t hesitate to take on as many responsibilities as possible. Don’t forget to build closeness with customers. Find out what makes them like buying ice cream in the shop where we work. Also ask customers for suggestions.
All of the information we get can be our main capital before opening our own Ice Cream Business.

Have a differentiator

Our last tip is very important, because having a differential will make your ice cream stand out from the others. Just imagine that when you have more of the same, it doesn’t matter where to go. However, when there is a place with a difference, more customers will want to know.
For example, you can invest in artisanal ice cream, vegan or even organic ice cream. Another idea is to offer flavors that are not found in other nearby ice cream parlors.
And remember that it is not enough to just offer, it is necessary to disclose this differential. Make posts on social networks commenting on it and leave it highlighted on your website.


In addition to all these tips, you will need to pay attention to bureaucracy, so that everything is in order with health surveillance and the government. So if your intention is to have an Ice Cream Business, start now to research what will be needed in bureaucratic terms. Now that you have checked the tips on how to set up a successful Ice Cream Business it’s time to put the idea into practice