How To Start A Pressure Washing Business (2023)

Pressure washing deals with the usage of a high-speed jet spray, mainly for cleaning paint, dirt, and other unwanted substances from vehicles, buildings, and other items. The business is a simple one, but it needs good machinery and handling knowledge. These days a pressure washing business can be a good idea of business in which you need to invest less, and the expected output is certainly high. You should have a basic knowledge about the physics of the machinery and a vast detailed study of how the market responds to such a business idea. In this article, we will be discussing how to start a pressure washing business?
how to start pressure washing business

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How To Start A Pressure Washing Business

Knowledge and skills:

It looks like an easy deal to hold a jet sprayer and clean up the required area, but believe me, it requires a lot more than what you think. Jet sprays should be used in a certain way that it ensures you don’t ruin any important part of the thing that you are cleaning. For example, if you apply a lot of pressure over a certain area on a car, there are high chances that the water will take out the paint and can even cause a dent, and you don’t want that to happen at any cost. Many old buildings while cleaning require special techniques. If you use it in the wrong way, you might damage the walls. Water seems to be harmless, but the force it can generate is very great, and if not dealt nicely, you can land in big troubles.

Gather experience:

You definitely need some knowledge of how to work with a high-speed jet. If you can find a jet spray machine from your contacts or friends, it could be really very useful. YouTube is a big teacher these days, and you can use it. There are hundreds of tutorials teaching how to use a jet spray for presser washing. You can even try working with other successfully running a pressure washing business. It will help you to gain the best of the experience and also you will make some bucks out of it. Knowing how your competitor works and performing his tactics within an improvised way can keep you ahead in the business. You can also rent. It is completely a practical experience, and once you perform leaning, you will start knowing the amount of pressure needed and the importance of maintaining it.

Equipment and space:

There will be big cars and vehicles coming up to you for pressure cleaning. You need a good space for performing the pressure washing, and hence it is one of the big requirements you need. You can rent a place or buy a previously running pressure washing business to get the best solution to this problem. Coming to equipment, there are lots of different equipment you will need, things such as pressure washing gears, the nozzle, the pipe, and different chemicals and cleaning materials. You also will be going on different places to clean-up things, so you will need a truck or a van to load and take your cleaning equipment further since your business will have a name, so it is good if your staffs have a dress representing your franchise. There is much software which modulates and helps in proper pressure washing, so you require high tech computers with such software. And at last, you need a good payment and billing process, which can also cost you some money.

Rights and license:

You need to get a proper license and certifications from the authorities to get certified for having a legal pressure cleaning business. Since you are going to use land where the office is set up, you need to have paperwork for it. Further, the government will issue some certifications that will claim you to be a certified business owner. There will be many chemicals that one may use in such a business. Many of them can be hazardous to the environment, so you have to take special permission to use them. Also, you need certifications to use a brand name. You will have to register your name and company and have a patent over the name. Even while you go online, to build a website for your business, you will need to pay the fees and use the domain name. All the certifications are only given when you meet the proper criteria, so you will have to be sure and strict by following the rules. Coming to tax issues, each and every business needs to pay tax accordingly to what they earn. You will have to file a proper application regarding tax registration on your business name. This one is a bit too serious cause and not filing a tax is completely illegal and highly punishable. Though you can get ways to save tax by having advice from the tax experts but always go the legal way. At last, being insured is always great. Any business in this world can easily meet hard situations and get destroyed. Here comes the role of insurance. It is the proper backup for your business, and you ant miss it out.

Get yourself expanded:

The best way to share your business word is marketing. He more you market, the more your business will expand. Use the Internet as the best way to market. The Internet provides you hundreds of opportunities to promote your business. You can create a page on social media and find the people interested in your business. The most amazing thing about having such business marketing is that it’s free, and you don’t need to do a lot of work to make it run. All you need is a good internet connection and a device to work on. Even the marketing done by creating your own website is great. You can create your domain by paying some amount and hence can take your name online. You can also pay a certain amount and advertise on big pages and even on YouTube channels. The trend is very famous, and customers get attracted to what they read or hear when big sensations promote their brand.

Book and provide services at homes:

Booking can really boost your business. A pressure washing business is a vast business, and sometimes you can remain occupied for the whole day. You being a businessman doesn’t want to lose any of your customers; hence the best is you give them a booking. Even you can provide them home services, where you take all your equipment with some of your staff and have your services done. Bookings will also add an addition to your services. You can even start bookings online, which will give you another edge to your business. As you increase your interactions with the customers, the more your business grows.


A business concerned with pressure washing is having very vast coverage. You need to clean the smallest of stones to the large units of buildings. You cannot imagine the hard work one has to do to get this business done and hence be ready before stepping into it. Water seems to be a good friend when used correctly but can cause you lots of trouble if you don’t know how to handle it.