How To Tell A Girl That You Like Her – Best Way To Express Your Love

Liking is a natural phenomenon in one’s life. A person meets someone, see somebody, and suddenly falls for her. It is natural if you develop a liking for a girl and are interested in pursuing her. You come across many girls and women but few leave a deep impact on your life and steal your heart. You swoon over her beauty and fall for her character. There is always a girl who you are secretly obsessed with. You are mesmerized by her charm and wish to talk to her and talk to her.

Usually, boys or men find it difficult to talk to a girl and confess their feelings. You fail to convey your feelings to her and are worried if she likes you or not. You do not know about the girl’s state of mind and her perception towards you. You are unable to decide whether you should confess her or not and don’t know the right words to use. You find many ways to tell her that you like her or love her but you find it difficult to implement those. You get nervous and anxious about her reactions and fail to put your feelings into words.

Liking and Chances – 
Every boy or man has a dream girl in their life. They have a crush and are flattered by her beauty. You are facing a dilemma of thoughts since you think a lot at the same time. You fear if you have made the right choice, you think of her opinion about you, you worry of rejection and you are afraid to annoy her. All these things refrain you from confessing and expressing your true feelings towards her. Therefore it is important to be confident, strong, and opportunistic. Whenever you find the right opportunity to talk to her just take your chance. Here are a few ways that you can use to tell a girl that you like her.

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How To Tell A Girl That You Like Her

1. Approach her

Although, you like a girl and want to confess her but expressing your feelings directly is not a good option. This would make you look like a shrewd, desperate man and she will surely avoid you and your chance of rejection will be high. Therefore it is important to approach her at first. Try to be familiar with her. You must talk to her and introduce yourself generously. Ask about her name, job, hobbies, and try to be more considerate.

Casually talk to her and start a conversation with her and begin with a self-introduction. You should be very humble and generous while talking to her for the first time as it would make a good impression on her. Do not be extra talkative in your first meeting as it would make you look like a desperate personality. Be humble, normal, and careful. You should never talk directly to her about your feelings or other interests simply try to know her more at first and when you feel you have known her enough, you can share your feelings.

2. Observe and test

Before switching to any conclusion or saying anything up observe her carefully. You should notice her facial expressions, words, and eyes when she talks to you. Be cautious of her actions and this will make it easier to form an opinion. You can analyze her and decide whether you should express your feelings or not. Look at her and notice if she shows any interest in you or likes to be around you. You can always test her compatibility with you and get to know about her opinion towards you.

This will give you the right understanding and thought about what to say and what not to say. If you find her actively responding to your talks, answering your questions, and taking you positively then it suggests that you have a safe chance at expressing your feelings. You can also try that by joking to her and making her think about how does she feel around you by asking simple questions without creating any doubt in her mind. You should be very careful and notice every small detail. Also, observe if she is already in a relationship or not, and if you get to know she is in a relationship it is best to not convey your feelings. Otherwise, it would lead to chaos and an irreparable relationship between you and her and she will try to get rid of you.

3. Talk about your relationship with her

After you have observed everything and are wishing to carry forward your relationship with her and confess to her you must analyze your relation with her. Talk to her about your bonding and relationship. Tell her how you like being around her and you admire her a lot. Talk about your friendship with her and how your bond is stronger and adorable. Discuss your compatibility with her. You should give her time to think about the relationship between you two and indirectly suggest to her that you both are good together.

You can reminiscence your moments together. Let her feel the warmth of your relationship with her and this would make her think positive of you. You can talk to her in a way she realizes your importance in each other’s life and admires you two being together. Once you think she feels positive about her relationship with her you can proceed further.

4. Confess

After you feel she is ready to step further and be in a relationship take your chances. Tell her about your feelings and what you feel for her. You can confess to her that you like her or love her and want to be in a relationship with her. Tell her that you feel special for her and she is the girl that rules your heart. You can talk to her about your dreams for her and your thoughts about her. You must be vocal and confident of yourself.

You should stand strong and prove your point. You should express everything to her and look straight into her eyes. Let her be assured that you really love her. Do not stammer or look around while talking to her as this would make your confession very weak and your chances of rejection will also increase. Be careful, confident, and extremely persuasive. You should be able to convince her that you can keep her happy and you both have a strong relationship together with each other. You should assure her that you both work and are a good choice for each other. Make her believe that you can form a good couple together and you will always take care of her.

5. Do not Impose

Once you have confessed do not hurry up for a reaction or response. Do not pace up your relationship and never force her to give any decision. You must give her time and space. Let her decide for herself because it is not guaranteed that she may feel the same for you. You should remember not imposing the things on her and do not rush her for an answer. You should be very calm and composed. You have just confessed but that does not mean you should proceed altogether. Firstly, give her time to think and reciprocate her feelings for you.

You must tell her that you are not forcing her for any answer or commitment. You should tell her that you have confessed here because you feel that way for her but say her that this doe not mean that she has to answer right now. Give her time to think and say that you both will always be friends even if she does not accept your proposal. Talk to her and tell her that you are not pressurizing her and if she needs time or space to think about it you will give her. Tell her that you respect her decision and would never force her for anything.

Conclusion –

Liking someone is very normal and natural. This does not make you stupid or absurd. It is just how you deal with the situations and the person you like. You should be careful and ever confident when talking to her. Let her believe in you and make her comfortable. As long as you stay normal and happy with her she will enjoy your company. But if you keep on stressing the relationship and your liking towards her for too long this may strain your present relationship with her. You should be confident, generous, and wise in dealing with this situation. You must take responsibility for your actions and stay with her. Do not force her to make any decision and never reach a conclusion by believing your so-called assumptions. Take care of her thoughts, choices, and decisions. You must accept the reality of whether you are rejected or accepted. Do not push the things off the edge.