7 Clear Signs Of A Married Player

Are you wondering how to know the signs of a married player? There are a few key signs that he may be married but not telling you. One is if he’s always talking about his “wife” in a vague way, or if he seems to be hiding her existence altogether. Another big sign is if he’s always working late or taking business trips – this could be a way of covering up for time spent with his real family. Finally, if he has any mysterious financial obligations or expenses, it could be because he’s supporting a wife and children on the side. If you suspect your guy might be married, pay close attention to these key signs and see if they add up!

For one, he may be constantly busy and unavailable. He may also be evasive about his personal life and history. Additionally, he may have unexplained financial obligations or a sudden need for privacy. If you notice any of these things, it’s possible that he is married but not telling you. Of course, only he knows for sure – so if you’re concerned, it’s best to ask him directly. Below are some top most commonly used signs of a married player.
Signs Of A Married Player

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Signs of a married player

He is the boss

He determines where and when you will meet. He must be extremely organized if he is a married player since he has a limited amount of time and must juggle several tasks at once to keep everything under wraps. Only when he wants to, do you two get together. He is booked up if you ever suggest a time or date. He is rigid about his availability, and you only get together when it’s convenient for him. In essence, everything is on his terms.

He is always canceling on you

He has to postpone events because they are constantly “coming up.” Finding him is challenging. He may have plausible excuses, but the last-minute nature leaves you feeling suspicious. And it’s happened one too many times now. He schedules things but always has to postpone because something unexpected shows up. Although he might have good reasons, you are wary because of how little notice he gave. Moreover, it has occurred far too frequently lately.

He tell lies to you

If someone is hiding on social media, it may be because they have something to hide, such as a secret spouse they don’t want you to know about. The most private aspects of our lives are frequently exposed on social media, and if he grants you access, it will be more difficult for him to conceal anything from you.
Now that we have established that it is possible for someone to not use social media, However, it’s becoming less and less frequent in this day and age. His personality type will likely give you a hint as to whether he is telling the truth or is just making stuff up.

You never met his parents

As years pass, it’s common for people to start getting to know one another’s family members. something must give if it appears that he is trying to keep you apart on purpose. You’re unfamiliar with his acquaintances and family. He still hasn’t introduced you to anyone of his people despite the passage of time. He hardly ever mentions them at all. Early on, things seem less suspicious. We don’t anticipate immediately combining our lives with another person.

Pretends to be divorced

Despite the fact that it sometimes tends to be messier and more difficult, it’s not necessarily a major concern. In any case, even though he says to you that they aren’t legally divorced yet, the marriage is already (nearly) gone.
You start to wonder if he is being honest more as a result of this. Friends forewarn you that he might possibly be a great deal married and was merely using his claim of separation as a cover to lie to you.

He is always busy

He never shows up when you demand him or even when you desire to go on a date. He gives you lame excuses for why you shouldn’t show up that day. You begin to wonder if he is really doing what he is saying. Married men can’t always be there for you because they have families and kids to take care of. This indicates that your partner is hiding something from you.

When he says he is busy, he is actually spending time with his loved ones and does not wish be disturbed by you. He sees you as just an affair or simply someone to satisfy his sexual needs after growing tired of his wife. He might no longer find his wife attractive, which is why he’s hunting for another woman who will make him feel lured and satisfy all of his sexual desires. You may be sensing signs that somehow this man is actually a married player if you get a negative sensation or warning flags are flashing on you.

Using your instincts

Naturally, we might be blinded by our prejudices and make stupid mistakes while acting on instinct. If you have encountered comparable circumstances in the past, you can rely on your gut instinct. Many of us can recognize a flirtatious man from a mile away since experience enables us all to sharpen our instinct.

Not to mention, your gut can provide you with helpful information regarding the telltale indicators that a married man is interested in you. Neuroscientists have demonstrated that although the majority of us have primarily been taught to utilize logic and common sense, we also need our intuition.


There are several signs of a married player and that a married man is drawn to you. Of course, the best indicators are body language as well as eye contact. Then, it comes down to how he acts around you as opposed to around his wife and other people. Such males will ultimately make you feel bad about you. Choose a person who will bring you joy and start moving forward.