15 Signs She Is Dating Multiple Guys (2023)

Are you and your girl going through that awkward stage when you’re not exclusive but also not casual? These kinds of relationships may be difficult, and they can become much more difficult when you believe that the other person is still seeing other people.
You are in luck since there are several signs she is dating multiple guys. This post will discuss the warning signals that should alert you to the possibility that your date is seeing other guys in addition to you.
Signs She Is Dating Multiple Guys

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Signs She Is Dating Multiple Guys

1. “You Are Not Identified As Her Partner By Her”

She may be attempting to minimize your connection with each other. If you are out and about and she gets to know someone new, does she introduce you as her best friend? If that’s the case, it’s probably because she isn’t ready to commit to you just yet, especially if you’ve just started dating. It can be one of the signs she is dating multiple guys.

It’s possible, but not impossible, that she’s seeing other individuals simultaneously as you. This also implies that you and your partner have not yet established the parameters of your relationship. If you want to be her partner, it is best to bring it up with her!

2. “You Rarely Hang Out Together”

She may be giving her time to other individuals. It’s great if the two of you don’t get together every day, but if you can go weeks without seeing each other, it should raise some warning flags. It’s possible but unfortunate that she’s spending her spare time dating other people and only makes time to get out with you once she’s done with those other relationships.

When you initially start hanging out with someone, even casually, you typically do things together around once a week. It’s entirely great if the two of you see each other even less often than that, but this is something to keep in mind as an option.

3. “When You Call Her, She Never Picks Up The Phone”

Your girl is now on another date and ignores your voice call. It is a warning sign if you try to contact her to find out what she is doing but you cannot reach her anytime. Not only is it possible that she is occupied at the moment with someone else, but it’s also possible that she avoids picking up the phone and talking to you because she doesn’t want to.
The situation is the same if you phone her and she answers your call with a text. A text message is far less of a commitment than a phone conversation, and it does not need as much work on the sender’s part.

4. “Getting Her To Commit To Plans Is Difficult”

She may be leaving her calendar open in case anything else comes up. If you attempt to make arrangements with her for the future and she responds with “Maybe” or “We’ll see,” it can be one of the signs she is dating multiple guys. If someone were interested in going out with you, they would be pleased to make arrangements with you weeks in advance, even if the plans are for a few weeks.

The fact that she never makes arrangements suggests that she may be seeing other people. Still, it is also possible that she does not desire a serious relationship with you (regardless of whether or not she sees other people). Irrespective of the outcome, you should discuss the matter with her so that you and she are both on the same page.

5. “You Don’t Have A Lot of Dates”

When a male asks a lady out on a date, some men assume that this eliminates the possibility of the girl having other romantic relationships. This is often a grave oversight. Be careful not to be the man with such an enormous ego that he thinks a woman would want to marry him after only one date.

If you don’t spend a lot of time with her and she doesn’t complain, this is one of the signs she is dating multiple guys. Therefore, if you want to enhance the possibility of being the only one, you should book dates as often as possible.

6. “She Needs Privacy”

If a woman tells you she needs space, this often means the same thing as it implies if you have a conversation with a woman and say, “I need space.” She isn’t all that interested! She sees other people and does not want to commit, so she will probably contact you when she’s in the mood for a free supper, but she does not want to date exclusively.

Most of the time, a lady obsessed with you will seek opportunities to spend as much spare time as she can with you. In addition, she wants you to clear some time on your agenda to spend with her. If she is OK with going weeks without spending time together, then there is a good chance she is spending time with someone other than you. This also signifies signs she is dating multiple guys.

7. “She Tells You She Is Confused”

When a woman says that she is “confused,” it means that she is either ending an existing relationship and seeing you on a more casual basis or that she has just gone through a breakup and is not yet ready to get into a serious relationship again. There is no room for misunderstanding if she likes or loves you.

She will make it abundantly clear by the acts she chooses to do to communicate her desire to take your relationship to the next level. It will be evident to you either in how she looks at you or in the effort she puts out to be with you when she is not working. When she asks you, “so, where is this relationship going?” make sure that you respond appropriately. After all, a romantic connection is what you want, correct?

8. “You Never Meet Her Buddies”

It demonstrates that the two of you are becoming more serious about each other by meeting her friends and family. She may be trying to keep you at arm’s length if she has yet to ask you to any group hangouts or introduce you to her family and friends.
She may not teach you to her friends since she knows you will only be sticking around for a short time. This is especially the case if she has previously interacted with any of your close friends or other individuals to whom you are very connected.

9. “She Often Discusses Her Previous Relationships”

When a woman continuously tells you about the jerk she used to date, it is generally an indication that she wants to make sure you are not going to be a jerk. This is because she wants to protect you from becoming a jerk. It’s also a signs she is dating multiple guys.

The more intimately you know a woman, the greater the likelihood you will discuss your previous partnerships in more detail. But a woman who is always telling you about how wounded she’s been in the past is searching for reassurance that you won’t harm her, and she may have trust difficulties, even after you’ve proven to her that you’re a wonderful person. She wants to know that you won’t hurt her as she’s been hurt.

10. “She Presents Herself As Your Friend Sometimes”

If a woman kisses you one minute and then complains that things are moving too quickly the next, she’s likely seen more than one man at a time. Because she hasn’t decided who she wants to be with just yet, she doesn’t want to be personal with you while she’s still mulling over her options for a partner. The behaviors of a lady that are friendly suggest that she wants to remain friends with you, even though she is aware that you have love emotions for her.

She is trying to bolster her self-esteem by playing on your romantic sentiments for her, even if she has no intention of becoming your girlfriend. If you have had these weird experiences with the same lady on several occasions, it is time to decide whether you want to remain friends with her or entirely exclude her from your life because these all are the signs she is dating multiple guys.

11. “Your Discussions Are One-sided”

This is a significant issue when she continually wants you to listen, yet she never has the time or energy to listen to what you say. This behavior is not only shockingly immature and self-centered, but it also reveals that you are most certainly not the only male in her life. After all, why would she need to listen to your troubles when she can go out with a man who helps her forget her difficulties tomorrow night?

Why would she need to listen to your problems? If she is unwilling to hear what you say, she is not ready for a relationship and still considers herself the center of attention in all situations. In addition, it’s a red flag that she’s not prepared for a relationship if she’s always trying to convince you to take her side on issues, even if she’s in the wrong. She’s only looking for a means to feel good in the here and now, not a long-term commitment.

12. “She Develops An Obsession With Her Phone”

It’s unsettling how she won’t even allow you to get within ten feet of the object she’s protecting you from. Even if you cannot use her phone, she does not close her eyes entirely while you are in the vicinity since she always locks it with a password and maintains a watchful check on it. There are also warning signs she is dating multiple guys.
And if you do speak out about her concealment, she will put you in a guilt-inducing situation by claiming that you don’t trust her and that she has a legal right to her privacy.

13. “She Works Additional Hours At The Workplace”

Taking note of her work schedule is another method that will help you to get signs she is dating multiple guys, whether or not she is seeing other men. Be wary of her if her job schedule suddenly “forces” her to work unusual hours and even requires her to travel on the weekends for “business.” She is keeping an important secret from you, and the mystery probably involves a male party.

14. “Sudden Disagreements Or Clashes Are Started”

The fact that she sees other males may be deduced from the unexpected shifts in her conduct that she exhibits from time to time. Have you noticed the number of disagreements between you and your partner has been slowly increasing?
And she’s the one who’d started the vast majority of them, usually over something trivial like forgetting to leave the toilet seat up or anything. This is because, behind your back, she is mentally contrasting you with the other guy she has been dating while she is with you.

15. “You’re Not Moving Forward”

Remember that a portion of the duty is on your shoulders if you want to determine whether or not you are the only one. When dating a man for the first time, women want to see their relationship develop. Sure, the two of you got along well on the first few dates you went on together. However, are you going to introduce her to your other friends?

Have you introduced her to your loved ones if the two of you have been together for more than half a year? Do you bring her to birthday celebrations and workplace parties at work? She has likely concluded that you are not serious about the relationship and that you are seeing other people since you are not doing this.
You are not receiving any negative feedback from her. So, if you want to get a reaction from her, you must demonstrate that you are interested in what she says.


Even though this article examines 15 signs she is dating multiple guys, discussing your issue with a relationship counselor may be beneficial. The issue is that nearly none of these indicators alone don’t indicate all that much. When they stack up on top of one another, you usually feel uneasy about the situation.

The best advice is Communication. Raise your worries with your spouse and let them know that you get the impression that she is seeing other people in addition to you. After doing so, you will be able to devise a strategy on how to address the problem.