13 Amazing Ways To Look Pretty In School Without Makeup 2023

When we are in middle school or high school we start to be conscious about our appearances. Getting worried about how we look and appear is a common thing however it is not the most important thing to be worried about. Looks and style are much more subjective than we think and everyone has their own style that they feel most confident in. However, it can be difficult to not know how to style ourselves or how to enhance our looks, especially for girls.
When it comes to girls and their idea of good looks and enhancing their beauty, most of them think of makeup. However, makeup is not meant to make you look pretty but to enhance your features. Makeup might not even be the right choice for daily use when it comes to school girls. Furthermore, you can do lots of things that will help you look better and make you feel pretty without using any makeup.
Since you are here, you must be looking for some tips to look pretty and confident in school, right? Well, in that case, you have landed in the right place. Here, we are going to list down some of the best ways and tips that will help you look and feel pretty without any makeup. Go ahead and take a look at the following article!

How To Be Pretty In School Without Makeup

1. Start a Skincare Routine

Makeup is supposed to hide our skin and create new effects that may or may not seem pretty. What is better than doing makeup every day is taking care of your skin and making sure it is healthy which will make it glow naturally without any makeup.
To get good skin you need to create a skincare routine for yourself and stick to it. This will help you address common skin concerns such as pimples, acne, or pigmentation. With a good skincare routine, you will get brighter and glowing skin that won’t need makeup daily.
The skincare routine includes various steps but if you are in high school you will only need a few of those. The basic things you would need for your skin on a daily are:
  • A gentle cleanser or a cleaner that suits your skin type
  • Moisturizer
  • Most importantly sunscreen which you need to wear daily.
This will protect your skin from pollution and also enhance your skin barrier so it will be healthier.

2. Get a hygiene routine

You also need to take care of your overall hygiene. For example, you need to shower every day to get rid of body odor. You need to wash your face twice a day and do your skincare, and you would need to cut your nails and make sure you look well groomed.
While taking showers, you can use some scented body wash that makes you smell good. You can also include a mild perfume that will make you feel good about yourself.

3. Take care of your lips

While most high school girls are tempted to use lipsticks, it might not be a good idea. First of all, if you use cheap lipstick it may dry your lips or even darken them which will look bad. Choosing the right shade of lipstick is also a challenge that you may not get right.
To make your lips appear good, you should always keep them moisturized. In a day, you can use a lip balm as an SPF and top it up with a lip gloss that comes with good moisturizing ingredients. At night, you might want to use Vaseline jelly to keep your lips soft and moisturizers during the day. You can also use a lip scrub once in a while to get rid of dead skin on your lips. Try not to pick the lip skin as it will do more harm than good.

4. Take care of your dental health

Teeth need the most care in our body yet some people ignore them. If you are in school you need to have good dental habits to maintain oral hygiene.
This includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash. Make sure you have the right brush and you can even find the toothpaste that makes your teeth whiter. You should go to the dentist frequently to keep a check on your dental health.
Your smile is the most important thing about yourself so make sure you have nice teeth!

5. Take a look at the nails

Nails are also something not many people give attention to but they can make a lot of difference. While long nails may look good at first but these are a lot to handle and maintain. Also, it will feel really bad when your nail breaks.
While you are in school, keep your nails trimmed and keep them clean and healthy. You should wash and scrub them daily to remove any dirt and make them appear good. You should use a moisturizer on your hands and around your cuticles to make them healthy.
Try not to bite your nails and cut any hangnails from time to time. If you like, you can use nail paint on special occasions to make them look better. Although make sure you remove nail paint when it starts chipping off.

6. Groom your eye area

The eye area is also an important part that you might want to take care of and put some effort into.
You should make your eyebrows if you need and are allowed to. You can use a tweezer to pluck out extra hair or get it waxed to get in good shape. If you want longer and healthier eyelashes, you can use the home remedies such as using castor oil and Vaseline jelly every night that might make a difference.
To avoid dark circles, you would need a healthy sleep routine and limited screen time. You can also use cucumber to relax your eyes every once in a while.

7. Get a haircut

Now we have come to the hair part, our hair can make a lot of difference in our appearance. So you might want to make some effort on your hair as it can make you look prettier in school without any makeup.
You should get a frequent haircut that suits your face. You can also customize the haircut and get something that you think will look great.
Apart from this regular haircuts will eliminate split ends that don’t do any good to anyone. It’s better to have healthier short hair than longer hair with rough ends and unhealthy hair strands.

8. Implement healthy hair habits

If you want your hair to look good then you need to start good habits that will make your hair healthier and better than ever.
You can start by oiling your hair once a week and using a hair mask once a week. You should limit the heat which can damage your hair. Choose hairstyles that are not too tight such as Ariana’s famous ponytail as it can lead to hair breakage in the future. You should also use heat protectant spray while using any heat tools to prevent your hair from further damage.

9. Experiment with new hairstyles

As we have said earlier, hair can make a lot of difference in your looks so you should always be open to making some changes. If you don’t want to cut your hair then you can try a new hairstyle that suits you and looks good on you. This will include different kinds of braids, half buns, buns, ponytails, and so on.
You can also start using different styling tools that aren’t too damaging to your hair. Use the heating hair tools for special occasions so they won’t damage your hair and always use a heat protectant.
You can also try out the DIY styles that don’t require any heat styling your hair and will also look good on you.

10. Find your style when it comes to clothes

Just because you have always worn pants doesn’t mean you have to keep wearing them. Be open to change and embrace new styles and trends as long as you are conformable and confident in them.
If you haven’t gone shopping in a while then it’s your sign. Buy some clothes that make you feel good about yourself and also reflect your style. It will boost your confidence a lot and you will feel pretty too.
You can take some fashion inspiration from TV shows, your older sister, or even your best friend or mom!
If your school has uniforms, then make sure you wear them in the right way and it fits you nicely. Be comfortable and confident in your school uniform!

11. Improve your body language

Your body says a lot about you. So you might want to take some time and work on your body language.
For example,
  • walk with your shoulders back and keep your head up and high. Your walk should be confident.
  • When you talk to someone make sure you keep eye contact with that person.
  • Avoid biting your nails, playing with your hair, and picking your skin in public as it makes you look nervous.
These are small habits that can make a lot of difference in your appearance and make you feel pretty as well.

12. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

This is the most important thing that you have to remember in your school years. You don’t want to compare yourself with others as everyone is unique in their way and you don’t need to bring that negativity on yourself. Comparing yourself to others will only add stress to your life and it won’t do any good.
Be happy, show some gratitude, and start your day with positivity. This may not make you pretty on the outside but will certainly make a change that will make you feel good about yourself.

13. Remember there is no perfect body or face!

In today’s day and age, body image has been taken to the next step. While celebrities are out there changing their bodies and look every season this is not possible in a natural way. Keep in your mind that you are unique and pretty in your own way. Try not to judge yourself just by looking at models and celebrities, and even the people on social media.


So these are some of the things that would help you improve your looks and appearance which would certainly make you feel pretty. Remember the best makeup you can wear is your confidence and smile. These simple things go a lot farther than you can imagine.
That would be all for now and we hope you found some helpful tips and ways to feel pretty and look better in your school! Take some baby steps and find your style while experimenting with new things with your looks. You will get everything right once you find a style that suits you and your personality.