12 Best Ways To Stop Being High AF 2023

The high you get from smoking pot for the first time could quickly turn into long-term remorse, and you might decide that you never want to try it again. The same thing may occur if you consume food and don’t know how much is sufficient.
So, you must know How To Stop Being High AF. Even though the majority of times, when people overdose on marijuana, the experience is more frightening than life-threatening. It is still something that should never be repeated.
On the other hand, you are already unsettled to the point that you are battling to retain your sanity. You have to get some quick relief as soon as possible. This article provides advice that will assist you in stopping being high AF and returning to your regular life as quickly as possible.
When you first become aware that you are becoming too high, you must protect yourself from experiencing being high AF. You can hurry the return to normality with our guidance on the best tips to bring your high down and make things more relaxing

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How To Stop Being High AF

1. Stay Calm

We realise that this is probably the last thing you believe you can do, but it will go a long way when you dwell too much on the upcoming consequences; anxiety sets in, which, in most cases, is the first step in a downhill spiral.
The vast majority of psychological responses take place entirely in the mind. If you can learn to control these responses, you will have a better chance of controlling your body’s responses. For instance, you may have chest tightness, but this is only a sensation, not a physical condition.
The function of your respiratory system is not inhibited by cannabis use. Avoiding to stop being high AF is the best way to ensure that you can breathe normally rather than depriving your body of oxygen due to fear.

2. Take a Freezing Shower

Although this may be more fiction than truth, many find that having a freezing shower helps them become more alert. At the very least, they report feeling more attentive due to it. And it enables them to shake off some of the grogginess they may be experiencing due to taking an excessive amount of marijuana.
The adrenaline you experience when you drink icy water may assist your body in metabolising THC more quickly and flush it out of your system in a shorter time. According to the findings of a few clinical studies, taking a shower in cold water may make you feel more alert, it can make you feel less tired, and it can make you feel less anxious.
Sure, they’re terrible because who wants to hang about in water that’s so cold? Brrr! However, resist the urge to take a hot shower since exposure to warm water might heighten the effects of being high. And make it endure longer. It would help if you avoided the hot tub at all costs to stop being high AF.

3. Consume Some Food

You may choose to relax and sleep instead, but either way, you will need to consume something. The fact that you have the munchies is a beautiful illustration of why you should do this.
Consuming food may assist in elevating blood glucose levels, which can counterbalance the effect of THC, which can cause glucose levels to drop. As a result, eating reduces to stop being high AF intensity and counteracts the THC’s effects.
It is important to remember that eating will not instantly bring the high level down, but it will assist in bringing it down to more bearable levels. The fact that you are eating is a start in the right direction, but you still need to take action in other areas.

4. Take a nap To Reduce The High

There is no evidence to indicate that getting some sleep can assist your body in getting rid of an excess quantity of THC that has been ingested. However, what are some of the advantages of taking a nap?
It can skip a few hours without going through the terrible side effects. After that, you may wake up feeling hungry or thirsty. And with significantly less time going to waste.

5. Have a Companion Close By

Remember to let a friend or neighbour know about your trouble. No matter how well-prepared you believe you are, being alone at this time might put your safety at risk. Having someone else around might help relieve some of the pressure.
As the THC makes its way through your system, you may not be aware of the responses it causes. Because of this, you must close check on yourself to avoid inflicting injury on yourself, others, or property.

6. Take It Easy

After taking this medication, you might expect to feel calm, tired, and sleepy. As soon as you’ve established that you don’t need to worry, it would help if you made an effort to get some sleep.
It is an unreasonable dread to believe that any of your biological processes or systems may fail while you are sleeping since this will not happen. Therefore, make sure you allow yourself enough time to give in to the feeling of relaxation and give your body a chance to recover from the overdose.

7. Light Exercise

If you’ve consumed too much marijuana and are looking for a way to stop being high AF but don’t feel like laying down or sitting down, you may try taking a short stroll. Your high may be brought down with a brisk 10–15 minute stroll. You will have more energy after moving to a new location and breathing fresh air.
The “feel-good” chemicals that are released during exercise contribute to a reduction in stress. A quick, ice-cold shower afterwards is a great way to wake yourself up and organise your thoughts. Lay down and practise the deep breathing exercises if walking worsens your dizziness.

8. Drink Some Water

You must drink water so your system can function correctly. THC has a drying impact on the body. However, drinking water may help mitigate this side effect. In addition, the water assists in flushing the THC in your system.
Consuming coffee is an excellent choice instead. Coffee is a stimulant with effects that are inverse to those of THC. If you are more aware of your surroundings, there is less of a possibility that you would behave in a manner that is hurtful or disrespectful.
Remember that ingesting extra water via coffee consumption efficiently counteracts the effects of THC-induced dehydration on the body.

9. Make Use Of Aromatherapy

Some meals contain the essential ingredients required for aromatherapy, which are effective. For instance, the limonene found in lemons has anti-anxiety characteristics that can help you feel more at ease mentally.
Lemon juice ought to be effective, or you may also try chewing on lemon slices. You will feel refreshed after drinking the juice, and it will also help you hydrate your body even more.
Pinene is known to provide calming effects, which indeed come in helpful at this time. Consequently, you should go for that stroll in the woods or park to smell it in its natural setting, or you may utilize a replacement if you have any in your home.
A little bit of black pepper is also perfect. You probably already have some black pepper in the kitchen, which is a good thing since it’s a good source of caryophyllene. The effects of THC are significantly mitigated by the aromatherapy chemical being used here.

10. Concentrate On Something Else

Concentrating on something else would help if you diverted your attention away to stop being high AF. Participate in relaxing activities such as viewing a movie, listening to quiet music, performing minor domestic tasks, or lounging on your garden porch.
Make sure that you do something easy and calming. There is a better time to prune the bushes or prepare meals for the week ahead of time.
In addition, you shouldn’t use any equipment, including driving. Your judgement is compromised, and engaging in such activities will lead to much poorer results. The goal is to ignore, at least for a while, the fact that you are very high.

11. Chew Some Peppercorns

Chewing on black peppercorns is another method that may be used to stop being high AF. You did read that sentence correctly!
Many people recommend this home treatment as a means to bring down a high. Black pepper contains a terpene called beta-caryophyllene, which has been hypothesised to have calming and stress-relieving properties.

12. Use CBD

CBD may also help mitigate some of the mind-altering effects caused by THC. Because CBD does not bind to the CB1 receptor very effectively, taking it will not produce psychoactive effects. On the other hand, CBD may modify the structure or shape of the receptor by docking on a different part of the receptor.
It is far more difficult for more THC to connect to the receptor and induce the overstimulation it causes. CBD’s presence mitigates the effects of THC on the brain’s reward and pleasure centres. Additionally, it alleviates the psychotic symptoms that are brought on by high doses of THC.
Put a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue or vape CBD oil. Both of these methods will work. The results of these treatments are immediate, and you can feel better in under 15 minutes.


Bear in mind that the advice in this article may assist you in feeling less high. You should know how to stop being high AF from these 12 tips. Use the techniques detailed in this tutorial to bring down a high feeling quickly.