Top 13 Best Tank Model Kits 2023

Model kits are becoming pretty popular these days and most of us want to build a model kit in our spare time. Some people build model kits of their favorite automobiles, others want to know how an engine works, and some just want a fun activity to try out for the first time. The best part is that they have model kits for everyone such as car model kits, truck model kits, boat model kits, and so on. This means you can easily find your favorite model kit to try on. The tank model kits are also pretty popular, whether you are interested in military stuff or you just like tanks, you will certainly love to build a tank model kit.
There are hundreds of amazing tank model kit options out there. Some of them are manufactured by a popular brand while some are not that popular. It is all about finding the right tank model kit that looks good, has good details to it, is fun to build, and can be displayed to showcase your creativity.
As we have said there are hundreds of tank model kit options present out there. But are they all equally good? We don’t think so!
This is why we are here with a list of top tank model kits that you would love to buy and have. Go ahead and look out for the best tank model kits and see which is perfect for you to buy and build!

Best Tank Model Kits

1. Tamiya German Tiger I – Early Production Kit

Best Tank Model Kit
Tamiya is one of the leading brands for model kits and they have managed to make a niche for themselves as well. You can find high-quality model kits from this brand that feature even minute details. This is why it also features some of the best Tank model kits!
This tank model kit features the German Tiger I that was in service in World War II and it has been popular for the same too. This tank model kit is well-made and shows excellent engineering. You won’t find any misshaped parts or any flash. This model was released in 1997 and it is still one of the best tank models you can find so far.
This tank model is perfect for intermediate-level builders and it will give you many hours of joy building it. The box features instructions so you can easily understand how to build it.

2. Airfix British M3 Stuart Honey

Tank Model Kit
Airfix also makes some of the best model kits and this one is certainly the top tank model kit you can buy. This one features the British M3 Stuart Honey Connecticut IV that was made in the 1940s. This is a pretty cool tank to recreate.
Customers love this tank model kit because it is pretty affordable as well as cool to look at. This is a perfect model kit to start building for beginners as well as those who want to add a cool tank to their collection.
The details are pretty realistic both on the outside and inside the interior of the tank. It will require both band tracks and individual links, so start with a low profile while building it. The paint scheme is also pretty cool. Overall, it would be fun to build and also will be ideal to put it on display.

3. TAMIYA Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams

Top Tank Model Kit
We have another tank model kit from Tamiya which is a pretty cool choice for anyone. This model kit features the Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams which has been around since the 1980s and is a pretty solid tank for the US army.
This would be perfect for people who love tanks and are a lot enthusiastic about different kinds of tanks. This one features very subtle and realistic details in the model. Apart from the amazing details, this model has a lot of scope for customization and you can choose between two different tanks while building it. The tracks are removable which makes it easier to get to the interior.

4. Academy M-18 Hellcat U.S Army Plastic Model Kit

Tank Model Kit Best
The US Hellcat Destroyer played an important role in World War II, so much so that you can find it in many historic books. This is why it is our next top tank model kit for you. This tank model kit is from Academy which is another leading model kit manufacturer that has mastered the art of making perfect model kits for its customers.
This tank model kit has a highly detailed hull, turret, and bogies. The interior also features details like transmission and crew compartments. There is some room for customization while you build this tank. This tank model is also loved because it isn’t that expensive and it is not that hard to make either.

5. MENG German Krupp A7V Tank Model Kit

Tank Model Best Kit
This German Krupp tank model kit from MENG also makes one of the best-selling tank model kits on amazon. This model kit is the replica of a German A7V tank (Krupp) that has been used in World War II. The model is precise which is loved by the customers. You will also find subtle detailing on the interior and exterior of the tank. The tank model kit also comes with workable track links.
You can build the hatches and viewing points either closed or open. Overall, it is a pretty tank model kit that you would love to build.

6. Tamiya M24 Chaffee

Best Model Tank Kit
We are back with a Tamiya model kit and this one features the famous M24 Chaffee tank. This tank model comes with accurate detailing that makes this tank look pretty realistic.
This model comes with an electric model which means you can make it move. The controls are pretty basic so even beginners would love this tank. The kit includes many amazing accessories that will make this tank realistic such as retooled parts, a metal gun barrel, a detailed upper and lower hull with engraved surface detail and raised rivet heads, a separate turret, and a gun commander torso figure.
Overall, it would be a perfect tank model kit for advanced builders. This is a best-value tank model kit too, so make sure to consider this one!

7. Academy IDF Merkava IV Plastic Model Kit

Good Quality Tank Model Kit
Next on our list is the Academy IDF Merkava IV Plastic Model Kit which is also an amazing pick for advanced builders. This one can give you hours of the joy of building and it comes with many smaller parts to make the perfect details. This is why it shouldn’t be ideal for someone who just started building the model kits.
This one features many details including multiple soldier figures so you can make a whole setup of a tank and soldier fighting.
Overall, people love the accuracy of the tank model and it has even received the best reviews from some soldiers and historians who love tanks. So if you are looking for a challenging task-building experience then this one should be your perfect choice.

8. Tamiya M4A3E8 U.S. Sherman Easy Eight Medium Tank

Best Budget Tank Model Kit
Tamiya Tank model kit can never disappoint us and this M4A3E8 U.S. Sherman Easy Eight Medium Tank is no exception. The tank appeared in the European Theater of WWII, so it got some nice value to the kit.
The tank features some of the best detailing including great textures all over the tank. Surface textures of cast turret and welded upper hull panels are also loved by the customers. This one also features one-piece straight sections which make it easier to build. You will also find the four hull weight which makes it pretty heavy. You will also get 2 marking options with this tank model kit. It also features one commander’s torso figure.
Overall, it looks pretty nice and features great detailing, so you would love to display it in your home or just add it to your collection.

9. Tamiya M41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank

Best Tank Model Kits
We finally have a tank model kit that would be perfect for beginners. This one has managed to make it to our top list thanks to its ease of making, which is loved by beginners or those who haven’t built a lot of model kits before and don’t want to spend too much money on a single model kit.
This kit includes 2 pages that will teach you about the history of the tank which is pretty educational. Even though this model kit is made for beginners the manufacturers haven’t compromised with the details that make this tank look like its original version. The kit also includes accessories like 3 figures of soldiers along with authentic decals and plastic tracks.
It will also be a great tank model kit for your kids to enter the model kit world.

10. Tamiya British Churchill MKVII Tank

Tank Model Kits
There are so many amazing Tamiya Tank model kits available out there that we can’t get enough of them. This is why the Tamiya British Churchill MKVII Tank has also managed to make it to our list as well. The kit was first released in 1977 and it is still very much in demand which shows its popularity and how amazing this model kit is.
This model tank kit, like the other Tamiya models, comes with a great set of detailing and you will find it fascinating when it is completed. There are many small parts included so it is not good for small children. This model kit is ideal for many skill levels, if you are a beginner then build it with the help of some advanced level builder.

11. Revell Tiger I World of Tanks Plastic Model kit

Tank Best Model Kits
Revell is also one of the top model kit manufacturers which is why their tank model kits are pretty popular. This one features a pretty great-looking tank model and this one comes in a grayish-black color instead of an olive or camo color palette.
One of the things the customers loved about this tank model is that it doesn’t require any colors as most of the parts are already colored. The details are pretty amazing and intricate which is why people love this tank model. This one would be great for teenagers and adults.

12. Revell 03507 SU-100 World of Tanks 1:72 Scale Plastic Model kit

Tank Model Kits Best
Revell has a great collection of World of Tanks that consists of many amazing tanks that you would love to have. This one is also colored and you won’t require painting the kit which makes it easier to build as you don’t have to wait for the paint to dry up.
This model kit is based on a Soviet hunting tank that has been known as a fighting tank too. The easy-click system makes it easy to build which is why it would be perfect for beginners too. Lastly, it is not that expensive either so you don’t have to worry if it’s your first time and you don’t want to miss it.

13. Metal Earth Premium Series Panzer IV Tank 3D Metal Model Kit Fascinations

Best Tank Model Kit
Next on our list of top-rated tank model kits is the Metal Earth tank model kit. This one too is an ideal tank model kit for beginners as it features easy instructions and connecting of pieces. You won’t need any glue or solder to connect the pieces.
This one is also a budget-friendly tank model kit which would be perfect for beginners. It is suitable for ages 14 and up.


So these are some of the best tank model kits that you would love to invest in. If you haven’t built a tank model yet then this is your chance to pick up from the best tank model kits available and build an amazing tank model which would be fun and you can also put that on display too. We have listed down a variety of tank model kits available on amazon that also come in different price ranges so you can easily select the one that is affordable for you.
That would be all for now and we hope you found your perfect tank model kit and you enjoy building it too.