Top 8 Super Smart Notebooks For Writers 2023

We are surrounded by smart devices and some of them have made our lives better and brought a big change. But there are a few things that can’t be replaced by technology because we need the traditional or conventional way. One such thing is the notebook. Typing is certainly easier and much more efficient in today’s world yet there is something about using the conventional pen and paper and physically writing down our ideas or thoughts. Even journals or making schedules are much better than marking a date on our smart device.
However, if you are a writer and need to write on a daily basis then using the traditional notebooks may become a task because you will end up with hundreds of notebooks and it will be hard to organize them according to your needs or wants. That is why you should turn to the smart notebook!
If you are wondering what smart notebooks are then you are not alone. With smart notebooks, you would be able to write on a paper notebook with a pen and then your writings would be transferred to a cloud space on your phone or computer. The apps would change your handwriting into a searchable and editable text which would help you organize your notes.
How notebook functions may differ from one another but the thing is that it would be a lot easier to make your notes or writings digitized and organize, and you can keep them safe for a long time too.
If you are looking for the best smart notebooks for writers then you are at the best place because we happen to have the list of top smart notebooks for writers that are ruling the market right now. So go ahead and take a look at the following and see which one would be a perfect match for you.

Best Smart Notebooks For Writers

1. Rocketbook Core Smart Reusable Notebook

Smart Notebooks For Writers
The Rocketbook Core is one of the top smart notebooks for writers that you would find on Amazon. The users have given it high ratings and appreciated how easy this notebook is to work with.
This smart notebook offers unlimited use which makes reusable smart notebooks so you can rely on this one for a long time. It has 32 to 36 reusable dot grids or lined pages. You can erase the written text with a damp cloth. You would need to write with a compatible pen so you can erase the text otherwise it may get hard to use.
The pages of the smart notebook are made with Rocketbook’s patented reusable technology. This comes with a seven-symbol shortcut system which allows you to set desired scanning destinations so you can quickly share the notes. It is compatible with the companion app that will scan your handwriting and send the notes to the cloud storage for better management and access in the future.
The smart pen from FriXion would allow you to write smoothly in the notebook. You can also buy and use different FriXion pens or highlighters to use on the smart notebook. Although customers have said you have to wait for the ink to dry and try not to touch the text immediately after you have written it.
Overall, it is not that expensive and comes with good enough features so it will make a good smart notebook for writers.

2. HOMESTEC Reusable Smart Notebook

Super Smart Notebooks For Writers
HOMESTEC Reusable Smart Notebook is also an ideal choice for writers or for those who love to write whenever they have an idea. This smart notebook is reusable and you can use it up to 500 times. This may seem like a limited number for reusability but it comes for a very affordable price so, in the long run, it is an affordable option. The notebook also comes with sticky notes which makes it easier to organize and write little notes as reminders.
This smart notebook supports multiple erasing methods which makes it easier to use according to your convenience. It is also compatible with numerous cloud storage providers. You can also save the output files in either pdf or JPG format. You should use it in the sun as the writing may fade in the hot temperature.
This notebook features 30 lined pages and 30 dotted pages. It also comes with several organizational pages like a calendar, scheduling template, and task lists. The OCR function of this notebook does require a subscription fee which is a drawback. Your scanned pages can be sent to multiple note apps such as Google Drive, iCloud, Evernote, or OneNote.

3. Livescribe Echo 2 Smartpen with Notebook 4-Pack

Top Smart Notebooks For Writers
This smart notebook is perfect for students who are still in university and need multiple notebooks subject-wise or need to write more. The best part of these notebooks is that you can record the audio via the pen so you can listen to them later and make individual notes out of them. It can record up to 7 hours of audio.
This is a pack of 4 notebooks and the Echo 2 smartpen which is a game-changer for students. Apart from recording the audio, the pen can also transcribe the notes while you are writing them. The companion app is available for both phones and PC so it will be easier for students to listen to the audio recordings or view the notes via Bluetooth. Although this set of notebooks is more about the smart pen than the notebooks, yet it will make any writer’s life easier when it comes to storing and organizing their notes and writings.

4. ROCKETBOOK Fusion Smart Notebook

Best Smart Notebooks For Writers
We have another one of the best smart notebooks for writers from Rocketbook. This one is best for those who have trouble organizing their notes and it also increases the productivity of the user.
This notebook makes it easier to write, store notes, and erase the notes on the pages. It comes with several different kinds of pages that can be used for different categories or to distinguish between two separate types of notes or subjects. It also includes a task list, weekly planner, monthly calendar, and more.
The texts can be wiped clean and the notes would be sent to appropriate apps for better organization. Some people said that this notebook has glossy pages which don’t seem like paper so that can bother some people, other than this it is an affordable and useful smart notebook for writers.

5. ROCKETBOOK Mini Smart Notebook

Amazing Smart Notebooks For Writers
If you don’t want to buy a smart notebook that looks big or a regular-sized notebook, then this mini smart notebook would be the perfect choice for you. The mini size of this notebook has impressed a lot of writers as they can carry it around without having to carry a bag or something because it can fit in their pocket too.
This one comes with 48 pages and you can wipe it up when you have written your notes and send them to your desired location such as Google Drive or your email.
Overall, if you feel like you must have a pen and paper always on your hands then these are the best smart notebooks you can find. It is also quite affordable and easy to manage.

6. BOOGIE BOARD Blackboard Reusable Notebook

Notebooks For Writers
Now we have something for the kids because some kids also like to be a writer and love writing. This smart notebook from Boogie Board comes with a blackboard theme page that looks quite interesting. There are four different types of page styles to choose from and you can easily find one that is suitable for your kid.
It is easier to use as well, just choose the ideal page layout, write, scan, and simply erase everything with a single push of a button. It is also quite lightweight which makes it easy to carry around for kids.

7. Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set

Smart Notebook Writer
Now we have something for aesthetic lovers, this Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set is quite stylish and makes one of the best smart notebooks for writers.
It comes with a stylish tablet-like design yet it gives a notebook feel. Whatever you will write will sync automatically thanks to its smart pen. All your notes will be sent in real-time which makes it easier to manage and use. There are a total of 176 Dot Grid pages. The smart also record audio so it will make it easier for students to record lectures and write notes later.

8. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Smart Notebook For Writer
This smart notebook from Rocketbook is also a great choice for writers. This one comes with 80 pages which is much more than other competitors. So you can fill up the 80 pages and scan and store them in the cloud storage or note apps. To reuse, you can erase the writings by simply putting the notebook in a microwave. Make sure the microwave is large enough for the notebook. Lastly, the notebook can be used only 5 times.
Overall, it is a cost-effective smart notebook for writers and it will certainly make it easier for you to make notes and save them.

What to Look for in a Smart Notebook for Writers?

When you are buying something you need to know what are your requirements and if the product can deliver it. So it’s not just about finding the best product but the product that is best for you.
That is why you would need to know what features you need to look for in a smart notebook and what would make it best for you. So here we have listed some of the factors that you should consider while choosing the best smart notebook for writers!
  • 1. Cloud Storage – Cloud storage is the first and foremost important factor to look out for. Most smart notebooks work with cloud storage providers. This allows the app to send your handwritten notes to be stored in the cloud storage for better access and organization of the notes. So you must know what cloud storage provider the smart notebook would work with or if it is compatible with the leading cloud storage apps or not. Check out the features regarding cloud storage and see if that would be ideal for you or not.
  • 2. Reusability – The reusability of the smart notebook isn’t a necessity yet it would help if the smart notebooks are reusable. Some smart notebooks are reusable while some are not. With reusable smart notebooks, you would be able to write your notes, scan them, and erase them to write more notes. Now the reusable smart notebooks work differently to erase the notes you have written. Make sure you choose reusable smart notebooks that don’t feature a complicated method to erase the text, generally a drop of water or damp washcloths. Some notebooks use heat to erase the stuff. You may need a smart pen to write on the reusable smart notebooks. The reusable smart notebooks would be more expensive than the single-use smart notebooks.
  • 3. Tools and Accessories – The next thing you need to look out for would be the tools and accessories. There aren’t a lot of accessories that you would need with a smart notebook, but it would help if the notebook comes with a few essential ones. You should get a smart pen or a microfiber cloth to erase the text if it is a reusable smart notebook. Overall, see if you are getting everything that you would require with the smart notebook you are buying.
  • 4. Price – The price for smart notebooks would vary depending on the brand, tools, and features it comes with. However, you don’t have to break the bank to get the best smart notebook for writers, just make sure whatever you are buying is a good fit for you. When it comes to deciding on a budget you would want to set a budget according to the features you would need in a smart notebook. Don’t go for the cheapest one because those may be a waste of money as they would lack quality and the necessary features.


So these are some of the best smart notebooks for writers that you can invest in. These smart notebooks have received the best ratings and reviews from the customers who are currently using them. We have selected the smart notebooks that come with the best features that would make a writer’s life much easier by making it easier to organize and secure their notes and thoughts.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for, that is, the best smart notebooks for writers.