Top 10 Best Bra Brands In India 2023

It can be challenging to find the right bra, and many Indian women live their entire lives in the wrong size and fit. If you’ve grown tired of wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly, you’ve come to the right place. A good bra will feel like a second skin and support your breasts as nothing else can. Once you’ve established your fit and size, you can experiment with the various bra types and styles available to improve your appearance. The Best bra brands in India that will provide you with the greatest comfort and make you feel beautiful can be found in this blog.

Variety Of Bras:

Finding the most appropriate and stylish bra for you might be a challenging undertaking given the large variety available. Let’s examine the many bra categories and determine which one best suits you.

  • Backless bra: – True to its name, a backless bra has no back straps or, if it does, straps that are transparent.
  • Strapless bra – Not to be mistaken with the backless bra, the strapless bra is well-hidden underneath and complements strapless outfits.
  • Balconette bra: – Big-breasted ladies typically wear a balconette bra because it provides the finest support and covering for an uplifted, round form.
  • Nursing bra: These bras, worn by pregnant women, have clips and drop-down cups that are very helpful to nursing mothers.

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Best Bra Brands In India


Since its inception, Zivame has provided its customers with premium bras at reasonable costs. To accommodate any personality type, the firm offers bras in a variety of designs and sizes. From gorgeous lingerie to opulent bras, Zivame’s products have everything a woman could desire. The company has always aimed to provide Indian women confidence and comfort. The company is always looking for fresh ways to uplift women and give them a sense of inner beauty. Zivame has become known as one of the top bra brands in India thanks to its premium goods.


  • The soft construction material is excellent.
  • Finishing is first-rate.
  • Well Spent Money.
  • There are numerous shades of colors to choose from.
  • Appropriate for all body shapes.


One of the most popular bra brands in India is Clovia. Comfort and ingenuity go hand in hand to define this brand. It is appropriate for all body types, and the firm guarantees that all of its products are thoroughly inspected and tested for quality before being released.
When it comes to outstanding designs, comfort, and enormous styles, Clovia does not let you down. Additionally, Clovia offers inexpensive, high-quality underwear. One of the finest bra brands in India, if you appreciate cuts and fabrics, you should choose this brand without hesitation.


  • without seams cups.
  • coverage that extends from front to rear.
  • straps with adjustable tension.
  • The skin is free of any markings.
  • This makes a great fashion statement.

Jockey Bras

Despite being an American brand, it is well-liked by Indian women, especially the younger generation. The business is also renowned for its premium athletic and sleepwear. From this list of bra companies, Jockey might be the best option for you if comfort is your top priority. Additionally offered by the company are soft cotton, sweat-absorbent bras. They are continuously searching for fresh, cutting-edge approaches to grow and innovate while offering products that are both cozy and reasonably priced. Check out these top bra brands in India along with their prices to make the best decision.


  • non-shrinking elastic.
  • Outstanding Form Support.
  • stretch and shape retention.
  • Neither the top nor the sides leak.
  • incredibly soothing


One of the greatest bra brands in India that has managed to surpass Indian women’s expectations is this one. Because of the superior quality and unique bra designs it produces, it has become well-known in the bra industry. Their amazing online stores, which specialize in lovely and reasonably priced bras for everyday wear, are what distinguishes this company from the competition. Due to their affordable costs, their fitted bra lines have recently attracted a lot of attention and are ideal for Indian ladies.


  • fabrics that allow for easy breathing
  • Bra Sizes Frequently Used.
  • Excellent building materials have been used.
  • simple-to-adjust straps.
  • It is appropriate for daily use.

Triumph Bras

If you’re looking for a trusted bra brand in India, Triumph might be the right choice for you. This company has received a great deal of praise from Indian women for offering perfect and unique bra styles. Demi cups, pregnancy bras, intimate apparel, and pushups are all available here. Their products are relatively affordable and have a very lengthy shelf life.


  • Stretchable material that is also breathable.
  • prevents top spills from occurring.
  • There is a lot of detail at the neckline.
  • an enhanced appearance.

Amante Bras

From your everyday Bra needs to exquisite and stunning ones, Amante provides the best of everything. The most well-known bra manufacturers have been producing dependable women’s clothing for more than ten years, and they are best known for fusing comfort and style. The company sells women’s lingerie like bras, panties, nightgowns, swimsuits, and activewear. If you’re into fashion, Amante has everything you could possibly want. Amante is one of the top manufacturers of women’s bras, producing products that are tailored to the demands of Asian women. Amante is a global leader in exclusive clothing that specializes in creating roomy, fashionable, and stunning undergarments for women who prefer to flaunt their sass wherever they go.


  • The cloth is excellent.
  • It’s perfect for regular use.
  • More Comfortable & Less Padded.
  • He has an elegant collection.
  • Investing in it is worthwhile.


The most widely used bra line is BodyCare because it is a trusted name among women. because of the size, the patterns, the designs, and the comfort. The company is renowned for its superior products and distinctive designs. The greatest underwear is available on Bodycare for an affordable price. You may expect quality and comfort from the lingerie. The top bra manufacturers in India, starting at Rs. 500.


  • Easily affordable.
  • incredibly cozy and cool.
  • The material is of excellent quality.

Calvin Klein

Who has not heard of this bra manufacturer? The name Calvin Klein is well-known both domestically and overseas. Therefore, you can be confident that this bra brand, which is available in India, will always give when it comes to selecting premium undergarments. Some of the most stylish bras and bralettes on the market can be found at the lifestyle brand CK. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here. This well-known company has always been committed to giving customers the greatest products available. Unexpectedly, this brand has never let them down. This brand offers padded and strapless bras in a variety of styles at affordable prices.


  • Minimal shrinkage occurs after washing.
  • easy to put on and supportive.
  • flexible and comfortable.
  • Extraordinary caliber.
  • Under the attire, there are no obvious ornaments.

Van Heusen Bras

One of the most well-known luxury bra manufacturers in India is Van Heusen. The firm also produces luxurious innerwear for women using the most recent styles and innovations. In order to give customers the best service possible, it spares no expense in terms of comfort and toughness.


  • No Apex is seen.
  • Ideal necklines have deep, wide shoulders.
  • Coverage is finished.
  • superior durability
  • The strongest fiber is utilized.


The name Enamor is well-known all over the nation. This business sells chic undergarments, including bras, pants, and athleisure clothing. This bra company doesn’t only sell bras and underwear in their most basic forms. It successfully mixes comfort and style, making any purchase worthwhile. These are made to be the most comfortable possible, giving you the appearance of wearing something on the runway or something worn by models.


  • materials that are gentle on the skin.
  • designs that are breathable and provide freedom.
  • avoiding skin-punching straps and seams.
  • A lack of underwires that feels real.
  • Various styles are available.


There are many different types, sizes, fabrics, and patterns of bras. We’ve listed the brands we believe to be the best in this area as well as the ones with the top internet evaluations even if there are many affordable brands as victory, Calvin Klein, and others. Take a look at our selection and make a wise decision.