11 Amazing Ways To Draw Monsters (Step By Step Guide) 2023

If you like to draw or want to write a comic book or any kind of superhero fiction you might need to know how to draw monsters! Yes superheroes are still appreciated and people like drawing them too but you have to agree with us when we say that drawing monster is much more fun and there is a wide range for you to explore your creativity. But people often don’t know how to grow a monster or how to start drawing one.

In this guide, we are going to tell you how to draw monsters step by step so there is no room left for the mistakes and you can finally create the unimaginable beasts! So let’s get started and find ways to draw monsters.

how to draw monsters
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1. Create a rough image first

People often start drawing the detailed monster but that’s where they are wrong, in order to draw a monster or any other type of drawing you should first draw the outlines and the rough picture of the monster. And try to create multiple rough images because not all your ideas will shape the perfect monster.

This one is the first stage so you don’t have to worry about the details instead focus on the outlines and the shape of the monster. Once you found the perfect shape for your monster you can easily start with the details and explore your creativity.

This stage is also a very crucial step in order to explore your creativity as you can find something unbelievable and make the best monster with your imagination. So create as many thumbnails as possible as you never know when you can get the final idea for your monster.

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2. Pick one from your thumbnails and go beyond the imagination with it

Now that you have created enough thumbnail drawings of monsters it might be time to pick the best one among them. Choose the one that excited you the most and the one which has more beast-like shape. Once you have chosen the thumbnail to go forward make sure you look beyond the stereotypes and find the good details to include in your monster.  Try to do something new with your monster and break the stereotypes but at the same time make sure it looks like a “Monster”.

3. Take inspiration from real-life

There is nothing wrong in getting inspired by things and draw the monster. So try to combine the familiar stuff but try to make it new rather than imitating the usual boring features for your monster. You can explore anything from a plant to an object and shape your monster to make it unique with a touch of familiarity.

Although real-life insects are still the top choice for the artists to get inspired from and draw the monster so you can too get inspired by an insect and come with your own unique monster.

4. Watch the head

The head is probably the most import a feature of the monster and you don’t wanna mess it up so carefully watch the head. Here too you can get inspire from either plants, fungus or insects, or any other animal to draw the head. The head should have two qualities, it should look creepy and dangerous at the same time.

5. Make sure the body has a uniform shape

What we mean by this is, there should be no variations when it comes to the body of the monster and you should way h the overall shape of your monster. The point is, you have to stop yourself from getting carried away and at the same time be as creative as you can get with the shape of the monster.

6. Add muscles and tissues

The muscles or the tissues of the monster are also a crucial part of monster sketching or drawing so make sure that you keep adding the muscle to make it look more powerful and the tissues to the body to make it appear like a real-life monster. You have to consider the shape and the attachment of the arms and legs to the body of the monster and keep it familiar as well.

Make sure that there is familiarity in the body structure of the monster and the muscle and tissues are creative and creepy as well as look believable.

7. Decide the skin texture

Artists focus on the shape of the monster and keep modifying the head, legs, and arms of the monster but they often forget the most vital part of a monster that is the skin texture! Obviously, it’s a monster so you don’t want it “normal” in any way. Decide if you want scale texture or make it appear as a fungus-like monster (there are a number of skin textures to choose from).

8. Research the anatomy of several creatures

The anatomy is yet another important aspect of a monster and you have to draw a perfect nasty as well. But the thing is you are not going to draw perfect anatomy just like that, so you need to research the anatomy and mix it well with your monster.

You can easily find the anatomy of several creatures and find the best one to include in the body of the monster. Here the interesting thing is there are so many real-life creatures present which features fascinating body anatomy so you can take the inspiration and make sure that you do the justice with the anatomy of the monster as well.

9. Show the power of the monster

Here you need to get a little more creative and draw a monster that makes us realize it’s power at first sight. You can grow a running monster, a monster showing the muscle power or the supernatural power of itself. You can also show the moment of the monster as well as define its power (destroying something or killing another creature with its power).

The energy, power, and the movement of your monster are what bring life to it. So be careful with this aspect while drawing the monster.

10. Pull everything together

Now that you have decided the shape, size, head, legs, and the arms of the monster it’s time that you pull everything together and make a final product of your creation. We can assume that you would draw the legs, head, trunk, etc.. separately so get a good idea.

11. Do the final touches

Don’t stop yourself from adding the final touches because these are also very important. A few things such as the background, shadow, and a number of other things are also very important. Overall don’t over-emphasis on the final touches but don’t neglect them entirely.


And that’s how you draw a monster! Sure it’s a bit tedious but you have to make sure that you start and give your best. And we are very hopeful that your end product will quite a blast! Don’t skip any of the given steps and make sure that you give your 100% and draw the most powerful monster. We hope you liked the article and found it helpful, so thank you for being with us and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.