How To Deal With Your Boss Not Liking You (2023)

Well, well, well. It was first the teacher in school then that professor in college and now your boss. But you gotta deal with it bro because everybody is not meant to understand everyone present in a room. Of course there are misunderstandings, likings and disliking to everything in this world.

I know it feels bad and makes us question ourselves when something like this happens and when it has been happening since a long period of time. It drops our self confidence and destroys our mental health resulting in questioning ourselves and hating your own self which is not at all good. It must be understood that taking care of yourself is one of the best things you could ever do in your life.

So, I present to you some of the best ways to deal with your boss not liking you because let us accept it we do feel bad in front of our colleagues and it drops our respect in front of their eyes. It must not be a way to treat someone and you have got to tackle it in the smartest of ways. Let us begin and see some of the ways. The first being:

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How To Deal With Your Boss Not Liking You

See if others are having the same problems

As it is a working place indifferences can happen because that is what life is about. So the very first thing that you can do is to ask your coworkers if they are having the same problems as you are having. Ask them if they are having positive relationship with their boss or not because that would give you an idea if there is a problem with you or your boss is like that. If they say that no they are having it all positive then you can try to find out what the problem is and then work on it.

It is very crucial to solve the problem and as the first solution I provided was talking to your colleagues. Ask them about how they maintain that relationship with their boss. Are they trying something new or maybe a different behavior which is helping them to maintain that? Ask for their advices and also the ones who have been in the space longer than you. It will be all beneficial for you and maybe if you find it common with your colleagues both of you can help each other solve the problem which would help you get a good friend maybe. No loss.

Take a look at the way you carry yourself

There are people who are often biased to a specific kind of people and that occurs because of the way they carry their selves. The way they look; the confidence with which they talk and the way they present themselves matters a lot. These are the things which you would require to work in whatever kind of place. The people with these qualities are always admired with people of every kind be it anyone they always get the praises. But it does not make you less if you do not have them. You can always work for your betterment and excel in these qualities.

Many people have an approach that they would not change for anyone and would like to be accepted the way they are. But instead of saying I cannot change myself for anyone change yourself for the betterment. This is always the best approach and a step ahead to make yourself better. Always dress neatly. It is the bare minimum you can do. Of course it affects the way people look at you. And talk with confidence, trust the process you are following and it eventually will bring out the good things.

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Maybe you did not have had enough of good interactions with your boss which has resulted in lesser trust

In many cases these things like your boss not liking you result due to lesser positive interactions and allow the person to have a wrong image of yours in front of them. We would never know how a person’s mindset is until and unless we have talked to them on different matters and got to know how they feel about it. They may have different opinions though but that does not make them a bad person. And because you think that you can impress your boss by just agreeing to the things he does and says and agrees to, do not ever attempt to do that.
You must never be a people pleaser. You must have always confidence in your opinion and you must change it for the betterment if needed and not to please anyone.

To improve the relationship with your boss you can try to take small moments from the work maybe while you are asking about the project and try to talk to them about the things that would make the project better and how their opinion would be the best thing for it to become worthy. Build the trust and show them that you are not like they perceived you to be.

Ignore it or confront it

Depending on the situation you are at and the way you feel these are the two best ever options you can opt for to deal with your boss not liking you. See, we all have different personalities and a different ways of dealing with people who are mistreating us. Sometimes we feel confident in confronting them and sometimes it gives a solution to us. Also these two options depend upon the personality of the people you are dealing with. I think that is the most important because see if you become ignorant to one thing that has been happening to you there can be two ways a person reacts to it.

The first one being that they would stop seeing that the thing that they were trying to do it making no difference and they would leave you and focus on different things. The second can be that they will observe that you have become ignorant and would intentionally make you suffer more because they will get an idea that you are enduring everything and you are a poor thing. They will start thinking that they can control you which would not be a good thing.

If you choose confronting then also there can be two different reactions. In the first case they would leave you by yourself because they will know that it is not that easy for them to make you suffer and they have to be good to you. And the second one remains the same. They would make you suffer even more because they would feel insulted because someone confronted them, someone who is at a lower position than theirs. So, you have to take this step carefully if you are thinking about it.

Consider leaving your job

Yes, you have the right to do it. You cannot tolerate these behaviors from someone who you would be learning from in the future run. We can always opt for leaving your job if the environment is spoiling your mental health.
There are numerous opportunities that are available to us and I know it is hard sometimes to take these steps but think about it is it greater than your well-being because it is you who has to do the job, isn’t it? You have to keep yourself good and going to be able to do great things in your life and maybe this situation is a hint. We should always keep our eyes open to see those opportunities and look around us. We can always do better and we must believe in ourselves.

And if you find everything not useful you can always file a case and let the law decide it

The Constitution of India gives its entire citizen the equal rights towards everything. It is not biased and hence does not allow anyone to be biased and hurtful towards its people.
If you cannot leave the job because of course we have our own problems and that needs to be addressed first then you can always file a case against the situation. It would come under the labor court and would be legally taken into consideration.

As it is something that involves the law and the government you must keep a lawyer ready to be safe just in case.
The problem would soon be solved if it is taken into consideration soon and would provide everyone including you a good and healthy environment to work in.


It is no one’s right to ever discriminate you ever. Every person is unique and has his or her own style. And one should be approached keeping these things in our mind. No matter what one should never be disgraced and made to feel bad because of something that he lacks. And it becomes much worse when it happens without any reason. We should always be encouraged to bring the good in ourselves. Everyone needs to be understood.

Every individual has his or her own problems and as a person of higher authority it must be understood by the boss and they must not make it harder for the people who are working for the company. They have been at that stage after a lot of experience and they must understand that is not a way to treat someone. We should keep these things in mind and should not feel bad about ourselves and remember that it is them who are lacking the sensibility.
Hope this article helped and now you are feeling good and know what the steps are that you must take in order to make your experience better and happy.