Top 10 Best F1 Model Kits 2023 (Super Cars)

Model kits have reached new heights as their popularity is only growing. Whether you are curious about engines or like to build a particular vehicle model kit, or just love to give yourself a challenge in the form of a puzzle then model kits are the best way to engage yourself. Not only are the completed model kits great display pieces but they are also pretty fun for building. There are various types of model kits available in the market that would most certainly entertain you.
One of the most popular types of model kits is the F1 cars and these are also making everyone crazy about them. If you are bored of building regular cars or if you have always been curious about F1 cars then you would love to invest in these. A good F1 model car would give you a great challenge where you will be spending a few hours putting all the pieces together and making sure you get a fine result.
Since the popularity of F1 car models has grown so much, you won’t find any shortage of such model kits in the market. However, you won’t want the best F1 car model kit that features a nice quality of overall materials, good detailing to the interior or simplistic things, and features a realistic finish when you are done with the F1 car model kit.
Not all the F1 car model kits available in the market are ideal for you or worth your money. Some are better than others, and since you are here you must be looking for the best ones. Well, we are not going to disappoint you as we have enlisted some of the top F1 car model kits that are your money, time, and effort. So go ahead and take a look at the following options and see which ones you like the most.
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Best F1 Model Kits

1. TAMIYA McLaren Honda MP4/4 1988

F1 Model Kits
The first best F1 car model kit that we have found for you is none other than the McLaren Honda MP4/4 1988. This one has been manufactured by the leading model kit brand Tamiya so you can expect great quality and a high-end finish. This F1 car has been seen as a legend as it has won 15 out of 16 car races that it participated in. So naturally, this is the best F1 car of its time which is why its model kit certainly deserves the first spot.
This is a plastic model of a 1:20 scale which makes it perfect for everyone. It has beautiful detailing on the body and you will find the little details fascinating. You can make a few changes on your own as there are some pretty good customization options available. Overall, this F1 car model kit has managed to make its customers happy which is why it’s on our list too. So make sure you get a look at it as you will enjoy building it for hours.

2. NEWRICE Formula 1 Racing Car Building Blocks Kit

Best F1 Model Kits
This is another top-rated F1 car model kit from NEWRICE which is highly recommended by its customers as well as F1 model kit lovers.
This F1 car model kit comes with 1667 pieces which are pretty high for any model kit so you will be spending many hours building this car model kit. More than the car itself the customers loved the detailing as well as all the parts of the car. It features a V6 engine which will be pretty fun to build and you can also learn a lot about engines too. Its rear spoiler and realistic steering also make great detailing.
This F1 car model kit makes one of the best choices for teenagers and adults. It can also be a fun activity to do with a friend or family member. It would be a pretty great gift for someone who loves F1 cars.

3. Tamiya 24349 1/24 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Plastic Model Kit

Top F1 Model Kits
We have another top F1 car model kit from Tamiya, and this one is the 2018 version of the TS050 Hybrid that comes with great accuracy which will certainly impress F1 car lovers across the world. This model kit of an F1 car features plastic and a few metal pieces that will go together nicely and will give a nice finish too. The model also features updated aerodynamics components in both exterior and interior, longer front fenders, and a tweaked diffuser design.
You will also find several sponsor logos that will go on the car. It also features interior detailing with a car seat and lithium-ion battery. The side mirror and headlights will be recreated by dedicated metal pieces which makes it even more realistic. This will be ideal for teenagers and adults.

4. TOY PLAYER F1 Racing Car Model Kit

The next F1 racing car model kit we have on our list is from Toy Player. This one too counts among the best-selling F1 car model kits on amazon and it has received a lot of appreciative reviews from customers too.
This F1 car model kit features some of the best realistic features. It comes with a V6 cylindrical engine along with moving pistons and suspension shock absorbers. You will find all the parts that you can find in the real car and building this model will give you a great insight into how the F1 car works. There are a total of 631 pieces in this kit that will be challenging to build. This kit is ideal for adults and teenagers, and kids can build it with their parents or any adults.

5. JMBricklayer F1 RC Car Building Sets

Best Model F1 Kits
If you want an F1 car model kit that will not only feature pieces to build the car but can also function as a remote control car then this one should be your best option.
This F1 car model kit features 1065 pieces that will make a perfect moving car with great detailing and high accuracy. The car will be controlled by a remote once it’s finished. Not only a remote controller but can also be used as a smartphone app too.
This will be a perfect gift for your older kids, as you can first build the car with them and then let them play with it. It is ideal for intermediate-level builders and to make things easier it comes with a manual guide as well. However, the battery life is short as it lasts for about 25 minutes after a charging session of up to 3 hours.

6. MISINI 1100PCS Technik Building Blocks Racing Car Formula F1 Model

F1 Model Kit
The MISINI F1 model car kit has also managed to make a spot on our list and you will love this one too. The pieces are made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which would last longer. This F1 car model kit features 1100 pieces that will be nicely glued together and make a great finish.
Customers also loved the color accuracy of this model kit and the surface appears pretty smooth too. It also features instructions on the packaging which makes it easier to build. It is ideal for kids ages 14 and up.

7. Tamiya 20048 1/20 Ferrari F1-2000 Plastic Model Kit

F1 Model Kits Best
We all know Ferrari as a sports car brand, and they have also manufactured some F1 cars too. This F1 Ferrari car model kit from Tamiya also makes one of the top model kits on amazon. It comes with high ratings and amazing reviews from customers which is why it is perfect for you as well.
This F1 car model kit features a V10 engine, radiator, and suspension. So you will get highly realistic features and details in the model kit. It also comes with a removable rear cowl. Overall, it is pretty fun to build this F1 car model kit and it is suitable for teenagers and adults.

8. TAMIYA Williams FW-13B 1990

F1 Model Best Kits
Tamiya also made a retro F1 car model kit that is the Williams FW-13B 1990. This one too was quite popular during its time and F1 races enthusiasts are also crazy about this car which is why its F1 model kit is quite popular.
Its design is quite simplistic yet pretty classy which makes it an ideal choice. The color combination is pretty amazing and the detailing is accurate to the original model. It features the sponsors’ logo too. The car is pretty fun to build and it will look good as a display piece once you are done building it. Overall, for hours of fun and a great-looking F1 car, this model kit should be your favorite choice.

9. TameoKits Lotus 49B 1968

F1 Best Model Kits
The Lotus was also a pretty popular F1 car during its reign and it had managed to grab everyone’s attention to it as well. This car kit is pretty amazing and features everything you would be looking for in an F1 model car kit.
The interesting thing about this F1 model kit is that it is made up of metals. Yes, you don’t have to deal with plastics and this model will stay with you for a very long time. The pieces are cut nicely and they go together to give a perfectly smooth surface too. The color accuracy is also something we loved about this car model kit. Overall, if you are looking for a metal F1 model kit then this one should be your best choice so far.

10. Bburago F1 Red Bull Racing Car Model Kit

F1 Model Kit
If you are looking for the cheapest F1 car model kit for beginners then this one from Bburago should be your best option. This one comes at a very affordable price so even if you mess it up as a beginner you won’t regret buying it. It is quite simple to make and features great detailing too. The steerable wheels add great detailing to the whole kit.
The black and red color theme is also quite fun to look at. It seems like a fast modern F1 car that will look good in your collection too. Since it’s cheaper, you can also give it to someone as a gift and introduce them to the model kit-building world.


So these are some of the best F1 car model kits that you can find on Amazon. All of these F1 car model kits come under a wide price range and you can easily find the ones that are suitable for you. We have tried to list down a variety of F1 car model kits so anyone can easily find out the best one for themselves.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything you have been looking for. Go ahead and browse them all and choose your favorite ones among them.