Top 11 Best Truck Model Kits 2023

Model kits are the new favorite hobby that people across the world are exploring. Building and collecting realistic model kits has become a pretty activity on a holiday or with your friends and family. People of all ages love building model kits and kids also love building the model kits of their choice with their parents. Since the model kit popularity is only increasing, the market has become flooded with so many options to choose from and there are too many subcategories of the model kits available too.
In this article, we are going to talk about truck model kits. The truck’s model kits feature the pick-up truck or the bug truck for carrying stuff around. There are many types and sizes of truck model kits available in the market so you can easily find your favorite one. But you will need to check out all the options and see which one would be suitable for you.
We are here to help you out with finding the top truck model kits available in the market right now. That is why we have selected some of the best truck model kits and reviewed them as well.
Have a look at the following top-rated truck model kits and see which one you like the most!
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Best Truck Model Kits

1. Hobby Boss M1070/M1000 HETS

Truck Model Kit
Hubby Boss is a leading manufacturer of model kits and this one is certainly one of the best-selling and high-rated truck model kits you can find right now. This truck model kit is one of the best when it comes to building experience.
The truck model kit features a military truck which is one of the leading choices for people. It is inspired by real-life military truck models and features fully functional parts and realistic details that make it a replica of a military truck. The kit features a total of 1447 parts which means you can spend hours building this truck model. This is an advanced-level truck model which means it will be perfect for those looking for a challenge.
This model kit can be used to pick up other model vehicles on itself which means it will be a perfect addition to your collection. The movement is pretty realistic too. There are many realistic parts such as extensive hydraulic plumbing, pivoting loading ramps, a movable platform, adjustable support legs, and a functional sprung suspension.
Overall, this truck model is highly realistic and features the best detailing when it comes to the parts of a truck. So it will be fun to make it as well as use it when you are done with it.

2. Ertl Big Farm 1:16 Peterbilt Model 367 With Grain Box

Best Truck Model Kit
Next on our list is the Ertl Big Farm model truck kit which is quite interesting to build and look at. This truck model comes with highly realistic details including the metal details that look pretty much as you would find in the real version of this truck. It is also movable which makes it even more interesting and desirable for model kit enthusiasts. Although the truck isn’t made after any real truck version yet you can see the realistic details that would make it seem like any superior truck.
This truck model kit is a perfect balance between a toy and a model kit which makes it perfect for all ages. It also features a functioning grain box. We also liked how durable and well-constructed this truck model kit is. You will also find light and sound effects from this model kit which makes it even more interesting for kids.

3. AMT 1039 1:25 Mack R685ST-Semi Tractor

Top Truck Model Kit
AMT is also a leading manufacturer of model kits and they have managed to make an amazing truck model kit of a truck from the Mad Max series. This one too boasts a high level of realism which has made it perfect for the fans of the series. Even though the size of the truck is rather small yet they haven’t compromised with the detailing of the truck. They have amended it to give it all the intricate details which make it appear like a life-like object.
Customers also like the fact that this truck model offers a nice challenge as it is ideal for the intermediate level. It is a complex model and will require some skills and experience in building model kits so it is not ideal for beginners. The kit also features instructions to assemble the kit which somehow makes the task a little bit easier for builders.
The kit is made up of high-quality material which makes it durable and stable. The kit includes the pre-paint parts so you won’t require paint to complete this model. Overall, this truck model certainly deserves your attention and is worth your money, and it will make a great addition to your collection.

4. LEGO Technic Arctic Truck

Model Truck Kit
If model kits are a source of entertainment for you then you should definitely buy the LEGO Technic Arctic Truck. This is a high-rated truck model kit with amazing reviews as it managed to make its customers happy with its overall performance and building experience. The best part about this model kit is that it can be built in many different ways so it is quite a versatile model to invest in. You can either build it as a pickup truck or as a crane.
This model kit features 913 pieces which is neither too much nor too less. It has a perfectly balanced building experience as it will be ideal for intermediate builders or even for someone who has some experience building model kits. The pieces get attached so you won’t need any tools or glue to make the model truck kit.
This truck model kit will feature four large crawler tracks which makes it movable. It has great maneuverability despite having a big size. You can upgrade the model with the 8293 Power Functions motor set. It also features a great deal of flexibility and adaptability. Overall, this truck model kit is worth investing in, so check this one out!

5. Ertl Big Farm Ram Service Truck

Best Model Truck Kits
We have another one of the top-rated truck model kits from Ertl Big Farm which features this Service Truck model kit. This model kit features high-quality material construction which makes it sturdy and durable. This model isn’t highly detailed yet it features a pretty great design that will manage to grab anyone’s attention. The model is designed after the Dodge Ram 3500 Dealer Service Truck. It also features a functioning crane and a large platform that can pick up other model vehicles or things.
The model truck kit features good exterior and interior details that make it look like the realistic version of the original truck. The truck is movable and it also features opening doors. It is not that flashy or over the top yet its simplistic design and intricate details have managed to make it people’s favorite. It is fairly easy to build and kids can play with the truck after it has been assembled so it’s ideal for all ages.

6. Revell Foose Ford FD-100 Pickup

When it comes to model kits, Revell has certainly managed to make a reputation and earned a name among the model kit builders. This is one of the top model kit brands and they have a nice collection of model trucks as well. This model truck from Revell features the Foose Ford Pickup truck.
This model kit only comes with 78 pieces which makes it ideal for beginners. This kit features independent front suspension and coil-over rear, and dual exhaust that gives it a realistic contraction of a truck. It is a 1:25 scale model kit that is pretty easy to make. The tuck has nice color combinations which makes it look pretty. It also requires glue and paints that you will have to buy separately. Overall, it is an affordable truck model so make sure to check this one out.

7. Revell Jeep Honcho Ice Patrol

Best Budget Truck Model Kits
We have another Revell truck model kit and this one features the Jeep Wagoneer which was quite popular its construction started from 1962 to 1988. This truck mode used to be called a radiator. The truck was designed as a civilian vehicle but then it was adapted for military use.
The truck features a 258 C.I. Six-cylinder engine with an available option of the AMC 401 C.I. V8, rated at 225 HP. This makes a very strong engine.
With this kit, you will get a multi-piece snowmobile, a detailed V8 engine, a 4-wheel drive system, gas cans, tool box and a rollover bar with lights. It also features soft black tires and chrome-plated parts. It is labeled as a skill 4-level model kit and it features 80 parts, even though it is said to be ideal for intermediate builders, the contraction is fairly easy with anyone knowing how to glue and paint the pieces.

8. Moebius 1970 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4X4

Truck Model Kits Best
This 1970 Ford truck model kit has also managed to make a spot on our list for all the right reasons. This truck model kit comes with lots of detailing and it also features an interesting construction. The model kit has been appreciated by veteran builders as well as by those who are new to the model kit world.
This kit comes with a 360 CID V8 engine, a detailed chassis, chrome-plated parts, and soft black tires. It’s a level 3 skill model kit that would be suitable for intermediate players. Overall, it also looks pretty nice as a display piece. The model will require paint and glue which are not included.

9. AMT1120 1:25 1934 Ford

Truck Model Best Kits
We have another Ford model truck kit from AMT and this one too looks pretty interesting. This truck model kit is pretty versatile as you can build it in three different ways, stock, custom, or service truck. It also features many retooled/restored original first-issue parts.
With this kit, you get many things included such as display accessory parts including tools, blocks, jack, two complete motors with one fully in chrome, wheel, and tire options, along with an expanded original decal sheet of artwork. It also requires paint and glue to assemble the model kit. Overall, it is a nice-looking truck model kit so make sure that you check it out.

10. Revell ’65 Chevy Stepside

Truck Best Model Kit
Revell has also made a model truck kit of a ’65 Chevy Stepside that was quite popular during its time. The truck is pretty well constructed and it is quite strong and durable too. This truck features the 283 V-8 engine with optional engine parts and disc brakes. You will also find the chrome plated parts along with nicely made wheels.
This model kit is of level 2 skill and it is suitable for ages 10 and above. Overall, it’s affordable as well as pretty fun to make so it will be a great addition to your model kit collection.

11. AMT 1094 1955 Chevrolet Cameo

Truck Model Kit
This Chevrolet Cameo truck model kit from AMT has also been loved by customers. This one too features realistic details and is fun to make. This one is movable and kids would love to play with it too.
The truck model kit also features some extra parts that can be used to make a Coca-Cola vending machine which can be used as something to carry around. It has everything you need to build this truck model and it is ideal for beginners as well as intermediate-level builders.


So these are some of the top model truck kits you can buy from Amazon. These model truck kits have been rated pretty highly by the customers as they loved building these model trucks as well as the overall experience with these model truck kits.
That would be all for now and we hope you found the best truck model kit for yourself to buy from this list. Go ahead and order your favorite ones from the list or they will be sold out soon!