How To Be Mentally Strong (14 Helpful Ways) 2023

“Its in your head!”
“You just have to be mentally strong!”
“You can control your emotions”
“Your brain can be trained”

These are the things that we often hear by our loved ones or people in general. To some extent these are true. The thing is we go through a lot of emotions and face so many problems and we can deal with them better if we are mentally more strong. Being mentally strong means that we are aware of what we are feeling and we know how to deal with them.

Apart from this, being mentally strong means you are more likely to achieve your goals and finish your business. Although you can’t mistake yourself by thinking that being mentally strong means that we don’t have to feel anything or have any kind of emotions in ourselves.

But the question is how to be mentally strong? What are the traits that a mentally strong person has in them, what we supposed to do if we are not that mentally strong but want to be? Well, all your questions would be answered in this article.
Here are some of the tips that may help you to become more mentally strong.

how to be mentally strong
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1. Understand your emotions

As we have said earlier that most people confuse the mental strength with the inability to feel any emotional pain or suffering bits it’s the opposite.

When a person is emotionally strong, they know their emotions better and that’s why they would act in a better way while handling those emotions. The people who are mentally strong would easily bounce back and rebuild themselves and cop up with these emotions in a better way.

If you want to be mentally strong, you would have to focus on your plans, and your confidence and all those little things which you might ignore or don’t find worthy of your attention or practicing them are too hard for you.

2. Focus on the moment

The one thing the mentally strong people would never do is to ignore what they are feeling and that’s what you learn to do as well. We often try to ignore our heartbreak, anger, or any other emotional stress rather than facing it and this is the worst thing anyone can do.

You have to understand that someday you are gonna have to face these emotions and bottling them up, for now, is no good for you or the people around you. You have to understand that the challenge is now and the difficulty is now and you have to face it now as well. The sooner you realize what you are feeling and why you are feeling this dinner you will get over it. So just be present at the moment and focus on the moment, because that’s all you need to make things right.

3. Emotional regulation

Emotional regulation is very very important and you have to find a way to achieve it as well. We may not able to control our emotions but managing them can definitely be a solution. For example, you can control what life throws at you and what comes next but you can definitely choose the way you are going to react about it.

Emotional management is not n easy task and you might need help as well. So if you think that you are not good at managing your emotions then you can definitely seek professional help as well.

4. Exercise your mind

Just like our body, our mind too needs to exercise in order to be stronger and get more strength to get over the hurdles. You have to understand that growth is consistent work and you have to put some efforts in order to grow mentally. You can’t stay still and think that everything is going to stay the same forever. Mental strength comes from the choices we make and the way we handle things. You can also take up a number of mind building exercises and gain mental strength.

5. Find a few things that you need to change about yourself

Nobody is perfect and nobody is flawless, we all have got our baggage to deal with and a few bad personality traits. We might not be able to eliminate those traits but we can do better if we know what is this that we need to work and what we can change about it.

You can make a list of your strengths as well as your weakness or anything that you think needs to be changed about yourself. Now that you have finished your list, you might wanna work on the weakness of yours by embracing your strengths.

For example, if you think you can’t finish a project at the deadline, then you might wanna make sure how to stay focused and finish our work.

6. Be positive

We know, you have already listened to this like a gazillion times now but you might wanna start acting upon it now as well. The thing is, our mind is made to focus on the negative things more than the positive things, and that’s why we have to train our brain to be more positive than being negative all the time.

Again we can’t control what comes in our way but we can definitely control how we react to it and the more we stay positive the more strength we gain to cop up with things. Being positive is all about taking responsibility for your actions and reactions.

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7. Take a look at your past

No, we are not saying that you should live in your past or feel the mistakes and feelings from the past. But sometimes, the way we react at things has a direct connection with our past and that’s why we should sometimes take a look at the past to find the answers for our current behavior or mental state.

Studies have shown if someone lacks emotional strength or mental strength this might be related to something that happened in your past. This can be anything and this might happen a couple of months ago or something that has happened when you are young. But our past experiences can affect us without us realizing and that’s why we should be more aware bout your past experiences.

If you have experienced any trauma in your childhood then you must see a therapist or talk about it with your family or close friends. The point is, you have to deal with it in order to move on.

8. Achieve mindfulness

After all, we are talking about mental strength so this one has to be an elephant in the room. Achieving mindfulness means that you will be aware of your feelings and the thing that’s happening around you. This way you would be able to deal with things in a better way.

Practice yoga and meditation and also some light exercise that keeps your mind and body healthy. By doing meditation, your mind will feel relaxed and you would be less stressed about the unnecessary things.

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9. Get over your fears

Our fears are our worst enemies and that’s why we have to deal with them too. We all have some kinda fear but the problem starts when our feats start affecting our daily life.

In order to get over the fear, you should first accept that you have a fear of these particular things. And if you are aware then you might wanna take someone’s help or come up with a plan to overcome it. Just take the baby steps first and remind yourself that you can get over it.

See our fears do nothing but make us emotionally weak and hold us back and that’s why it’s important to overcome those fears.

10. Practice positive self talk

Practicing positive self-talk is very helpful in order to make you mentally stronger. All you have to do is write down a few things that you want to say to yourself first thing in the morning or before anything major happening in your life. Some positive lines like, “I can do this” “I deserve all the happiness” “I would achieve my goal no matter what” or “I do better than yesterday” etc are very helpful. And experts also say that positive self-talk can definitely help a person to achieve goals.

11. Practice self-care

With so much going on in our life, we often forget to take care of ourselves and just focus on the work or the things that need to be done the next day. So sometimes you just need to take a break from your daily life and enjoy a little bit.

Try to go on a solo trip or pamper yourself with shopping or spa for a day. Vacations are important and you have to realize that you deserve time off!

12. Focus on solutions rather than problems

Many times we just focus on the problem rather than finding a solution so try to be more solution finder than just a person who finds problems in everything. Remember every problem has a solution and you can only find that if you look beyond the problem for a minute.

13. There is nothing that you cant do!

If you are someone who says that you can’t do this or that more often than you need to change that about yourself because that’s the biggest lie you are telling yourself on a daily basis. Just say that “you can” and see how strong you mentally become.

14. Be grateful

Your day should start by showing gratitude to everything and everyone you have in your life. You just have to be a little more grateful than you are now. Showing gratitude more often will help you to stay positive and be more grateful in life. And this might shift your focus from the things that you don’t have (this should not be on your mind).


Here we have come to an end for the article How to be Mentally Strong! We really hope that you liked the article and found it helpful. We hope you would follow the aforementioned tips and get stronger and stronger mentally. Thank you for visiting our page, we are glad we could help!