How To Be Humble Person (15 Helpful Tips For You)

Being a humble person is one of the best things you can be. We know that the world is becoming so cruel by each passing day and one might lose hope seeing humble people anymore. But that’s not true, there is still some hope left in our world and you can still find a lot of humble people around you (if you care to look) and you can be a humble person too!
What does it mean to be a humble person? And what qualities do a humble person have? That’s what we are going to talk about in our article. See we know it’s pretty hard to be humble sometimes and everyone around you is competing and boating about their qualities. But being a humble person means you will be easily recognizable in the crowd, simply because of your humility nature.
So here are sharing some qualities that a humble person possesses and how you can be a humble person as well. So let’s start the list of things you can do or practice in order to become a humble person.

How to be humble

1. Admit that you are not perfect

Yes, today’s world is all about being perfect and hiding our imperfections but that can’t be the truth, right? Here you need to learn that you are not perfect and that you can’t do everything. Even if you are the most talented person on this earth there will be things which you can’t do better and there will be things which people can do better than you as well.
This simply means that you have to accept that there are somethings that you can do better and there will always be people who will do a better job as well. Although it doesn’t mean that you abandon your dreams or lose hope in something, you can always try to improve your skills at something as well.

2. Recognizing your flaws

As we have said earlier you will have to understand that you are not perfect and you cant does it all. And there would be some flaws as well because being a flawless people only exist in the movie or dreams. In real life, we all have a couple of flaws and it’s completely okay as well.
So do recognize your flaws before you start to find flaws in others and make a judgment on them as well. And always try to look past the flaws of others and try to improve your own flaws as well.

3. Learn that its okay to make mistakes

Often people try too hard not to make mistakes and they end up making it worse or losing on many opportunities as well. See this shouldn’t be a case. You will have to know that its okay to make mistakes and without making any mistakes you might not be able to grow either. Although don’t make the obvious mistakes and avoid making them as much as possible.
Apart from this, if you have made mistakes try to accept your mistakes instead of running away from it or making excuses. Make sure you take full responsibility for your mistakes and do everything that it takes to make things right or if there is nothing you can do about it, then try to learn from it. Another reason why you should always admit your mistakes is that people respect someone who always takes responsibility for their mistakes and action.

4. Don’t brag

Have you ever seen a humble person? Have you ever seen bragging them about something? I guess not right! Well because bragging is the last thing they will do. It’s okay to feel proud for yourself and have self-esteem but if you are constantly bragging about your achievements then nobody will like you or respect you.
People will anyway notice your achievement and they may ask about the achievements, you can simply accept their compliment and stop yourself from talking to much about it.

5. Don’t take all the credits

This is one of the key traits that humble people have. See no matter where you are and what you have achieved in your life, this achievement can’t be the product of your own doing. There would be a lot of people who must have been a part of your journey and they might have helped you to reach where you are and gain the success that you are enjoying it. So when it comes to taking credit don’t make it all about yourself. Try to be thankful for the people for their support and help and give them credit as well.
It doesn’t matter what you are taking credit for it can be a school project or winning a prestigious award. You will have to give credit to other people as well.

6. Appreciate others

Whenever you get a chance, try to appreciate others as well. If you see someone doing something good then go ahead and appreciate them. It might be a small thing or a big one but everyone likes to be appreciated for their hard work. And being able to appreciate others will help you to become a humble person and you will also be inspired by others as well.

7. Don’t compare yourself with others

Comparing yourself with others will only make you feel bad and this will also harm your inner peace. And the comparison is never healthy no matter what. So no matter where you are and what people you are surrounded by you should never be comparing yourself with others. You will have to understand that everyone has their own journey and they fight their own battle and there is no point in comparing yourself with different people.

8. Don’t be afraid of the judgments of other people

No matter where you and what you do there will always be some judgment. But you will have to know that it’s completely fine and that’s what you need to set in your mind.
Although not every judgment or criticism is bad and there is a thing called constructive criticism. Meaning if someone is criticizing you or judging your work, instead of getting mad at them, you can actually take a moment and think about it. You should inspire yourself from the criticism of others and always try to do better than before.

9. Keep learning

It doesn’t matter if you are a 50-year-old or a 17-year-old there is always a scope of learning. Here learning means taking advice from experienced people. This means that you show them gratitude and you accept the fact that they know more than you can think. Find people who inspire you and make mentors, learn from them as much as possible, and allow yourself to have an open mind when it comes to learning.
You should also learn a new thing from time to time, this will help you to become and a better person as well as a humble person. You will be able to think out of the box and meet new people as well.

10. Help more

We should always help others no matter how small or big the help is. There will be a number of times when you will get an opportunity to help other people so whenever such occasion occurs, just try to be more humble and help them. It doesn’t matter who the person is and if they are your friends or strangers, you should always help people who are in need.

11. Treat everyone like your equal

This is one of the most important things that you should do in order to be more humble. See being a humble person is that you never see others beneath or above you, you always treat them as your equal, no matter where they come from, what they do, and how they are. This shows that you are respectful of all the people who are you.

12. Think before you speak

Being humble spent mean that you don’t out your thoughts and ideas out there. Instead, it means that you know where you need to speak and what you are saying. Never open your mouth without thinking about what you are going to talk about and see it is necessary and the right thing to say in a particular situation.
Apart from this, you need to make a habit of listening more and talking less. Listen to what other people are saying and why they are saying it. First, take their opinions and hear their side of the story before saying your opinions

13. Apologies

If you have hurt someone unintentionally or even if the other person feels that there is something that you have done that hurt them then you should always apologize for your behavior. Yes, you might not be able to change things but you can surely apologies for your actions or words.
Accept what you have done and accept that you hurt or offended a person. Make sure you apologies they face to face, don’t forget to make eye contact. Although learn from your mistake and never repeat that mistake ever again.

14. Be grateful for what you have

People often focus on the things that they don’t have and put themselves in misery. This will make you feel jealous and comparing yourself to others, these things in no case should happen. In order to be humble, you should start with yourself. Show gratitude towards your life and be grateful for what you have.

15. Do volunteer work

This one should be done by every one of us. We have to understand that there are some less fortunate people and they need help. Even though we can take away all their pain but we can do as little as possible to help them, even in the smallest way.

Conclusion –

And that’s how one can become a humble person by simply growing these qualities in themselves and changing their mindset a bit. Yes, there are some misassumptions about being a humble person such as they are passive or submissive or insecure about themselves but as you can see these are just misassumptions.
So here we are saying goodbye to you with the hope that you liked our article and found it helpful. Thank you for being us and be humble!