How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Feelings

The break up is never easy, and it doesn’t matter what is the reason or even if its mutually. The fact that people wait too late and then make things ugly. This is where you can use some tips about how to break up with your girlfriend.

In this article, we are going to share some tips which can help you to understand how you can break up with your girlfriend. Take a look at the following tips that might help you with the whole breakup thing.

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How to break up with your girlfriend

1. Do you really want a breakup!

The first thing you need to do before you initiate the breakup is to reconsider your decision. See there are a lot of people that may make an irrational decision and break up with their girlfriend. But soon they regret their decision and can finally see what was wrong and how they could have handled the situation instead of the breakup.

So instead of doing the breakup with the first thought of it, you can actually sit with yourself and see if you can handle things differently and if it’s the only option left or you can still fix up the problems in your relationship and lead to a new start.

2. Find the right time to break up

Of course, there is no perfect time to break up but still, you need to make sure that the time is at least not the worst time to break up with your girlfriend. See if there is nothing major is going to happen in her life which can be affected by the break up then this might be a good time. For example, you don’t wanna break up with her a night before her interview.

Furthermore, the weekend will be a good choice as well, because she will get some time to process these things without affecting her work much, of course, the pain will be there for a long time but at least she won’t have to go for the office and do all the normal activities without actually grieving.

3. Tell them that you want to have “talk”

“There is something that we need to talk about” is the universal sign that you are going to talk about something major. So it will give her a hint that you actually need to discuss something important. This will make her ready for the big talk and if might be easier for you to explain it further.

4. Decide a place

It will be nice if you can do the breakup privately because doing it public is not a smart choice. The thing is there is going to be a long conversation and she might get emotional and vulnerable and you don’t want to deal with these things in public.

You can actually meet at one of your houses or you can have the talk somewhere which involves fewer people. You might wanna avoid a place where you both have some memories. So do it in a neutral place.

5. Start easy

Keep in mind that you are breaking up with your girlfriend and you might cause her a great deal of pain as well. So the least you can do is to start the conversation on an easy note. You can ask her how is she but don’t drag on the conversation too long. See the breakup is like ripping the band-aid off, the quicker you are the lesser pain you will cause the person.

6. Be honest but not in a brutal way

You need to say it all that you feel about your girlfriend. You might wanna say that you had a great time with her and you will always remember her. And then slowly share the things that you find wrong with the relationship. Tell everything that caused the problem in the relationship and tell her why do you think the relationship won’t work further.

But say all the things in a nicer way. Yes, you will have to be honest with your feeling but you will also have to choose the right words as well. Don’t be too brutal towards them and cause them unbearable pain.

7. Be ready for the drama

No breakup can go easy and you can’t expect a nice reaction from them as well. See the thing is if your girlfriend is over-emotional and takes things too seriously then she might react in an unpleasant way. So be ready for that reaction and prepare yourself for the crying or the rage that will come with the breakup. You can also prepare yourself the way you are going to react to their reaction for the break up as well.

8. Give her an honest explanation

This one is for those who have decided to break up because they have found someone else. She is going to find this anyway so it will be better for both of you if you tell her the truth and come clean to her. If you avoid this, then you might be cheating on her and this will lead to a bigger fight between you two and she might not be able to trust anyone else in the future. So have the decency to tell her the truth yourself because as long as you are in a relationship with the person you owe it to them.

These are the things that you need to do in order to break up with your girlfriend but we are now listing out the things which you will have to avoid while doing the break up with your girlfriend.

Don’t do it over the phone!

This is the worst kind of thing you can do for your girlfriend. When two people are in love and even if the feelings fade away, you should remember how important they are and how big they play the part in your life and they do deserve a better closure. So try to do it in person and show them some respect as well.

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Don’t put all the blame on them!

You should also avoid putting all the blame on your girlfriend. Even if you think that she is the reason behind your breakup, you should be considerate about their feelings and you shouldn’t hurt them further to put all the blame of the breakup upon them. And if she tries to put all the blame on herself, try to reassure her and comfort her.

Don’t publicize your break up.

Just tell your close friends that you have broken up and tell them not to spread the news too soon. See in a world of social media where the news can spread so easily, she doesn’t want the texts from the people she doesn’t know well saying “what happened? Sorry to hear about the breakup!”

Don’t be friends after the breakup!

This one might be the biggest mistake a couple can make after the breakup. You have to cut them from social media and don’t lead the friendship immediately after the breakup. This will only cause pain to wither of you and its not at all healthy in any way.


So here we have listed all the things which can help you with the breakup. See these tips might not make your break up a painless experience but at least now you know how you can start the break, what you need to do and what you need to avoid.

It’s not going to be that easy but since you have decided to break up then not drag the whole break up thing for long. All we can do is wish you luck with your break and hope that you are making a wise decision by initiating the breakup. Thank you for being with us and come again for the more helpful content.