How To Breakup With Someone Over Text (2023)

Before we start our article, we would like today that is pretty mean to break up over text. And everyone deserves a better ending than that. But we also understand that sometimes it’s the only way to do the breakup.

And if it’s what you need, then we are here to help you with this as well. There are plenty of situations which would require you to break up with your partner over the phone such as you being in another city/country, not able to face them and break their heart, or sometimes it’s been so long where you are trying to break up but the other person is not really giving you a chance. So yeah there are a few exceptions that demand a break up over text.

See the thing is breaks are hard and it is never a great experience for either of you. But if you are thinking of breaking up over texting that it actually requires you to go as smoothly as possible and to make it less hurtful as well as shows some respect to the other person. Let’s move forward to our article, How to break up with someone over texts? Where we have listed a few tips which might help you in the breaking up process. So go ahead and take a look at the list.

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1. Are you ready for the breakup

The first step of the breakup requires you to ask this question to yourself. Sometimes people decide to break up over something stupid and by the time they realize their mistake, it becomes too late to fix the situation.

So ask yourself why you want this breakup and is there anything you can do to avoid it. See if this is an impulsive behavior or you are actually ready to take this step. If there are any second thoughts or concerns about the break up then reconsider it. And also share the problem with your partner and see if you two can work it out.

2. Give yourself a little time before actually breaking up with them

It would be helpful if you give yourself downtime and space to think about the breakup and how you want to do it. You can also take a break from the person.

This will help you analyze the things and what you need to consider. And it will make you fully ready so you can finally do the task and that too in a nice manner. It will prevent you from making any rash decisions regarding your break up as well.

3. Be ready for their reaction and have some empathy for them

The thing is the person who is breaking up always gets all the blame and sometimes they do get a little harsh on the other person. So it’s important that you consider their feelings as well and understand that you are causing a great deal of pain to them.

This will help you to be nice and genuine towards them. And if you have been on the other side of the breakup before then you should consider your past experience as well. The bottom line is, you should have some empathy towards them. And you should understand that they are going to hurt and you might be the reason behind it.

4. Know that you can control them

Of course, there will be some drama and you might not be able to handle that stuff. So make sure you don’t try to control their reaction. And let them feel whatever they are feeling and let them say what they feel like saying.

5. It’s okay to breakup!

It’s never going to be a pleasant experience but that doesn’t mean you should completely feel guilty about it. See there are times when you have to leave a relationship that isn’t working and it’s okay to leave the person way before it becomes more and more hard and cause you a great deal to pain in the future.

Here you can also say to yourself that you might be doing a favor for the other person as you know the relationship has no future. And it is never going to get better if you are dragging a dead-end relationship!

6. Choose the right time to text them

See you are already making them suffer the breakup on their own without seeing you in person and they might not even get the closure they deserve. Of course, the text message might be a surprise for you.

But it can be pretty worse if they don’t get the message when they are alone. See it’s natural they are going to have a reaction or they might even want to cry, but they are having a party or there is a big day for them, then you might need to avoid breaking up with them.

Ask them what they are doing and if there is something going one and then start the conversation with them. And if you two are living in the different time zones then do the breakup according to their timeline and at the time you think will be most suited for them to possess the news.

7. If it requires to have a conversation then do it

You can not just send a text saying that you are breaking up with them and expect them to take it just like that. So it would be nice if you have a good conversation with them. You can be honest on your part but try not to become brutal and hurt them more. Make sure they understand your decision of breaking up and see your point as well. So if there is any chance that you can make them see your perspective then give them that.

8. Try not to disrespect them and put all the blame on them

If you are breaking up with them then you might know the reasons we’ll. But you will have to make sure that you choose the right words and avoid anything that puts all the blame on them. It might be true that they are the reason behind the breakup but at least you can be nice about it. No need to be disrespectful or harsh on them.

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9. Say what’s not working

It will be nice if they know the reason behind the break up as they won’t spend the rest of their life to figure out what it was that they might have done which leads to the breakup.

10. Prepare the breakup text

You are saving yourself from a lot when you decide to break up with them over text, so at least give them a text that is well written and which is good enough to give them closure and with shows some respect for them as well.

We would like to suggest you take your time and then write the break up the text. So consider all the tips that we have written in the article and prepare a nice break up for the text. It’s pretty important and it’s something you have to put a lot of effort in!


So these are some of the ways through which you can break up with someone over texts. We are reiterating it again that if there is a chance that you can do the break up in person then do it because we all deserve some respect. And be as nice as you can because you actually hurting the other person. We hope you liked the article and found it helpful. So thank you for visiting us and keep coming for the more helpful content.