How To Save A Relationship From Ending (2023)

Relationships are not easy, There is a lot of things that require to make a relationship last longer and there are so many sacrifices and so many efforts that a couple needs to make in order to keep a relationship working. Every relationship goes through tough phases and things go south many times but still, some people survive the bad days and keep their relationship from ending.

It doesn’t matter how strong your relationship is or how much you love your partner, the rough patches in a relationship are going to be in there. In fact, these are the times when the fate of your relationship is decided. And believe it or not, you can survive these hard times and save your relationship from ending!

But how? Well that’s what you are looking for, isn’t it? And that’s what we are going to tell you as well. The first thing that we would like to tell you is that if you are here looking for a way to save your relationship then you are already halfway there to save it! And with a little effort, you can save your relationship as well. So without wasting any more of your time we would like to share some tips that can help you to save your relationship from ending.

how to save a relationship from ending
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1. Look for the problem

You can’t save your relationship from ending is you don’t know what’s causing the problem in your relationship. So the first thing you need to do is to look for the problem in your relationship. Sometimes the problem is obvious and you can figure out how to fix that. And other times you just don’t see where all the problem between you and your partner has started, in that case, you will have to work hard and find the problem first.

The problem can be in any form and shape and you might not realize if you are the one causing it. So take a look back and think where all this started, is it because you or your partner is insecure? Or because your partner wants to change you or vice versa. There can be plenty of reasons for the problems and the only way to fix your relationship is to find the problem first.

2. Look for the patters of problems

There are high chances that there is a loop going on and whatever is causing your relationship to meet its end is repeating itself again and again. In simpler words, you and your partner have been fighting over the same thing for a long time and no matter how much you try you can never get past that. In this case, you will have to look for the pattern and see where it all goes wrong. And you would be surprised how small the problem really is but it is able to cause havoc in your relationship from time to time.

For example, if you are leaving a wet towel on the bed and your partner doesn’t like that and then he/she started to yell or blame which makes you angry and then both of you end up having an argument. So the pattern of the fight among you start from you leaving the wet towel on the bed and it ain’t that big of a problem as one might think. All you have to do is to break the pattern and be careful of the things that caused all the arguments between you and your partner!

Of course, this is just an example and you might need to work things hard in order to get things sorted out. The bottom line is, instead of blaming another person, you should work together and look at the pattern instead of looking at the people.

3. Communication is the key!

Communication is the key to make things work in any relationship and if there is a lack of communication then there is hardly anything left to save in a relationship.

If there is anything that bothering you or you think something is bothering your partner, then sit with each other and communicate about the problem you guys are having in the relationship. Many times we just assume things and keep things to ourselves which becomes a big problem and the more you bottle it up the uglier it gets.

So if you want to save your relationship from ending, the first thing you need to communicate with your partner and listen to them for a while. Sometimes all it takes to make things right in a relationship is a good talk.

4. Let go of your emotions

Half of the time the problems start because you bottle up your emotions and feelings about something and don’t say anything when you should have said it. Instead of bottling up your feelings and let them control your mind, you should just make an effort and be open about it.

So if there is anything that bothers you or you are hurting by anything then talk about it before it starts to create a bigger problem in your relationship. You should deal with the issues as they happen or else it will be a bigger deal.

Keeping your feelings to yourself is never going to be a solution, and the only way to let go of your emotions is to talk about them or make sure they never become the reason you have to end your relationship.

5. Watch your anger issues

Anger can only make things worse and besides you can’t fix a problem by getting angry or shouting at your partner. So if you are in the middle of a discussion and you are finding yourself getting angry then the first thing you need to do is to go and calm yourself down before you do or say something that makes it even worse.

You can try the basic things like breathing or counting to ten would help, or you can leave the place and get some fresh air to calm yourself down and see the bigger picture so that you can have the “argument” or talk in a more rational manner.

6. Listen to them as well

You are not the only one in a relationship and you have to understand that the relationship is a two-way street. So whatever you are feeling or going through, chances are the other person is also going through some things which might be causing all these troubles.

You might need to bring up the subject and have a nice talk about but make sure you are giving them a chance to explain themselves and listen to their side of the story as well. Because often all we do is to keep reminding us of what we are going through and what they are doing wrong.

A good talk and listing to them will make you understand what are they feeling and going through. You should put yourself in their shoe as well and show some empathy before making everything about yourself and your feelings.

7. Be clear about the way you feel

If you know what you want and how you feel then there won’t be any problem to deal with or to save your relationship from yourself.

And it’s not just a one-time thing, most of the conflict starts in a relationship because people don’t know what they actually feel or what they want. If you and your partner are clear about your feelings then you would save your relationship from future conflicts as well.

And if you have no idea where you are in this relationship and where it’s going then you should take some time off and think about it to get a clear idea about your feelings about the relationship.

8. Learn to compromise

Compromise is also the key to fix a relationship. No relationships work out if the people are not willing to compromise in the first place and if your relationship is going through a rough patch and you want to save it then it’s more than important that you guys are willing to do everything that it takes to work things out.

Relationship work on the concept of giving and take and it’s not all about winning an argument or finding your way. You both will have to work together and compromise so that you can solve the issues in your relationships. Discuss your needs and what do you want and be sure to consider the feeling of your partner as well.

9. Let go of the past

We all mistakes and that includes your partner too, and there are high chances that they (as well as you) have made some mistakes in the past. But the problem starts when you are constantly bringing that past mistake and throwing it in their face again and again.

If you are in the middle of an argument and you are bringing the past, then you are never going to save your relationship from ending. Whatever you did or they did in the past shouldn’t be a concern anymore. Make sure if you are having an argument or communication it solely focuses on the present scenario.

Bringing up the past is only going to make it worse and its also unfair. So be careful about the things you bring up during a discussion.

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10. Respect each other

You really can’t save your relationship if you don’t fully respect each other. If you are actually willing to save the relationship you need to respect each other and accept each other’s flaws and mistakes. Show some respect for your partner, for their feeling, and for all the things that they want. You might not accept these things fully but the least you can do is to be respectful and show it to them.

We all want to be treated with respect, so no matter what you should never treat them with anything but respect. It includes predicting their job, the way they are, their choices, way of living, and also their past.

11. Forgive each other

You can never be in a long term or healthy relationship if you are not ready to forgive your partners. See the thing is, they are going to make mistakes and so do you, but your life should be stronger enough to let go of things and move past those mistakes. All you can do is learn from your mistakes and never look back at them. Most of the relationships survive because people are willing to forgive each other and not because they don’t make any mistakes. Try to forgive more and more!

12. Consider counseling

The last but not the least, the relationship counseling can help you to save your relationship from ending. If you are not able to fix your relationship then don’t hesitate to go for counseling. There is nothing wrong to go for counseling. It only shows that you both want to save your relationship and you ware willing to do everything that it takes as well. And sometimes the professional help is all you need. So do go to a relationship counselor in order to see the bigger picture and to find out how to save the relationship as well.

You can go to the relationship counselor alone or with your partner and see how you can save the relationship from ending. So go ahead and try out this as well.


So these are the ways through which you can save a relationship from ending. We know it’s easier said than done but if you are willing to work things out and your love for your partner is stronger than the reasons for ending the relationship then you can go through anything and still stand strong in your relationship.

We really hope that you found the article helpful and you now have a little idea about how to save a relationship from ending. Thank you for being with us, we are glad we could help.