How To Reconnect After A Relationship Break (2023)

It is a very tough thing to do after you have a had a break and then you are trying to reconnect. The result may be good or it ma be bad later that depends but you have to give in efforts and if you have decided to give it a second chance you have to be patient.
I am here to help you with it with a few things you can do in order to reconnect after a relationship break. It is okay and everything will be fine you need to try and see if it will work or not. If it does not then it would not be your fault, okay? Not every relationship is supposed to work. With that being said let us jump into the topic straight.

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How To Reconnect After A Relationship Break

Accept that it happened

The first step towards the reconnection of the relationship from the break could be the thing that you accept that it had happen. And let your partner accept that it happened too, giving it time would be very very beneficial for you guys because that way you would be able to know that yeah that had been problems and now you working towards it to make it better and that is the main thing that you want to make it happen and not stress over the fact that it is not good and things cannot be better and all.

Address this, it is as your past, it has passed and that is it. The acceptance is really very important and it would allow to address that there were some problems and now you are ready to work on that make it good and that is something that you can do as the first step. It also shows that the person is important and it is worth it.

Respect the other one’s decision

The next step to proceed with is to respect the other ones decision. Yes you heard it right. You made your mind after the break to make it work and it is not necessary that they would come over the same decision. It might not be the same as it would be for you it might differ and they might make a decision that they don’t want to be with you.

And that is okay because you might have made that decision to make things work but you need to respect that whatever the decision may be, regardless of anything. You must move ahead with your life keeping the decision in your mind and respecting it at the same time and I will point it out again and again that you must respect the decision because that is the wise thing to do and that should be the same for them, they must respect your decision too if you have made the decision to leave them.

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Discuss the things that you learnt within these days

The things that you learnt in those that you spent with them are literally the best things that could happen with you. So, share it with your partner and encourage them to share it with you. It is a crucial thing. It is. When you share the feelings you had when you were not around them will help you to find the best for your relationship.

If you were living a good life without them then try to mention those things that comforted you and you used to do to make yourself happy. Discuss these things and then see if you are compatible or not. Discussing, having a conversation is a very very important thing for a relationship. And if it does not work it is okay. Not everyone is meant for everyone. I know it is not as easy as it sounds but you can try and see at least.

Try to make things better this time

As you have decided after the break that you would be ready to give efforts in order to stay with that person. I think its really important to convey them and tell that you want to make things better this time.
The things that used to trouble you in the past and because of which you had arguments and all, discuss all those things and make sure that they are not repeated and try to make those things right because they are the cause of all the pain and sufferings. It might be hard sometimes but when you show the person that you care, they start feeling safe and eventually you start talking which makes things right.

Give more time to the relationship

As things have been pretty tough already do not get frustrated on things easily do not give up. Give it time. Give time to yourself and the partner of yours. You both are human and just like every other human being you also do not have everything figured out. So, this is also one of the highly important things, to give time to each other. Ask them and let them also know if you need time. And to be honest, that is completely okay.
We all need time to figure out things and sometimes it takes more time than we think and sometimes less but that is okay. At the end of the day your love for each other matters the most.

Tell them what needs to be told

Do not keep things in your mind and start over thinking as you would do previously and because of which you are here and that is completely okay. Everytime a person makes a mistake, he gets to learn from it. But do not try to repeat it again as it can be bad this time. You must tell the things going in your mind and address the most important things, legit things that you cannot compromise on. After all, any kind of relationships allow us to grow at the end of the day. So, take it like that and not in a negative way, try to have a positive approach and it will be on track soo.

Discuss the things that you need in your relationship

Discuss the things that you have to do and the things that you have been working on because that thing is important for you and their future. And try to make things specific and ask them to do the same. It will create less confusion and give you a clear perception.
After that you can have a final decide if you want to continue or relationship or not. Because if you are both trying to hold on the things that is creating problems and which are important to you then it would be advisable for you to move ahead in your own ways and wishing each other good luck for the future.

You both have been hurt try to make each other feel better

The period before your reconnection, I mean, the break period was tough for you both. The way you were in pain they were going through the pain too. So, do not be rude to them. Try to make each other feel better. Do different activities do together. Try watching movies that are comforting, or try listening to songs. Enjoy each others company, make surprises for each other, cook food. Do all you can for each other and make the pain better. And assure them that you both will try and everything will be good this time.

Be kind

Be it a relationship or no relationship always be kind to others, that’s what we have learned since we were young so try to implement that. This is the thing about the relationship. Do not try to force your thoughts on your partner and do not let them do the same. Be kind towards each other and that is what would prove to be fruitful. When you start approaching a person with kindness, it shows how you are as a person and has a good impact on the other one.
It must come naturally though. The point of me telling and writing all these is you to really understand that these things are actually needed and they must come from your heart. And while reading all this if you are like what am I reading? Then this is not for you. You must step back and do a little thinking.


The thing is when you are working towards something after having a break from it, it becomes a bit challenging. But its goes with the flow when both and your partner start valuing the relationship. It is very important for you to communicate and tell what is exactly on your mind you know. It is the most important part of the relationship.
So, these were the ways you can reconnect after having a break from your relationship. Hope it was of help to you. Keep in mind you have to be patient and kind. All the best to you.