Top 10 Best Skincare Brands In India 2023

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, yet sometimes we neglect its care. Well, the times have changed for good and people are caring for their skin more than ever. In the past few years, the skincare industry has boomed a lot, especially in India. People are getting more and more conscious about their skin and want to take care of their skin in the best way possible. While many people think that caring for skin requires ten or twenty skincare steps, that is not true. What one needs is the right products for their skin.
The first step of skincare is identifying the needs and concerns of your skin and then figuring out how to address those concerns. When you know what your skin needs then you can find the best products according to your skin type and concerns. Now, choosing the right product is pretty challenging since there are so many choices available online and you may not know what would be best for you. If you are new to skincare routines and still don’t know what are the best products out there, then you have to start afresh.
There are many ways you can find the best products for your skin, and the best way would be to go by ingredients. However, looking for skincare products just by ingredients list would be tiresome because you may not know what are the best ingredients and what suits your skin type the best. That is why you should start your journey by looking at the top skin care brands and start figuring out the best products from these brands. Here, we are listing some of the best skin care brands in India that you can start your skincare journey with and find a gem from all of these brands.
So here are the top skincare brands in India, go ahead and have a look at these.

Best Skincare Brands In India

1. Minimalist

Minimalist is one of the best Indian skincare brands and that is why it deserves the top position on our list. If you are remotely interested in skincare then you would know the name of the brand and must have heard it. Even though the brand was only launched in 2020, it has become pretty big and now every skincare enthusiast has only good things to say about this brand. The brand’s headquarters are in Jaipur and it was started by Mohit Yadav and Rahul Yadav.
The brand has been appreciated by most of the social media influencers and the customers have also loved the brand too. Here, the best part of the brand is its ingredients and great formulas that are made to address several concerns of the skin. They have done a brilliant job by coming up with the whole skincare line. Customers have also appreciated the packaging of their products, especially the serums with the dark bottle and a dropper.
Some of the popular picks from the brand include the salicylic acid serum, vitamin c serum, peptide serum, sunscreen, moisturizers, and hair growth serum. If you haven’t checked out their skincare line yet then it is time that you look it up and choose some of the best products from the brand.

2. Dot & Key

Just like Minimalist, Dot & Key is another popular Indian skincare brand that is growing each day and expanding its customers. The brand was founded in 2018 and it is doing great nowadays with its amazing skincare line. The brand has its headquarters in Kolkata and it has been expanding its presence in the skin care industry with each passing day. The brand has some of the best products for skin care that help your skin to improve and get a good texture and appear healthy.
One of the products that people, including me, love from the brand is their gel moisturizer which is perfect for summer or someone who doesn’t like the heaviness of cream moisturizers. They have other amazing products such as their night cream with different ingredients. The packaging is pretty good and easy to use. All of the products are cruelty-free and clinically tested. They have recently launched their lip care line as well, so go ahead and take a look at those too.
Overall, there are some amazing products that you can get your hands on and you will get these products at a reasonable price as well.

3. Innisfree

We can’t do a list of skincare brands without mentioning a Korean brand and that is where Innisfree makes a spot on our list. We all have heard about Korean skincare routines and their amazing brands, and this is one of the most popular Korean skincare brands in India. The brand was founded in 2000 in South Korea and a few years back it was introduced to the Indian market. Ever since people have been getting interested in skincare routines, this brand has certainly caught everyone’s attention with the best ingredients and some of the best products also come from this brand only.
They have a wide range of skincare products that are made with lots of care and high-quality ingredients. The face washes and toners from this brand are quite popular and social media influencers and skin care specialists also agree with these as well. The packaging is quite handy and also the product gives you great value for money because even a little quality lasts for a while. Overall, there are plenty of best-selling skin care products from this brand so make sure to check them all out.

4. The Face Shop

Since we have started talking about Korean skincare brands’ popularity in India, we can’t forget to mention The Face Shop. This is another top skincare brand in India that has won everyone’s heart and made their skin healthier and glowing with its amazing products. You would be surprised to know that this popular skincare brand is a subsidiary of LG company which is a tech giant from South Korea as well.
The brand isn’t limited to just skincare but they have a wide range of products for hair care and makeup as well. You can also find some products that take care of your body and help you improve your skin. The prices are a little higher than other Indian skincare brands but the quality is pretty good and you can see visible results after using their products for a while. The Rice Water Facial Cleansing Foam is quite a popular choice from the brand along with the gel-based face wash. Overall, you can find a lot of products with great quality so go ahead and look it up.

5. Re’equill

Re’equill is another popular skincare brand in India that you should know about. The brand has gained quite a lot of attention from customers in the Indian market and made this brand a well-recognized one. The brand was founded in 2018 in India and ever since then, it has managed to gain the trust and appreciation of its more than one million customers in the country.
The brand gas picked the best ingredients and created the best formulas that make a difference in your skin for good. They have a wide range of products from moisturizers to night creams. Each one of their products has got some great reviews from the customers which makes it a popular choice for more customers. Even social media influencers and dermatologists recommend the brand’s products.
The products are free from any harmful chemicals and toxins such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol, etc. The products are non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested.

6. Cetaphil

Cetaphil is another popular name in the skincare market of India and that is why it has made a place on this list. The brand may not come first in mind when we say skincare but it has been pretty popular ever since it hit the Indian market. The brand may not be true skincare or even a cosmetic brand but it is a dermatology skincare brand as it comes with gentle formulas and effective ingredients.
The brand is quite popular for its salicylic acid products which clean the skin and make sure it is free from dirt and other pollutants. Face washes, moisturizers, and body lotions are quite popular with this brand. So if you are looking for basic skin care products then this one should be the best brand to go with.

7. Neutrogena

Next on our list is none other than Neutrogena which has become a popular choice for Indians for quite some time. The brand was founded in 1930 but it got popularity in the Indian market only a few years back. The brand is popular for face washes that deeply clean the skin and leaves it fresh and free from oil and dirt. The ingredients are carefully picked and blended in a way that becomes pretty beneficial for the skin.
The most popular product from the brand is its hydro boost gel moisturizer which doesn’t feel heavy and is perfect for summer. You can also find a huge variety of products according to your skin type and concerns. The prices are one little higher so you might find it a little more expensive.

8. Dr. Sheth’s

Dr. Sheth’s is every skincare enthusiast’s favorite brand in India as it features the best quality ingredients blended in the most effective formula that makes sure our skin remains healthy and happy.
The brand has a variety of products that would be suitable for every skin type and you can easily find a suitable product for your skin concern. From serums to sunscreens they have covered almost everything. Customers have liked their face masks to detoxify their skin and make it feel clean and healthy. Its under-eye creams are also quite popular, so make sure to look them up as well.

9. Loreal

Loreal has been in the Indian market for quite some time now. Although the brand is recognized as a cosmetic brand more than a skincare brand due to its wide range of cosmetic products that are launched a long time ago and are quite mainstream even today. Although the brand does have some popular skincare products as well.
One of the most popular skincare products from the brand is the hyaluronic acid serum which is everyone’s first choice to keep their skin hydrated and plum. They also have some night creams, anti-aging creams, sunscreens, and so on. You would also find some of the best hair care products from the brand. Overall, having a look at their product range you would certainly want to invest in their budget-friendly yet effective skincare products.


COSRX is another marvel from South Korea and it has become quite popular in India. The brand was introduced to the Indian market a while ago and it become an instant success with its mucin extract that keeps our skin hydrated and plumed. The brand is moderately priced and features a lot of amazing skincare products that are meant to address the common skin health concern and keep it healthy and young.
The word COSRX is desired from two words cosmetic and prescription, this is because the brand has a goal to provide the best ingredients and formulas that are suitable for all kinds of skin problems and types. So do try their amazing products as they are totally worth the bucks.


So these are some of the best skincare brands that you can find. You would be surprised how amazing these brands are as they have carefully crafted the perfect formula for each skin type. With these brands, you can start your skincare journey and even look for the best products. We have selected these brands based on the ingredients, popularity, effectiveness, and price. So we hope you find the perfect skincare brand for yourself as well.