Best 8 Super Smart Pens Under $100 [2023]

Have you realized that you are surrounded by smart gadgets? Even the most simplistic things or devices have become smart. There are a few devices that have managed to make our daily chores or tasks a lot easier than we could have imagined. You can now find that simplistic things have also become smarter to make our lives much more comfortable, one such thing is a Smart Pen!
Yes, you heard it right, gone are the days when pens are only used to write on paper. Nowadays, you can use smart pens to make sure you can get a digital copy of the notes you have written on your phone or tablet. Smart pens have certainly started to gain some attention from writers, students, or people who write their ideas a lot in notebooks. Even though there is nothing wrong with the traditional pen, sometimes it can become hard to organize handwritten notes in one place. This is why with the help of smart pens you can send a copy of your handwritten notes to a cloud storage space or some note apps.

How Does Smartpen Work?

You can use the smartpen on either smart paper or some specialized smart notebook that provides a special grid that will act like a GPS for your pen and transfer the notes you have written to your desired destination. Your handwritten notes would be transformed into readable language.
Some smartpen work via your smartphone camera as you will have to capture what you have written on paper and it will scan the notes and transfer them to a cloud space. You can also find some smartpens that allow you to record audio so you can listen to them later and write notes from them.
There are numerous smartpens available in the market however you will have to find the one that works best for you. This will require some effort and time. If you haven’t bought a smartpen before you may not know what to look for or how to choose a good smartpen. Well, we are here to help you to find the best smartpen under your budget.
Here, we have listed down some of the best smartpens under $100 that you would find and can invest in. So go ahead and see which one you like the most for yourself.

Super Smart Pens Under $100

1. LIVESCRIBE Symphony Smartpen Bluetooth Digital Pen

Super Smart Pens Under $100
Our first best smartpen under $100 is from Livescribe. This is one of the leading brands that is making impeccable smart pens and smart notebooks and changing the way we used to write and take notes. This smartpen has everything that you would want to have and it will make your note-taking procedure a lot easier too.
This smartpen looks exactly like a normal pen which is why people like to write with this pen. You can simply open the cap of the pen and start writing on microdot paper which will then transcribe your handwriting to readable, searchable, and digital notes with the highest accuracy. It features a high-speed infrared camera in the tip that will capture the notes and will keep them stored in the internal memory of the smartpen. It also records audio so you can sync with the notes in case you have missed anything.
The best part is this pen can recognize 27 languages. Its battery lasts for 90 days. The smartpen works with its official app which is compatible with iOS, Android, and windows.

2. APPLE Pencil 2nd Generation

Best Smart Pens Under $100
If you own Apple devices then this smartpen from Apple should be your best option. This one works with several iPad apps which makes it easier to write and store notes via the smartpen. With this smartpen, you can write, sketch, navigate and mark up PDF documents. This makes this smartpen a versatile option for users of iPad Pro and iPad Air.
This smartpen also works like a mouse which allows you to change tools with just double tapping. You can change the pressure and angle to change the strokes and thickness of the pencil, so you can get the lines as thin as a pencil and as thick as a marker. With the help of the flat edge, it will get attached to your iPad so you don’t forget the pen. You can also personalize this smartpen by adding some numbers, letters, or emojis. Overall, this is a great smartpen under $100 for iOS users.

3. NEWYES Smartpen

Top Smart Pens Under $100
This smartpen from NEWYES also makes one of the top-rated smartpens under $100. This smartpen works via camera and lets you capture the notes you have written. It only works with the NEWYES notebooks which then translate and transfer the texts to its official apps that are compatible with both iOS and android.
The interesting thing about this smartpen is that it lets you playback your notes which will redraw your texts or sketches so you can get a better view. It also records the audio which makes it easier to get the full scope of the notes you were writing in a class. You can also share the notes on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and email. With this kit, you will get an A5-size notebook, a USB charging cable, and 3 pen refills.

4. Neo Smartpen N2

Smart Pens Under $100
Neo Smartpen N2 has also managed to make a place on our list of top smartpens. This one is loved by its customers because of how comfortable it is to hold and use. The best thing is that it doesn’t require any additional smart notebooks or special paper to write.
This smartpen works via Bluetooth which makes it easier to set up and use. All you need to do is to turn it on and pair it via Bluetooth. It’s ideal for both writing and drawing which makes it a versatile pen to use. It also shows quick charging and lasts longer than most of the other smartpens we have tested. Overall, it is a smartpen that you should test out.

5. Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse

Pens Under $100
This smartpen under $100 from Moleskine is another best-selling smartpen on amazon. Although it requires a compatible paper or smart notebook to write, it is still pretty easy to write with and store your handwritten notes digitally. The pen features a sleek and stylish look that features a perfect weight and body that makes it comfortable to hold and use.
This smartpen is pretty accurate when it comes to transcribing texts into searchable and readable text. People also liked its audio recorder features which make it easier to record lectures or your ideas on the go. Overall, this is a little more expensive than you would like but the fact that you are getting a notebook makes this smartpen worth your bucks.

6. Livescribe Echo Smart Pen

Smart Pen Under $100
We have another smartpen from Livescribe that you would like to have. This smartpen also comes with some incredible features and it shows the highest accuracy as well. The smartpen comes with an audio recorder which makes it suitable for users to record stuff and write notes later.
This pen also features a sleek and stylish design which comes with a lot of amazing options that makes taking notes a lot easier. It is also ideal for drawing and sketching so it is quite versatile in that sense. Overall, this smartpen is worth checking out, so go ahead and give it a look.

7. Newyes SyncPen 2

Smart Pens Below $100
This SyncPen 2 from Newyes also makes one of the best-selling smartpens under $100 that you should invest in. This smartpen is quite versatile and feature-packed which justifies the price you will be paying for it. This is a hybrid smartpen that comes with a special notebook and a 10-inch LCD tablet for writing on.
There are many interesting features such as choosing how you write with the pen or what color you choose. The pen is made with great material and is quite comfortable to write with just like you would write with a normal pen.

8. Rocketbook Core

Smart Pen Under 100 Dollar
This is not a smartpen but a smart notebook that comes with a FriXion smartpen which makes it easier for you to write on. The notebook is made up of 36 polyester papers which makes it easier to erase whatever you have scribbled on the notebook. You can easily scan your notes and send them to any desired location on your phone or tablet. There are no audio recorder features so you might have to overlook that.
This is an affordable option as it can be reused again and again. You can buy other types of pens from FriXion to get more creative. Overall, for a sustainable option, you would love this smart notebook and smartpen combo.

What to Look For While Buying a Smartpen?

There are plenty of things you will need to look for while buying any products. You have to make sure that the product you are buying is not only overall best but also suitable for you and can meet your needs as well.
That is why you need to look for the features that make a smartpen the best. Here we have a list of features that you should look for in a smartpen!
  • 1. Storage Capacity – Most smart pens come with a storage capacity of their own so they can keep the audio, images, or just the texts that you have recorded. You need to know how much data you can store in the smartpen itself before sending it to the cloud storage or an app.
  • 2. Comfort – While you are buying a smartpen, you can’t forget that it still has a pen from which you have to write. Just like any normal pen, the smartpen, too, needs to feel comfortable in your hand so you can easily write with it. Make sure the smartpen you are buying comes with ideal weight and has a nice grip on it so it will be easier to hold and write for a while.
  • 3. Audio Recorder – As we have said earlier, some smartpen does come with an audio recorder which can be pretty helpful during a lecture or when you have a quick idea that you have recorded while you don’t have paper. This is where the audio recorder becomes pretty useful. While it’s not an essential feature, it will certainly be useful to have your smartpen record audio.
  • 4. Compatibility – The smartpen will ultimately send notes to its compatible apps or cloud storage provider. So you need to know what apps, devices, and cloud storage providers the smartpen is compatible with. There are only a few smartpens that are compatible with all the apps and devices. While some only support just a few apps and if they are not mainstream apps then it can be a problem. Some smartpens may also need a subscription fee for features like OCR which recognizes the handwritten and changes it to readable text format.
  • 5. Value for Money – Lastly, you should know if the smartpen you are buying can give you the best value for money. You don’t want to invest in the cheapest smartpen that comes with just a few features and also shows compatibility to a few apps only. So make sure the smartpen you are buying can give you the best value for your money.


So these are some of the best smartpens under $100 that you should invest in. All of these smartpens have high ratings and amazing reviews by customers which is why you can trust them too. We have selected these smartpens because they come with good features and have great options that will make it easier to make digital notes while also making you feel like you are writing with your hand.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything you have been looking for, that is, the best smartpen under $100. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and buy your favorite smartpen from the aforementioned list!