How To Be Happy Alone In Life (2023)

Not many people can stay happy being alone and that’s why we often surround ourselves with unnecessary people or the people who actually don’t care about us. The thing is at one point or another we have to learn how to be alone and be happy about and that is the need of the hours.

It doesn’t matter if you are an extrovert, you can easily be happy to be alone. You just need to understand the importance of being happily alone and now it’s beneficial. See the thing is, we will eventually have to live alone or being alone at some or other point of our life. Whether it’s going to live in an apartment without any roommate or going to a new city. You might realize this, but some people just can’t be own there own and that’s something that needs to be taken care of.

This article focus on tips which might help you to be happy alone. So give the following article a read and find some answers, how to be happy alone without depending on others. Let’s start the article and find you some answers and helpful tips for how to be happy alone.

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How to be happy alone

1. Take a step back from social media

If you want to be happy being alone than you must limit the use of social media. The thing is we often see some posts from the people we know and see how happening their life is. And that’s what causes the urge of being surrounded by a lot of people.

But you should know that whatever you see on social media isn’t always the true picture. You never know the story of the person just looking at the pictures. And just because they are seeming to have fun on the social media that doesn’t mean they are actually happy or have lots of friends (or at least the true ones).

And scrolling through the social media feed all day long can make us feel stressed and make us feel left out. So the first step you need to take to be truly happy is to limit the use of social media. Try banning social media for 2 days or they try to use social media platforms not more than 10 to 20 minutes a day.

2. Don’t compare yourself from others

Now when it comes to being alone, you will have to be happy about yourself. And in order to do so, you will have to stop comparing your lives with others. It’s a common trait of human behavior as we tend to compare ourselves from others and end up putting ourselves in a bad mood. We often compare our life, whether it’s financially, socially, or the relationships of other people from ours.

You might guess by looking at a person with a lot of “friends” is actually happy but that’s not the case anymore. You can’t possibly know what struggles they go through. So be happy with your own life and never compare yourself to others.

3. Take care of yourself

We often forget to take care of our own self. See it finest matter how much we care for our friends or family or the other people in general if we can’t care for ourselves, all this will be vain. You will be happy when you start caring for yourself and start doing something that makes you happy.

You will have to take care of your health or your mental peace. Start by a good diet, keep track of your health, and know what you actually want in your life.

4. Pamper yourself

Yes, we have done the “care yourself” tip but you will also need to pamper yourself once in a while. Spend the whole day taking care of yourself (extra things) go to a spa, or have a beauty routine or a massage session at your home, you can also watch a new series or movies that you like.

I’m short take a day off from the daily chaos and spend the day with yourself. You can do the little things as well, like eating the ice cream or cooking your favorite meal. And the last but the not least read a good book! The bottom line is, do something that genuinely makes you happy and be unapologetic for it.

5. Start some exercises

Studies suggest that you can be a lot happier alone if you are going physical. That means having a good session of the gym or when just running a few miles a day. When you sweat it out and do exercise, your brain releases some endomorphin which can actually make you happy.

Some people might find it difficult to go on their own for a run or do any other exercise in the park so you can try going to the gym. There will be a lot of people who come on their own and do their stuff. This will boost your confidence to be alone and you will feel happy as well.

6. Spend some time with nature

Spending time with nature is so underrated, but if you will start doing this, you will definitely find it helpful as it will make you happy even when you are alone.

There is a lot of stuff that you can do such as taking a walk in the park, lounge in the backyard, walk around the beach, etc. Try absorbing the sounds and smells of nature, this will bring you closer to yourself and it’s definitely something that will help you to be happy alone.

You can also watch the sunset alone and or you can also find the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. Try finding a good nature spit around you and spend some time with yourself there.

7. Volunteer

Another great way of being happily alone. See it’s also something that will make you good about yourself and you will literally help the needy ones in one way or another. There are many ways to volunteer your service. You can go to yourself and volunteer help in person or you can do from your home as well. Whatever you choose, it will make you feel good to help others and for that you hardly need anyone else to do that.

The best part is, there are many ways and fields you can offer your help. So even if you can’t understand or fully help in one field, you are free to try others. Just keep in mind that only offer the help that you are able to do, don’t be overconfident and pick up something that you can’t do.

8. Go for solo outings

It’s a clichè that you need someone by your side when you go shopping, to eat outside or just go to a tourist spot. It’s perfectly fine to go by yourself and enjoy yourself. This might feel weird to go by yourself at first but eventually, you will learn to go out by yourself.

Start by taking small steps, like go to a Mall and shop something, then go to a cafe and have a drink by yourself. Just like that, you will learn to be on yourself.

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9. Step outside your comfort zone

It’s very important that you step out of your comforting zone in order to be happy with yourself being alone. See we all wanted to do something that demands us to step out of our confining zone, but we often stop ourselves from doing so.

So it’s high time that you start doing something that you have always wanted to do even though it requires coming out of your comforting zone. It can be anything, learning how to drive, improving your writing skills, learn to play a musical instrument, etc.

10. Finds the perks of being alone

We have listed out pretty much everything that can help you be happy being alone. But you will only be happy when you know the perks of being alone. You will be no longer a part of the drama and be around the people that are not actually your friend. And there are also pretty great perks of living alone (being naked in the house stays on the top!). The bottom line is, appreciate the things you are grateful for and find the little happiness in your own self instead of finding them in others.


So that’s how you can be happy being alone. See the things is, being a loner or alone didn’t necessarily mean that you are lonely, these two are whole different stories. Being alone means, distance yourself from the unnecessary people and learn how to appreciate the quiet time with yourself.

When you found happiness in being alone and live by yourself, you pretty much found a new respect for yourself and you get to know yourself better (yes we do need to know ourselves!!). This also helps us to concentrate more on the happiness of ourselves rather than need to please everyone else around us. So give some thoughts to the aforementioned tips and be happy with your own self.

Thank you for being with yourself and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.