How To End Relationship In The Right Way (2023)

Breakups are never easy and they never go well, but still, sometimes we have to end things with the person we love and the person who loves us. No matter what you do or say you will end up breaking your partner’s heart and yours as well.
Since we can’t make you or your partner feel any good abut the breakup but we can help you to make it a little bit comforting! How? Well, there are so many things that you can say better or pick a better time to handle things in a better way, which will help your partner to cop up with the breakup.
So let’s go ahead and find some tips on how to end a relationship. Take a look at these tips that are suggested by experts so that you can do something right bout it.
how to end relationship

How to end relationship

1. Make up your mind for ending the relationship.

The first thing you need to do before you initiate the breakup is to reconsider your decision. Sometimes people may make an irrational decision and break up with their partner. But soon they regret their decision and can finally see what was wrong and how they could have handled the situation instead of ending the relationship
So instead of ending the relationship with the first thought of it, you can actually sit with yourself and see if you can handle things differently and if there is any hope left for the relationship.
Loving someone is hard and getting to know that person for a long time and then parting ways is even harder. We believe every relationship has something to hold on to (except the toxic and abusive one’s!), So find that reason and see if you two can work things out.

2. The right time!

Of course, there is no perfect time to end a relationship but still, you need to make sure that the time is at least not the worst time to break up with your partner. See if there is anything major is going to happen in their life which can be affected by the break up then this might not be a good time. For example, you don’t wanna break up with them a night before their interview for a new job, the first day the of job, before the exams, etc.
Furthermore, the weekend will be a good choice as well, because they will get some time to process these things without affecting their work much, of course, the pain will be there for a long time but at least they won’t have to go for the office and do all the normal activities without actually grieving.

3. Drop a hint that you need to talk about something major

“There is something that we need to talk about” is the universal sign that you are going to talk about something major. So it will give them a hint that you actually need to discuss something important. This will make them ready for the big talk and if might be easier for you to explain it further.

4. Think about the place too.

Yes, the place where you are ending your relationship with your partner is pretty important too. It will be nice if you can do the breakup privately because doing it public is not a smart choice. The thing is there is going to be a long conversation and they might get emotional and vulnerable and you don’t want to deal with these things in public.
You can actually meet at one of your houses or you can have the talk somewhere which involves fewer people. You might wanna avoid a place where you both have some memories for example the place where you went for your first date or where you proposed them etc. So do it in a neutral place or in your home.

5. Give it an easy start

Keep in mind that you are ending your relationship with your partner and you might cause them a great deal of pain as well. So the least you can do is to start the conversation on an easy note. You can ask her how is she without dragging the conversation too long. Think of breakup like ripping off the band-aid, the quicker you are the lesser pain you will cause the person.

6. Be honest about your feelings

Even if you are ending things with your partner, you do have to make sure that you keep in mind that you guys have had a beautiful relationship and there are good memories as well. You need to say it all that you feel about your partner. You might wanna say that you had a great time with them and you will always remember them. And then slowly share the things that you find wrong with the relationship. Tell them everything that caused the problem in the relationship and tell them why do you think the relationship won’t work further.
But say all the things in a nicer way. Yes, you will have to be honest with your feeling but you will also have to choose the right words as well. Don’t be too brutal towards them and cause them unbearable pain.

7. There will be some drama!

No breakup can go easy and you can’t expect a nice reaction from them as well. If your partner is over-emotional and takes things too seriously then they might react in an unpleasant way. So be ready for that reaction and prepare yourself for the crying or the rage that will come with the breakup. You can also prepare yourself the way you are going to react to their reaction for the break up as well.

8. Give them an honest explanation

This one is for those who have decided to break up because they have found someone else. Your partner will go to find this anyway so it will be better for both of you if you tell them the truth and come clean to them.
If you avoid this, then you might be cheating on them and this will lead to a bigger fight between you two and they might not be able to trust anyone else in the future. So have the decency to tell them the truth yourself because as long as you are in a relationship with the person you owe it to them.

9. Don’t back off

If you have some good reasons for ending the relationship then you should be solid about it. You might wanna change your decision in the midway when you two are vulnerable but that doesn’t mean that all the reasons would go away, so if you have to decide to break up with them for good then you should do it.
If you are in a toxic relationship or with someone who manipulates you then the chances are they are gonna wanna save the relationship at any cost and they might say things that they don’t mean. So be strong enough to end the relationship without changing your deciding just because they are crying. Sometimes ending a relationship is good for everyone.

10. Leave them alone for a while

You might wanna comfort them for a while but sooner or later you will have to leave them so be quick about it and don’t stay for long after you have ended the relationship. You should know that the longer you stay with them the more pain you cause to them. So once everything is said and done, you should leave and let them grieve alone.

11. You don’t have to hate them!

This one is an important tip when we end the relationship we try to convince ourselves that it was their fault and they are the ones responsible for it. And some go to when we try to forget about them but it’s not healthy. You really don’t need to hate them or have hard feelings for each other. You accept things and move on.

12. Don’t blame them entirely

The relationship is a two away street and no matter what is the reason for your break up, the blame can never be put on just one person. So when you are ending your relationship with them, try not to put all the blame on them and make them feel worse. Be mature and handle things with maturity and don’t try out the blame game, it won’t be good for anyone.

13. Don’t do the breakup over the phone

No matter what, the phone breakup is never acceptable and no one deserves this. So try not to do it on the phone because that’s literally the worst thing you can do to someone. No matter the reason for your breakup they deserve enough respect from you to end things in person. Phone breakups can never bring closure to you or your partner.

14. Don’t be their friend just after the breakup

It doesn’t matter if you are ending things on a good note or the breakup is mutual, there would be some feelings left and you might be feeling something for them. Yes, you can be friends with them in the future but being friends with them right after the breakup won’t be healthy for you or your partner because you both need some space and time to grieve and accept the breakup. You should also try to keep a distance on social media as well.

15. Know that it’s going to be okay

Ending a relationship is hard and you will go through a heartbreak as well. But don’t be too depressed because everything is going to be fine, eventually. Have a little belief and faith that you are going to feel okay!

Conclusion –

So these are the ways which would help you to end a relationship. We know it’s not going to make things better but yeah if you are going it right you might save yourself from a toxic scenario and the hate afterward for each other.
We really hope that you found the article helpful and now you have a better understanding of how to end a relationship! Thank you for being with us, we hope we were helpful.