13 Amazing Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship (2023)

Trust is one of the most important elements in every relationship! Whether it’s friendship or relationship, if you don’t have trust in them there is no way that you can work things out. Trust comes before the love and any other feeling that we experience in a relationship. The foundation of your relationship is built on trust and there is no way you can compromise on that.

Trust is something we should all have in our relationship and our partners and we are very well aware of this yet for some reason, we find ourselves doubting our partners and our relationship at some point. And this is not healthy.

We know that we should have trust in our partner and in our relationship but how do we stop ourselves from jumping to the conclusions when there is the slightest inconvenience in our relationship? How do we build trust in a relationship? This is the question that often comes to our minds. Although there is no one solution for building trust there are few things that you can do to build trust in a relationship that would help you two to have a better relationship.

In this article, we are going to share a few tips which would help you to build trust in a relationship. Go ahead and take a look at the following steps that can help you out a bit with trust issues in your relationship.

how to build trust in relationship
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1. Be faithful

The first thing you need to do in order to build trust in yourself is to start with yourself. You can only have trust in yourself if you are yourself faithful in the relationship.

Being faithful means that you are fully committed to your relationship. You don’t need to have an affair or talk to every other person who asks you out or passes a smile. Treat your relationship with the utmost respect and faith.

Cheating doesn’t mean that you get physically involved with someone or you are in a relationship with two people at one time. It also starts when you start talking or spending time with another person and start licking it. You have to remember that the trust in a relationship depends on the smaller things rather than the big things. So pay attention to your actions first rather than your partners when it comes to building trust.

2. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is very important in a relationship. It’s not like you need to tell the other person that they can’t be friends with other people or friends with or when they can go and when they will have to be around you, the point is you can’t force your partner. But what you can do is to set healthy boundaries and say that some things are off the table such as what you will be comfortable with and what you will find a little uncomfortable.

You have to be extra careful if the relationship is new and even though you are not in a serious committed relationship. Overall you should keep things clear and make sure you both are on the same page.

3. Be true to your words

If anything matters in a relationship or in general are your words and how true you are with your words. Your partner should be able to trust your words and they can only do that when they see your action following your words.

It all comes down to keeping your promises and not making promises that you can’t keep. The thing is the trust isn’t limited to being faithful in a relationship but what you say and do should follow up as well. If you are able to keep up with your words then there would be a better chance that your partner will be able to trust you better.

4. Give space

It’s a very important feature of trust! Yes in order to build trust in a relationship you would have to give them space as well. When you give each other space and their own time will create an atmosphere of trust and security in your relationship. What you should be avoiding is your possessiveness for your partner. If you are constantly trying to control every move of your partner then all you are doing is pushing them away.

Be okay if your partner wants to spend the weekend with their friends or family, or when they have to be away for work. You will have to learn how to be okay with all these things and give them space instead of trying to be with them 24*7 or asking them where are they, who are they with, and what they are doing.

5. Learn to communicate

Trust comes from within and you will have to be honest yourself as well. But the important thing is you will have to learn how to communicate with each other without making things too complicated. Communication is very important for to things work out.

Poor communication is one of the major reason why relationship these days lacks trust and doesn’t work out the way they are supposed to work out. If you have down something wrong or you have made a mistake you should be able to share these things with your partner. You should not be afraid to share your true feelings or anything to them. To learn how you can out your feelings in words and be more open in your relationship.

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6. Make your relationship a priority

Yes, you have a life and work and your friends but your relationship should be your priority. Your partner should feel secured and loved whether you are around them or not. If they feel neglected or taken for granted they might not be able to trust you either.

Manage your work and social life but your foremost priory should be your partner. Don’t be workaholic and miss their birthdays or forget anniversaries. This creates distance and makes them feel unloved and they can never be happy or develop trust for you.

7. Clear misunderstandings before they become a big conflict

Having a good relationship and having trust in your relationship doesn’t mean you will never fight or have arguments, it simply means that you are mature enough to clear things out before anything major happens.

If your partner or you are mad at something then you should be able to share these misunderstandings and make things clear as soon as possible. If they have a doubt then you should be able to clear it before making it too serious or big.

8. Be reliable

You can only rely on people you trust and that’s why you should also become more reliable in a relationship. It’s just that you guys should have each other’s back and there shouldn’t be anything that you can’t count on them.

If they ask you favor then you should be able to give it (without expecting that they owe you one!). It’s all about making efforts and living up to their expectations and yes it will be a big deal if you can’t keep your promise because eventually, it makes them trust you less the next time they need to rely on you.

9. Be truthful

If they ask you where you were, you should never lie no matter what your answer is. It’s just that you need to be more careful when it comes to being truthful with your partner.

Keep in mind that if they are asking any serious question there are high chances that they already know the answer and if lie to them then this can leads to a conflict. Furthermore, you should never be afraid to say anything to them which is the truth.

Think of this way, if you lie once you are going to lie like a million times to cover it up in the future, and sooner or later they are going to find out anyway so it would be better if you come clean with them in the first place.

10. Have trust in your partner

After all, it all comes down to trust! You should be able to trust them as much as they trust you. You should learn not to doubt them or question them like every now and then.

Having trust in another person is entirely depends on how you feel about yourself and how you feel from within. If you have insecurities about yourself then this might not be the right time for you to be in a relationship.

The only way to tackle your insecurities and build trust in your partner is to share your feelings with them. If you have ever get cheated on or your trust has been broken before then you should share this with your partner in the first place so that they can understand it better.

11. Give them a chance to explain things

Sometimes things aren’t the way it looks like from a distance and you should always keep that in mind. So whenever you have a question or any misunderstanding, you should always give your partner a benefit of doubt before jumping to the conclusion.

Having trust issues will make you think of every worst thing that could happen and that too when it’s not even close to the truth or what really is going. If something is going on your mind and you think that there is something wrong going on then you should always give your partner a chance to explain themselves.

12. Don’t check their phones

No matter how things are and even if you are sure that there is someone else in their life, you should never ever check their phone. It will be like validating their privacy and its not cool under any circumstances. If there is something going on then you can talk to them but checking their phone is not an answer.

13. Trust is built over time

You will have to have patience and keep in mind that it takes time to build trust in a relationship and it won’t happen over time. If there has been an incident where one of you has broken other’s trust then it will take a longer time to build that trust again.

Trust is not something that will be there in a relationship, it’s something that you earn over time.


So these are the ways through which you can build trust in your relationship. We do know that it’s easier said than done but if you are determined enough to work things out in your relationship and build trust then you will easily go through this phase of your relationship and eventually build trust in your relationship and make it stronger.

We hope you liked the article and found it helpful, so thank you for being with us, we are happy to help you out.