How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text (2023)

Have you ever been in a dilemma of whether or not a girl likes you back? I am sure we all have been to this place. The starting if flirting and figuring out whether she likes you back is scary and at the same time exciting. And that’s why it requires a lot of knowledge to find out whether or not she likes you back.

Although you might be able to tell if a girl likes you back or not in person, even though it would still be hard. But figuring out whether she likes you or not over text is something that requires a high level of analyzing ability. You will have to look out for every one of her texts and figure out a meaning out of it. Which may or may not help you.

And all this analysis and figuring out the process can drive you crazy. And that’s where we come in the picture. We have done the impossible by bringing you a full guide which will tell you, How to tell if a girl likes you back over text? Sounds pretty big of a deal right? But it’s definitely something that you need. We have narrowed down some of the ways through which you can suggest whether or not a girl likes you back. So let’s start our article and help you to get out of that dilemma.

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1. See if she already knows a few stuff about you

If a girl likes you there are higher chances that she has down her homework and looked upon you. So if her texts suggest that she knows a thing or two about you this might suggest that she likes you back as well or at least she is highly interested in you. You might have to look out for the hints dropped by her. But it’s also true that girls know how to hide their feelings pretty great so she might not tell you about the things she knows about you in a straight forward way but it’s definitely something you would have to look for.

2. See if she compliments you as well

We all know a girl gets a lot of compliments from many people. And you may also compliment her occasionally to flirt with her over texts. But things will be different if she is also giving you compliments. Her compliments might suggest that she actually likes you back and has also noticed the good things about you.

You should also know that a girl might not give you a straightforward compliment but if she shares some of the best news with you, tell you about her day or tell you if anything reminded her of you, then these may be a sign that she likes you back.

3. Notice what she shares with you

We have mentioned earlier that a girl might like you if she shares the good news or how her day went with you, then she might like you back. But to be clear that she definitely likes you back, watch out the details and things that she shares.

No girl will be vulnerable with any random guy she has just met or even known for a long time. There has to be a connection and some sort of feeling to share some personal details. And that’s why you need to look at whether or not she is sharing the personal details and what kinds of things she shares with you.

4. Is she consistent?

You have to see if she constantly texts you or there are huge gaps. She might not be that interested in you if there are huge gaps between the texts or her texts features a confusing tone or give mixed response to your texts.

You should also look at how she replies to your texts. If she shows the same amount of zeal and excitement while texting you then she might like you back. Also if her texts are short and cold then you might wanna reconsider things.

5. Look the emojis

Everyone knows how big a role an emoji plays when it comes to texting. And sometimes that can be a source of information which can day whether or not a girl likes you back. The common smilies and the laughing emoji are also pretty on and everyone uses them. But if there are hearts or the kiss emojis, then this might mean she is looking for more than just friendship with you.

6. Meme?

Yes, the memes can also say a lot about the people and the kind of relationship they share with you. And as we all know the memes are pretty popular these days and almost everyone shares memes with one another. So you can actually say whether a girl likes you back over text considering the memes that she shares with you.

Sending a meme is anyway a great way of starting off a conversation and it also suggests that she might found something that reminded her of you or she thinks you might like something.

7. Notice the time of testing as well

Some people only text you while they are bored like in lunch hours or while they are in a class basically when they are free. But if a person really likes you they will be texting you late at night and the first thing in the morning.

So if a girl is texting you the good night and the good morning texts, this might suggest they like you as well. Although it’s not a certain criterion to decide whether or not a person like you but it is definitely a factor that you would consider.

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8. From her pictures

The kind of pictures a girl sends to you says a lot about her. And this might be the best way to determine whether or not she likes you back. If she is sending a photo asking you whether or not the dress looks great or to show you her new dress, she is definitely into you. Furthermore, if she is sharing photos of some things that she finds interesting or funny and wants to share her thoughts about something then it would suggest she likes you. And lastly, if she shares the picture of stuff that reminded her of you, then there are higher chances that you like you back.

9. Ask her directly

Sometimes all the above-mentioned things are not that clear and you might not get the correct answer. So it would be nice if you ask her directly whether or not she likes you back. This one is something that will give you a direct answer and you don’t have to be a detective and deduct sensing out of her every message.


So this was our article, How to tell if a girl likes you back over text. And we hope you found it helpful. Although don’t lose hope if your girl doesn’t show these ways because at the end of everyone is different. But this article has helped a lot of people and we hope it will help you too as well. So thank you for visiting our page. And we are glad we could help you.