Gender Equality And Women Empowerment Essay In 1250 Words

Here we are gonna write a detailed essay on women empowerment. We have included facts that show the status of women in our country as well as in the world. You can use the essay to prepare a speech or simply to write an article or essay on women empowerment. Here let’s take a look at what really women empowerment is and how can we empower women.
women empowerment essay
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What is Women Empowerment?

Women empowerment simply refers to making women strong and empowering them. One might think how can we empower women by giving them more wages or by simply go easy on them but that’s not at all the point of women employment. Women empower would mean making women strong and empowered to make their own decisions and choose whatever path they want to.

From generations, women are always deprived of their basic rights, whether it’s voting or choosing their career. They are even considered less of a human whereas men always get their ways by thinking they deserve it all! Women Empowerment is making women aware of their rights and giving them the same opportunities as a male. Women Empowerment is also necessary for the women who are out of the decision-making process and it can only happen when they will be aware of their rights and strengths.

But why do we need to empower women?

Let’s see this way, you are a part of a team of ten members and you are assigned a specific task to complete within a deadline. Now what if someone say, okay so five of us gonna go and work while other 5 will sit here! What will happen, would they complete the assigned task and achieve something? You can never expect a society to grow with only 50% of its strength right! So why do we not want our women to empower so they can be involved in important decisions making process?

No country can be said developed if only it’s half population is working. Besides women are as much as human as a man, she can achieve anything she wants. And that’s why we need to empower women so that they can stand up for themselves and make the society even better.

We have seen gender discrimination from ages now, either the women aren’t given the same opportunity or they are given less wages as compared to men. And that’s what leads to exploitation of women.

We don’t need to empower women but we have to redefine gender roles. Where a woman is capable of doing anything and everything she wants. And only then we as a society and as a community will grow.

We have seen women are given fewer opportunities and they are being told what they can or can not do. They should always be aware of their alternatives, their career choices, and opportunities and they should be free to do whatever they want to.

We need to empower women so that their involvement in political, economic, technology, and science increase.

How to empower women?

Women Empowerment is not something we can make happen overnight. It’s a process rather than a product. Instead of empowering women we need to provide such an environment and atmosphere women can empower themselves,  where they can speak for themselves and make life-determining decisions on their own.

For this right education is very important, and not for women but for men too. There are some many things happen in our daily life which defines a certain role for women. For example, a woman should stay at home and take care of her children or even if she works equally, she should be more responsible for her household. It’s just one example there are many such things happening in our society. So we need to educate girl child as well as boys from an early age that they are equally, they deserves the same treatment and same opportunities. It’s the mindset that we need to change.

Besides this, the government should make good policies for more involvement of women in politics and the economic sector.

Economic Empowerment for Women

Economic Empowerment refers to the ability of women to have to opportunity to get benefits from resources, manage their financial status themselves and improve their economic status. When more women will take part in the economic sector and become financially developed, the GDP and economic status of a whole country will significantly increase.

When a woman will not depend on a male or anyone financially, it’s when she will be called as an empowered woman. But there are so many things that are still a problem in the economic empowerment of women, unequal pay and oppurtitines are one of the main reasons. Not having a good work environment also stops women to work and lower their confidence. So we need to make a good work environment for women and give them equal opportunities and make sure they are getting equal pay for equal work.

Empowering Women in Politics

How can we expect to see a change for women when almost all the political parties and decision-making process involves men and just a small number of women are present there. It’s clear that we need to have more women in political parties and firms so that women are represented correctly. You would be surprise with the fact that only 23.7% of women are involved in global politics. This number has to change if we want to change the present scenario regarding women.

So if a nation wants to empower the women of its country then they need to have more place for women in political parties and decision-making firms.

Women empowerment in society

If a country wants to achieve sustainable development then they would have to empower women in society. Sustainable development is almost impossible without gender equality so we need to make women feel important and strong about themselves. It just refers to women have more choices for her life and she is educated enough to make her decision without relying on anyone.

Barrier of women empowerment!

Even though we are giving more and more education towards women empowerment, there are still some countries, firms, public entities and even some women themselves, who believed in social norms such as the gender role. This pictures is what becoming one of the key barrier between women empowerment. Other than this, the behavior of males in the workplaces and cases of sexual harassment is what stopping women to feel safe and give their 100 percent effort and being involved in decision making and becoming more empowered. The wage gap is to something which demoralizes women. So these are some of barrier that needs to be taken care of when it comes to empowering women.


In conclusion we can say that things are slowly changing but in developed countries only! We still have a long run to achieve 100% women empowerment at the global level and for that, every country needs to take necessary measurements for enhancing the involvement of women in the political sector, economic sector and at the social level.

Education is the key to achieve women empowerment but it should not be only for women but for men as well! We wish to see a bigger change because women deserve more than this!