14 Amazing Ways To Learn How To Love Yourself (2023)

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you can’t love yourself then you can never love others either?  It’s pretty much true. Self-love is one of the most important things that you should have in yourself. It’s ironic how simple it seems to love others but when it comes to love ourselves things get pretty tough.

You must have heard people saying that you should love yourself no matter what, but the problem is no one thought us how to love ourselves. We are so busy at work and in our daily lives that we forget that we have to look at ourselves as well. The reason behind not loving yourself can be anything but no matter what it is, we have to make sure that we overcome it and make our own self our first priority.

But how do we love ourselves? The question might seem a complicated one but it’s not that complicated. And we have decided to help you with this matter with our article. Here we have listed a few ways and we are trying to tell you How to love yourself! Give a read and see if you find anything meaningful.
how to love yourself

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1. Leave the negative thoughts about yourself

We are surrounded around a bunch of people and some of them hold a significant value in our life. But the thing is not all of them are our best friends and well wishes. And whatever they tell us about ourselves has an impact on our thought process and our belief about ourselves. And that’s where our negative thoughts about ourselves come from.

We often tend to believe the other’s opinion about ourselves rather than listening to ourselves. So the first step you need to take to love yourself is that you stop listening to the negative beliefs about yourself and focus on the positive aspects.

2. Focus on the positive things in your life

Some people just keep focusing on the negative things in their life which causes them a great deal of self-doubt and some might even start to hate themselves. But that shouldn’t be a case with someone who is looking to love themselves. So, apply a filter in your thoughts and try to appreciate all the good things that you have in your life.

3. You don’t have to be perfect

If you are trying to be perfect all the time than you might never achieve the art of loving yourself. And that’s where you should drop the perfectionism for a bit. Just know that you don’t need to be perfect and you are perfectly fine just the way you are.

If you think like you have to be perfect in order to love yourself than you are pretty wrong and you might be causing yourselves with an unnecessary burden that will never allow you to love yourself. So keep telling yourself whatever you are and however you are, you are just as perfect as one can be. And remember you don’t have to follow a definition of ” perfect” which exists in the eyes of society. So be however you want to be and appreciate yourself.

4. Write the good things bout yourself!

This can actually help you to love yourself. When you write positive things about yourself, you realize your own worth and you can finally see why it’s important that you love and cherish yourself. So, if it’s possible, write all the good stuff about yourself.

You can also write about your future goals and some positive thoughts alongside which suggest that you can totally do whatever you want.

5. Have fun with yourself.

It’s important that you stay independent and try to have a good time with yourself. Just remember that you don’t need anybody else and that you are actually capable of enjoying yourself. Try picking up a hobby and whatever makes you happy for a while.

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6. Take some time for yourself

It’s so important that you take some time off your busy schedule and relax for a bit. And there should be no kind of stress and negative thoughts about yourself. You can actually pamper yourself by going to a spa or to give yourself a little gift or just eat your favorite dish. This might not seem like a big deal but it does make a difference and it can actually help you to get closer to yourself.

7. Take care of yourself

A lot of people take granted their physical and mental health and never really bother to take care of themselves. And this may lead to negative thoughts and feelings. When you try to take care of yourself and improve your health this may result in some kind of happy thoughts and you might start to appreciate yourself.

8. Celebrate your success

The success might be a big word here, but you do need to celebrate everything you achieve in your life. It can be as little as completing a daily task or as big as achieving a goal that you have set for yourself for a long time now.

Every time you achieve something, try to celebrate it, either with your friends or by yourself. Go out and have fancy dinner or just eat a whole tub of ice cream, the choice is yours.

9. Practice saying the positive stuff to yourself on a daily basis.

Start your day with a positive thought and end it with a positive thought as well. Positive thoughts can make a big impact on your life that you might not expect. You can also find some positive thoughts and say them to yourself on a daily basis. The thoughts should be inspiring and helping. So whenever you say them to yourself they should leave a positive impact on you.

10. Do the things that you enjoy

If you want to love yourself, you will have to start doing the things that you actually like. It may be anything, from gardening to dancing, from reading books to making cakes. Anything that you like doing will do the job. So whenever you are taking a break and having a “me-time” don’t just sit there instead start doing something pretty good that makes you feel good about yourself and leave a positive feeling.

11. Surround yourself with positive people and drop off the negative people

Sometimes the people around us can have a huge impact on ourselves and this might also affect our ability to love ourselves. So you actually need to consider who you want to be surrounded by.

Make sure you make friends who make you see your worth and make you feel better about yourself (although it’s on you the people who can appreciate you a little bit will definitely help the process).

The second thing is if there is anyone who might cause even the slightest feeling of self-doubt in you, you need to drop them as soon as possible and just cut them off! You should know it’s very important to be around the people who love themselves.

12. Start working out

Sometimes a little physical activity can help you in the process of self-love! When you work out and your body seems to be fit and healthy it will definitely make you feel good about yourself. Try going for a run in the morning or start doing Yoga, as sweating it out a bit will make you happy about yourself.

13. Start meditation

Practicing meditation can help you with almost everything. Stressed? Do the medication! Feeling anxious or depressed start meditation. And similarly, you can also start meditation when you want to start loving yourself. There is actually a type of mediation known as Loving Kindness Meditation or LKM which will help you to have loving and kind feelings towards yourself and others. It’s pretty easy to practice.

You can easily learn how to perform it and can do it all by yourself. Doing the meditation will help you overcome the negative thoughts and make relive stress and anxious feelings that you might have about yourself.

14. Try therapy

If you don’t seem anything can make you love yourself or you are too disturbed to have any kind of love for yourself then there might be bigger issues here. We all do have some self-doubts about ourself but it’s not okay to feel this way about yourself every day. This might be a sign that you need professional help.

To see a therapist, who can understand your problems and provide you the help you need. There is nothing to hesitate about this part, so go ahead and seek help from a therapist who can actually make you see your self-worth!


We have tried to include some tips and ways that can help you love yourself. The things are, self-love comes from within and only you can initiate the process of self-love. You have to be your own best companion. We hope you liked the article and find it helpful. Thank you for visiting our page and keep loving yourself!