How To Text A Girl (6 Best Topics To Start With) 2023

We come across many instances where we fail to continue a conversation, even if we are willing to talk to someone. The conversation fades slowly, and you have no topics or concepts to continue the conversation. This is a common observation whenever you text someone. You either don’t know how to begin, or you are incapable to process the conversation further. Every mind faces a shortage of words and sentences. You want to talk over some topic, discuss about that, but you don’t know what’s the right way to progress a conversation.

Texting is an immediate and easiest way to start a conversation, but it comes with certain drawbacks. Texts are becoming increasingly uncertain, you are always in a dilemma of where, to begin with. Moreover, it is entirely on the other person if he or she wants to respond to you or simply ignore the text. The other person will always reply to you based on his or her convenience. If texting is the easiest and simplest way to communicate, it is also the simplest way to refrain from any conversation.

Texts and approach –
Secondly, you cannot perceive the right emotions of someone over the text. You cannot see a person’s face while talking to you, you cannot know the tone of their voice, and you cannot observe whether he or she likes the conversation or not. Thus, it becomes increasingly difficult to talk to someone over the text and convey the right emotions and thoughts. Thus it is difficult to talk over the text and especially, if you are texting a girl ,it becomes ever more challenging.
You have to take care of every word you type, your legibility, the emoji you use, and your concept of conversation.

You must be careful of the words you use and remember that your conversation should be over an interesting topic that will keep her hooked up to the mobile phone. She will respond actively and be interested in talking to you. It is important to bring some interesting topics to talk about. You should indulge her in random texting or some interesting topic of common interest. Make your texts more and more interesting by using emoji’s, stickers, gif’s, and sharing links. You should try to ensure two-way communication and avoid unnecessary exaggeration of the topic. If you feel the conversation is ending, try to switch the topic or discontinue saying anything, and let other people say something. Don’t make it seem like you are forcing someone into chit chat with you. This will make them avoid you whenever you meet.

Things to Remember –
Text messaging should never begin or end up with one-word communication. Don’t ever use single phrases or words as they are the best indicator that you are not interested to talk. Moreover, it seems boring and useless, therefore the conversation is never continued further after receiving one-word texts. Don’t use okk, hmm, fine, yes, lol, etc. These words make the conversation so boring.

You should make your conversation more attractive and effective. Remember that your messages are not texty or lengthy. You should make them more attractive by the use of emoji’s, stickers, and gifs. This would seem more interesting and is likely to take a conversation forward.

Try to use the various features of texting applications like voice notes, gifs, and other features. This will make it more interesting and fun to talk about.

You should avoid using the routine words and the same orthodox way to start a conversation. Don’t start the conversation with a normal Hello, Hi or WhatsUp. Instead, use the words that would make it more interesting and so that other people will look forward to reply to you.

You should make sure your messages are grammatically correct and legible. Take care of the typing errors and make sure your sentences are in a proper format and worth understanding.

Do not extend your conversation for longer periods. If you feel she is not interested in further communication simply end up the conversation by making some excuse. Don’t force her to talk to you or get involve din texting if she doesn’t want to. These are the things that you can talk to a girl over a text.

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1. The current situation

You text someone it is good to talk about the current situation and scenario in the world. You can talk about recent topics and discuss the current situation. It is a good reason to communicate as you get aware of the things around you and get to know about the current affairs. This conversation is useful and knowledgeable and tends to break out the boredom.

You can talk to her about the things happening in the nation or the new policies launched. Tell her about the news and endorsements. You can drop up the messages like ‘Have you been active on social media’, ‘Check out the mews today’, Do you know the government has launched abc plan’
‘Are you updated with the current scenario of the nation’. You can talk a lot about these topics and this will make her seem you are quite active and knowledgeable. She will stay updated because of you.

2. Planning and discussions

Texting is the immediate way to communicate and so is the fastest way to make any plans. You can tell her about the new places opened up, talk about the restaurants having exciting offers and some of the best places to visit. You can increase her curiosity about that place and ask her out if she is free to visit anytime.

You can further convince her by sharing the images of the locations and also the links to the place. You can talk like ‘A new restaurant named abc has opened up near my locality’, ‘Recently I visited this place, it is worth mentioning’, ‘Are you up for an outing?’, ‘ I was thinking to drop in at that place’.

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3. Work

If you and her are working for the same organization or institution, you shall have a lot to talk about in common. You can talk about the employees and the business. You can ask her about the workspace and atmosphere. You can talk about the policies in your office and tell her about the salaries or anything related to office work.

Also, if you are in a different workspace even then you can talk to her about her office. Ask her how is the environment there and how are the employees. What does she do the whole day in her office? You can talk about the projects you are dealing with and the things discussed in the meetings.
You can ask her questions like ‘Have you attended the meeting today?’ ‘How are you doing?’ ‘How is the environment in your workspace?’

4. Gossip

Gossiping reduces stress and anxiety. You get a chance to relax and have some pleasure. Moreover, you get a break from the daily hectic schedule and routine. You can talk about some juicy rumors and funny things about your employees. Talk to her about the neighbors, employees. You can talk about your crushes and love interests with each other. This would make your conversation more funny and interesting.

You will enjoy the time texting about these things. You can talk about the controversies surrounding and also about the entertainment industry. Talk about her favorite celebrities, actors, actresses, their upcoming movies, etc. Try to talk about the things she likes and involve her in a conversation with you.

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5. Shows and movies

Girls always like to watch movies and shows. They are increasingly interested in the daily soaps, web series, or movies. You can talk about the shows or series that you both watch in common. You can discuss the recent episodes or the cast of the show. You can tell her about the new twists in the storyline. Ask her about the new series she is currently watching and the shows she likes.
You can recommend her series she should watch on Netflix or prime.

You can ask her questions like ‘Have you watched the episode of Breaking Bad?’, ‘Did you watch the movie released previous year?’ , ‘Check out this series on Amazon Prime Video’. can ask them like ‘Have you watches the recent episode of Vikings’ ‘Did you like the movie’ ‘Check out the new show on sony liv’. You can text her about anything regarding the entertainment. You can share with her the details of the shows, story, small analysis, and links to the episodes.

6. Good and recipes

Girls are ever ready to talk about food and share delicious recipes with everyone. You can talk about each other’s favorite foods and discuss recipes with each other. You can tell her about the new dishes you or your mother made. Send her the recipes and nutrients.

You can also share videos with her and type a complete recipe and text her. You can also share the links of online recipe books or share the YouTube videos of cooking or making that recipe. Talk to her about diet and nutrition. You can discuss the benefits of the recipe or dishes with each other and tell each other about the taste of food. This conversation will always be carried forward and seem interesting.


These were some things you can talk to a girl over text and have nice long fruitful conversations with her. There are endless topics for good and effective communication, all you need is to be active and willing to talk over them. Let’s hope these topics would give you an idea to talk over the text.