How To Flirt With Girl Over Text (2023)

We all know the concept of text flirting and it might the most popular way of flirting these days. With the pandemic happening and social distancing at its peak and not to forget the increasing use of social media, texting seems the only way to have a conversation with new people and flirt with them.

Now when it comes to flirting with a girl over text, some people are already pro while some people need total help. The second kind of people usually suffer a lot and they try hard to flirt with a girl and fail miserably. But don’t worry you guys just need a little help with the flirting over text and you will be fine.

This article is fully dedicated to all the guys who are suffering from a lack of flirting skills over texting. As we have brought some of the best tips which would help you to flirt over text with the girls.

Go ahead and read these simple tips about how to flirt with a girl over text and impress your girl as well. We have also shared some common mistakes which you need to avoid while flirting over the texts. So let’s start our article without wasting any more of your time and make you a flirt pro over texting!!

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1. Exchange the number

The first step you need to do when it comes to flirting via texting is to exchange the numbers. Of course, there are social media platforms but again it will be nice if you have her number and can text her to make the conversation more personal.

And again in order to ask her number, you will have to be nice and smoothly ask her for her number. Whether you met her at the party or on any social media platform, you can flirt a little and then ask her if she would like to exchange the number! Or you can follow the below-listed tips and then ask her number.

2. The opening text

The opening text is one of the most difficult parts and you have to put a lot of thought into this one. Like you, the first impression is the last so make sure you make you’re a good one.

Our tip would be, don’t be predictable and send the ring texts, us h has, hey, what’s up, wbu? These might not get her attention as much as you hope her. We know that it’s kinda hard to come up with an original text but if you would be able to pull that off, you will definitely have her attention. You can text her regarding your last meeting or you can start the conversation with a witty message or a compliment as well. There are many ways to start texting so please avoid the usual ones if you want to get her total attention.

3. Get personal while texting

See the reason it’s easier to flirt in person is you can get to look in the eye, you get to tease them and perhaps touch them. And all these elements are missing while texting, so you have to come with some sort of substitute to impress her with your texts. And the best way to do so is to get a little personal.

Here getting personal on texts means you get to make her feel like she is important and she is special. You can write her name while having the conversation, you can use the terms ‘we’ or ‘us’ or you can also give a nickname as well. You too can also come up with your own little game.

You can also send her pictures of something, or someplace that reminds you of her. Or you can send a picture of a beautiful place and say I wish you here. So these kinda texts make her feel like she is actually important for you and there is an instant connection between you too.

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4. Compliment her

It’s no secret that girls love compliments and this is one the easiest way to flirt with a girl over texts or in person. So make sure you compliment her as often as you can. You can compliment her in a classic way or you can come up with something new and unconventional as well. Such as, you can say how good she looked the last time you met her or the dress that she wore was totally going well with her body.  Or you can also compliment something unconventional such us, you have a weird taste in music but I like that, etc.

Although don’t fake compliment her or get too carried away because that may annoy her a bit and every girl has an ability to know whether a compliment is fake or not.

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5. Be a little mysterious

Don’t reveal all your secrets because that might make her lose all the interest in you. Your texts should be something fun and mysterious which makes her reply to your texts.

It just means don’t give all the details in one text and let her ask more details from you. For example, if she asks you how was your day at work, your reply should be it was great actually or it was one of the worst days. If she is interested in you, she will ask for more details and you will have a long conversation with her.

6. Let her flirt back

You can’t be the one whose flirting and you should also know whether or not she is interested in you equally. So make sure you notice her replies to your flirty texts and see if she is flirting back or not. This will let you if you are wasting your time or if there is soothing going on that can lead you two somewhere.

7. Tease her

Sometimes it’s okay to make fun of her and tease her because it will show you have a sense of humor and she might love this as well. Let her make fun of you as well and this will show your carefree nature.

Use the last referenced when you two guys met and if she did something stupid, but not in an embarrassing way but it should sound casual and funny. You can also give her the nicknames, which is only used by you.

8. Send some naughty texts but not too risky

Girls love naughty texts as long as they are creepy. So you can find ways to send her a naughty text which isn’t too risky that might offend her. Although you have to find the right situation and the right time to send those kinds of texts and also you will have to analyze her responses for that. For example, if she says she is about to get a bath, you can say, too bad it isn’t with me! With a good emoji of course.

9. Keep the texts, short and sweet

Sometimes the long texts are mood buster and you might end up annoying her. So make sure you send the appropriate length of msgs. You will have to send some clever, witty, and fun texts which make her reply back.

Apart from this avoid the grammar mistakes because it might kill the mood as well because no girl likes the grammatical mistakes during the conversation.

10. Avoid double texting

This part should be avoided too. Let her reply to your first message and then start of the different topics. Because when you double text they might forget to answer the previous questions and this might make you sad. And it can be annoying for the other person as well.

11. Know when to stop the conversation

We know you wanna talk to her all day long but that’s not how it works, both of you are going to busy sometimes and that is the time when some people forcefully drag the conversation. That shouldn’t happen. So you can text her bye and tell her you would be looking forward to your next conversation. The conversation should end on a good note too.

12. Let her text you first as well

You can’t be the only one to start the conversation as you might wanna look for your self worth too. So sometimes let her text first as well and start the conversation. This will show you that she is also equally interested in you.


So these are the best ways and tips that you can follow while flirting with a girl over text. Here we have made sure that you understand the concept of these tips well.

We hope you liked the article and found it helpful. So next time you need to flirt with a girl over text, make sure you follow the tips listed in the article. Thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.