8 Best Ways To Deal With Your Crush Ignoring You

It feels such a stab no, when someone ignores you on your face without even showing a little bit of attention. And this the most common scenario with many of our crushes, isn’t it? We start questioning ourselves and result in over thinking about the situation. But is the right way to make it correct, no. So, how to deal with your crush ignoring you?
Let us see what you can do if your crush is ignoring you instead of over thinking, feeling bad about yourselves and questioning your identity. Stop being out of your mind and let’s dive right in.

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How To Deal With Your Crush Ignoring You

Try to figure to why is it happening

There is a reason behind every action. Try to find out the legit reason why your crush is ignoring you. Now do not try to be all goofy and become a detective for that. Be a sensible person and go talk to them about it.
According to me the best thing and the best way to find out something that is important to you and related to some person is to ask them. They won’t eat you for this come on.
Go to them, pay your greeting and simply start a conversation telling them that you have been trying to talk to them but they have not been responding. Is there any problem or specific reason for that? Now if they something hurtful and are mean take it maturely people usually talk bad, that is their mentality not yours.
Ignore it and go back to your normal life. But if it is something you can improve, please do it. They will appreciate it and maybe they would appreciate that you came and talk to them and can make them feel good and special. Getting the point? Okay next one.

Maybe they do not know you and that is why they are avoiding you

Many people tend to avoid the person they do not know. Maybe they are introverts and do not want to deal with people. Seems like a legit reason right?
Yes, so let us work out in legitimately. So, what you can do is make yourself known to them as much as you can. How can you do it? Make connections. Try to connect with the people they connect with try to show them your personality as much as you can. And then ultimately make friends with them by slowly trying to talk to them.
Having mutual friends is a very effective way to get anyone’s attention. But one thing no one should sense that you are desperate. Or else your game is over bro.

Pay attention to your looks and dressing style

Yes, I do not mean to say you are dirty or you do not bath or anything. Keep reading.
It is understandable when we do not pay attention to our looks sometimes because we are struggling and hustling and working hard so much for a better future and better version of ourselves. It results in making us kind of not paying that much attention to our outlooks.
Try to wear a nice combination of dresses, put the right kind of makeup and the right shoes. Now you are getting what I meant. Try to be in the best of your looks, this will create a very nice impression on them and may be because of that they would want to talk to you and do not ignore from the next time.

Ignore them back

You heard me correct. Ignore them back. It often happens that if we pay too much attention to the people they kind of start thinking that we are too devoted to them and too needy of their attention. So, they start taking advantage of it and start playing around with us.
Make them feel that you are not dependent of anyone’s attention. It does not bother you if someone talks to you or not. It is completely alright and people have their choices and everything.
Trust me the tables may turn. It may work out for you. Though, I do not give any assurity that it will work only. It will depend from people to people. And yes do not do it with a very high intensity. Keep in mind to do it for having their attention. When you have it, stop doing it slowly.

Ask them for their help

Indeed a smart way to have someone’s attention for a long span. If you want to spend some time with your crush this is a very effective way to have their attention. You will have a conversation and some time together without the suspect.
Ask their help on study matters if you are facing any problems on, or some school project. Ask them to be your partner and help them with it or take their help on it. You may have a very good bond at the end. And try to take things slow if your plan works out. Work smartly after all you have waited so long. So, a little more won’t hurt that much.

May be their taste is different and you are not the right one for them

It might be their expectations of having their crushes are somewhat other than what you are and you do not fit in.
Then it is not a problem you guys. Come on it is completely okay. We all have set some expectations about our crushes. We all have imagined them and made a bar of expectation, right? The way they look, their eyes and everything. You have done too and your crush had fit that definition and expectations but you did not for them. That is okay.
Move ahead and try to not think about it much and accept it.

Tell them you feel ignored

If you have been talking to them for some days and built a bond and then they have stared ignoring you tell them how you feel. As I stated earlier the best way to deal with something with a person is to talk and not unnecessary talk but a conversation that would get you somewhere and solve things.
Tell them that their actions are making you feel ignored and do not want to feel this way because you really care about them and talking to them makes your day. If they are not doing it intentionally they would try to fix it and probably apologise too but if they are not try to ask them further about the reasons and if it is something that you feel is not right take a step back.
It is not worth wasting your time and energy for someone who does not reciprocate and value you. After all ignoring someone for some reasons is not the smart way but talking is. And the last point:

Should you make them regret?

This is a question that needs to be addressed. It is often opted by most of the boys out there and sometimes girls too. If it is in a healthy way like ignoring them back to get their attention, or to make them see that you do not them to a certain level is okay without any hurtful feelings just for fun. Make them jealous that they did not choose you and you are happy alone or someone better than them. Things like these on a healthy scale is okay.
But it should not become serious. It should not become big to spoil someone’s mental health because at the end of the day a person’s struggle remains to themselves. We never know what they are going through in their own lives. We must be understanding and should learn the art of letting go.
We must never keep a grudge against someone because what good can it bring. We must be careful in every ways because at the end of the day we and only we are responsible for our individual actions.


Always remember that it is just a person out of seven billion people on the planet of course everyone is not for you out of it but there would be some that will go out of the way to understand you and take a stand for you.
Do not make it go above your head and hurt you. If someone is not giving you attention may be he or she is lacking somewhere to see your goodness or the effort you are putting in for them.
Or maybe the person is fighting his or her own battle. You never know. Do not ever blame someone for things that are not under your control. You do not know what the other person is going through. Sometimes, people have their own definition of their special ones. And it is something that is completely understandable.
We all have our own definition. You have it too. So try to focus on making yourself better everyday rather than fighting to get someone’s attention. It might be worth for someone but not for everyone. And it is completely okay.
Do not question yourself you are good and wanted.