Essay On Plastic Pollution For (Students/Children)

Plastic is the cancer for our environment!!!

I think we all have heard the advice to reduce plastic usage in our daily life. But in spite of these warnings, we are becoming more and more dependent on plastic. We also know the “importance” of plastic in our lives, as it’s cheap, easily carry around and almost anything can be kept in it and it can be used for many things. But even with these wondrous features, the plastic is more of a curse than a blessing for humans and the environment.
plastic pollution essay
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There isn’t any organism or place on our planet who isn’t suffering from the harmful effects of plastic. It’s in the sea, it’s on the surface and it may be present in the space! The reason why a plastic is harmful is because a single plastic will take hundreds of years to fully degrade. It means the plastic that you are using today will remain as it is after a couple of centuries as well! Isn’t it horrifying? It surely is for me!

What causes Plastic pollution?

Plastic pollution refers to the presence of plastic in our environment which causes harmful effects to the mankind and other organisms.

The use of single-use plastic remains the main cause of plastic pollution in the world. The wrapping of chocolate, food items, and other plastic that comes with many different things that we buy, is piling up the plastic amount on our planet. Plastic bottles are also causing a huge amount of plastic pollution. In simpler words, everything which is made of plastic cause the plastic pollution, whether it’s your pen or a plastic chair. And the problem arises when people throw away plastic polythene and other plastic material into the public places or any water bodies.

Effects of plastic pollution

If we talk about the effects of plastic then our water bodies are the most affected area. As you know people throw away plastic bottles and other plastic items in the sea or near beaches. This cause a catastrophic effect on marine life. According to the Center for Marine Conversation, over 25000 pieces of fishing line were collected from the U.S beaches. And the number is still increasing. Presence of plastic causes harmful effect for marine life and disturb their natural biological environment.

Other than marine organisms, land organisms are also affected by plastic. They accidentally eat the plastic which causes severe effects on their body. Plastic pollution also causes soil pollution which disturbs the natural balance and leads to the lack of nutrients in the soil.

How to control the Plastic Pollution?

The aforementioned effects of plastic pollution draw our attention towards it and it rises the need of taking necessary measures to control it.

Although a complete ban on plastic usage sounds good but it cant be possible due to the growing dependency of humans on plastic. And that’s why the government should at least reduce the consumption and production of plastic. Apart from this we as a member of civilized society should spread awareness about its harmful effects and pledge to not use plastic products.