Top 6 Questions To Ask Teacher About Learning Disability

Schooling is a big part of our lives. No matter where we are from or which school we go to, the ultimate goal is to learn and explore our creativity and interests in the school. However, learning is not the same for every student as they go through different experiences as per their capabilities as students. Some kids are born with some disabilities or acquire them later in life which can also impact their ability to learn. One such disability that has been seen in kids at a young age is learning disability.

Not a lot of people know about learning disabilities and there might be a lot of concerns over this as well. It can be very hard for kids with learning disabilities to perform well in school. To help out the parents and kids, many schools offer the service to support students with learning and thinking differences. You can be in touch with the teacher and learn more about how they are helping their child and what things they are doing differently to make it better.

If you don’t know what to ask the teacher about learning disabilities then you are not alone. Here, we have listed down a bunch of questions that you can ask the teacher about learning disabilities and how they are going to help your child in the learning process at the school.

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Questions To Ask Teacher About Learning Disability

1. What area do you think we should target for improvement?

Before helping your child, you have to come to know which area in particular needs improvement and more attention from you and the teacher for your child. This question helps you understand what area to target for improvement and how you can get better results for your kid. Some of the areas such as difficulty in doing homework and organizing are pretty obvious for both parents and teachers to take care of daily.

Apart from this, some kids can have difficulty solving or understanding math problems or reading. Once you have found the common ground or the target area, it would be easier to walk towards the goal and improve the overall learning ability of your child.

2. What’s a reasonable goal to set for my child?

Every child is different and so should the learning goals for them. We can’t expect everyone to reach one goal at the same pace and this is where we need to put some more effort into setting a reasonable goal for a child with a learning disability.

As we have said earlier, each kid may have different problems while learning new stuff, some might find it difficult to do homework while others might find it hard to do math or reading. This is why set the goal according to your child and it should be reasonable and achievable for the child as well. This is something you need to discuss with the teacher to come up with a better goal and understanding regarding your child.

3. What supports and services at the school do you think will work best?

Most of the schools do provide services and support for kids with different issues, so you might want to know which support and service would be better for your kid. You can also find out how many or what kinds of support and services are offered by the school and then figure out which one would be best for your kid.

Knowing that your kid has got support at school can also help you do something at home too for your child. This will also be a relief for you as a parent knowing your child has got the support they need.

4. What time frame should we set?

Just like we need a personalized goal for each kid, we would also need to set a time frame to know if the service or support given to the child is working so that you can continue that. Make sure that the time frame for any given service or support is no longer than two weeks. This is because if the goal isn’t achieved in two years then you might want to find a better and more suitable service or support for your kid.

5. We’ve tried simple support and services. What should be the next step?

Once the child has gone through stage one of the service and support for learning disability, you might want to add more stuff that can help your child further. This would need more precise planning and involvement on the child’s part so that they can get the right support and improve their ability to learn and read.

After the basic support for learning disability is done, you can ask if there are more services provided by the school that can help the child or what other things to help the kid. This would give you more knowledge about the programs and support given by the school and teachers that can be beneficial to your kid in the long run.

6. How can I make learning at home more interesting for my child?

Even if your child is getting full support from the teachers at home, they are going to need it at home as well. This is why you should ask this question to the teacher to know what you can do at home to improve their learning ability. They might tell you how you can make things more interesting which can help them learn easily and the ways you can teach a particular subject to your child.


So these are some of the questions you can ask the teacher about learning disabilities to get to know more about them and to assure your child is getting good support. We covered a few important questions that you must ask and these will also give you some relief. These questions will also help you to help your kid at home when you know more about the appropriate approach that is needed for a child with a learning disability. That would be all for now and we hope you got everything you have been looking for. Thank you.