Essay On Internet And Its Uses (Advantages/Disadvantages)

The Internet is one of the best inventions in the history of mankind (of course after fire and wheel!). The Internet has become a big part of our life and we can’t even imagine our life without the internet. From watching TV to the way we shop, everything is now dependent on the Internet.

But how did it started? And how did we become slaves of the internet? These are some questions that you would wanna know the answer to! So here is the history of the internet.
essay on internet
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History of internet:

It was around the 1950s when the idea of the internet popped up in the head of scientists. And around the 1960s the invention of the internet happened. But it wasn’t actually the start of the internet era that we live in today. Around 1989, a computer scientist named Tim-Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web. This was a revolutionary time for the internet in our society. After this, the internet has seem some several progress where it become more and more involved in the lives of common man!

Impact of the internet on society

Nothing has made a bigger impact on our society than the internet. If we are talking about the impact of the internet on society, then we can describe the internet just as a black or white because it’s highly grey. Just like a coin has two sides, this one too has its advantages and disadvantages on our society.

Advantages of the internet

There are many advantages of the internet which we can’t list out (because that’s gonna take a really long time). So let’s take a look at the sectors which are highly revolutionized by the internet!

1. Education- these days getting an education isn’t that hard! What we mean is, the internet has become a huge source of information which helps students and people in general to educate themselves. There are many educational videos present on the internet so that anyone can study.

2. The health sector has also improved as the test results got back in minimum time, you can easily find donors from anywhere the world. Doctors can also communicate with one another and find solutions for their patients.

3. The biggest advantage of the internet would be the communication. You can easily communicate from one part of the world to others. There are video calls where we can see other persons face no matter what the place is.

4. Internet has also affected the business for good. Here businessmen can easily promote their products and services to the targeted audiences.

Disadvantages of internet

Although there are numerous advantages of interest present but you will also find a few disadvantages of it too. Firstly the internet has made everyone it’s slave and it got hard to communicate to the real people. The privacy and data leakage is also a concern where your personal data can be used to harm you. Due to social media and games, teenagers are going into depression and are falling victim to anxiety!