Essay On Save Water Save Earth (For Students/Children)

We all know the importance of Water on our planet. Our planet is the only planet where life exists and do you know why? Because we have water. This fact should be enough to make us understand how important water is for our existence.
save water essay
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Save Water Essay

The fact that our earth is 70 percent covered with water and still facing the scarcity of water makes us think about what we are doing wrong. The answer would be, not all the water we have on the planet is drinkable or safe for human consumption because most of it is saltwater. We have like 3 percent of water that is fresh and safe to consume.

But do you what we are doing? We are wasting that three percent of water! You would be surprised to know that over 700 million people in 43 countries are suffering due to the scarcity of water. They don’t have the safe water to drink, while we are wasting it every day.

How do we waste water?

Whenever you take a long shower remember you are wasting the water! There are so many small activities present which causes water wastage and that too by us. When you overwater your lawn, wash a single t-shirt in your automatic washing machine and even eating the meat or buying a pair of jeans a week is tge reason of water wastage. How? Making a jeans cost so much water and the same goes for preparing the meat. It’s funny how our every step is causing water scarcity in the world and we are taking a single step to save water!

It’s time that we realize how fortunate we are to have fresh water for drinking. And it’s also important to realize that water scarcity is real and it’s happening. Lastly, we should take the necessary steps to save water.

How can we save water?

Although not one person can make a change, but if we all make a little difference in our daily lives then we can save water. The following steps should be taken in order to save water.

1. Check any water leakage in your house- it would be a waste of water if it’s running for no good use. Fixing the leakages can easily save a huge amount of water.

2. Install water-saving showers will also help in saving a considerable amount of water and stops the excess wastage of water.

3. Turning off the tap while you brush your teeth or wash your hands would be effective too. Because a running tap is the main reason for water wastage in our houses.

4. Use the dishwasher and your automatic washing machine with full loads only. You don’t wanna waste gallons of water to wash just one t-shirt or a just a single plate right?

Lastly, you need to spread awareness about save water as much as possible. It’s important that our youth take participation is these campaigns and know the seriousness of the issue. It’s time that every little kid know the importance of water and everyone take necessary measures to save the water.