Essay On Holi In English For Students And Children

Holi is one of the most fun festivals in India. Holi is also known as festival of colors as people play with colors and have fun with their friends and family. This festival generally falls in the month of March during the springtime. People get crazy about it as it’s all about going crazy, dance their heart out, play pranks on their friends and eat lots of tasty dishes.
holi essay
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Essay On Holi

Holi is a two-day celebration, which includes Holika Dahan and Holi. Just like any other festival of India. This one is also associated with many great mythological stories.

Why we celebrate Holi?

Holi is marked as a festival where we celebrate brotherhood and forget all the enmities between one another. They meet with gratitude and wish each other by applying colors on each other’s face.

Speaking of Holika Dawan, there is a story behind it. Long way back, there was this king named Hiranayakshyap. He was given blessing by Lord Brahma that he will be undefeated and no man, animal or weapon can kill him. Which meant as a blessing, turned out to be a curse. He became so arrogant and asked people of his kingdom to worship him instead of God.

He had two children named Holika and Prahlad. Just as he asked, everyone started to worship the king except his own son Prahlad. Prahlad never obeyed his orders of worshiping him and denied to worship him instead of God. He was a true believer of Lord Vishnu. This act of his son always annoyed the king. So the king plan to kill him. King’s daughter, Holika had a blessing that she can never get burned by the fire. So she made her brother sit with her in the fire but got burnt instead and Prahlad didn’t even get the slightest harm! It was believed that Lord Vishnu saved Prahlad and from that day Holika Dahan is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil.

On Holika Dahan, people pile the heap of wood in the public area where more and more people get together and participate in burning it. This burning of wood symbolizes the burning of Holika which means the evilness and the victory of Lord Vishnu and goodness.

On the next day of Holika Dahan, Holi is celebrated with colors. People also do lots of preparation to celebrate the day with enthusiasm. People clean their houses and make homemade dishes too. A popular dish called Ghujia is being made in the households. It looks like a small closed pie and has a beautiful shape with fillings of condensed milk and nuts.

Indian Holi is popular in the whole world and that’s why people from different countries come in India and celebrate Holi at several Holi celebrations in India. Some of the places like Mathura and Pushkar are famous for Holi celebrations. Some people also drink Marijuana drinks and get crazy.

Holi is a festival to celebrate brotherhood and forget about all the troubles and get crazy at the moment. So it won’t be wrong to say that this is one of the biggest festivals in India!