Global Warming Essay [Causes/Effects And Solutions]

In this article we are gonna write an essay on ‘global warming’ a term which we are all familiar with. Here we have listed the causes, effects, and solutions of global warming.

We all are familiar with the term Global Warming. And it’s becoming a threat to our planet and living beings. But are you aware what exactly is Global Warming?
global warming essay
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Global Warming Essay

Global Warming simply refers to the rising temperature of the earth (that includes the earth’s surface, oceans, and atmosphere). You would be surprise to know that after the industrial revolution the temperature of earth has risen by 1° C than it was in 1750. And in the last 50 years, the average temperature increase at the fastest rate. Scientists suggest that by the time 2100 the temperature will be 1°C to 5°C higher than it was before 1750. It’s more horrifying than it sounds and by each passing year, we could see more rise in temperature which will harm the planet in so many days.

Some areas are getting worse than the other due to the effect of global warming and climate change and that is because carbon emission for each country is different. For example, scientists say that there will be 10 Fahrenheit increase in temperature for the US by the next 10 years.

These facts may raise the question, what causes global warming? Is it a natural phenomenon or it is caused by humans? Let’s take a look at that too.

Causes of global warming!

Global warming happens when carbon dioxide and other pollutants along with greenhouses collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and radiation which bounced off the earth’s surface. In simpler words, what (the radiations and gases) should have been escaped the earth is now trapped in the atmosphere which results in a rise in temperature. This phenomenon is also known as the greenhouse effect!

There are many gases which are responsible for the greenhouse effect which is called as the greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, etc. So it can be said that the increase in greenhouse gases will directly increase the temperature of the Earth.

Although carbon dioxide emission is known to be one of the main causes of global warming. It can be emitted when we burn coal, oil, natural gases among other fossil fuels. What adds more global warming is the act of deforestation, as more trees are but down, there will be less carbon dioxide will be taken out of the atmosphere by trees.

In the United States, burning of coal and natural gases to make electricity is known to be the main cause of the country’s risen carbon dioxide emissions. Other than this, the country’s transportation sector also increase in the carbon dioxide and adds more pollutants in the atmosphere. 1.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide is emitted by the transportation sector and 2 billion co2 is released during electricity production. Some appliances like refrigerator and air conditioners also adds greenhouse gases in the environment. So it won’t be wrong to say that cutting carbon emissions is the need of the hour to reduce the global warming. Some natural causes like volcanos also said to be an increasing factor in global warming and climatic change.

So these are the causes of global warming. Now, what will be consequences? You may think that’s it’s just 1°C rise in temperature but it can affect our environment in so many different ways. How? Let’s take a look.

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Climate change due to global warming!

Climate change is one of the main and worst impacts of global warming on our planet. Every weather is becoming extreme and more powerful. For example, hotter areas are experiences more heatwaves, colder areas are experiences more snowstorms, there are powerful hurricane and more frequent rainfall! All these things are directly linked to global warming. With rising temperatures, ice glaciers are melting at a faster rate causing floods.

It’s not like climate change is a new thing to the history of this planet, as you know our earth was once a freezing planet and its average temperature was -18°C which was much lower than the current average temperature of the earth, 15°C. And you would know this is rising too. But the thing is now the rate of climate change is much higher than it was before the industrial revolution!

And with each passing year, the rate of making of glacier is increasing, there is a steady increase in the temperature. You will be surprised to know that Antarctica is losing 130 billion tons of ice per year since 2002 which is rising the sea level. North America has seen more hurricane than ever since 2008. Many people die due to strong heat waves. We see more floods too then we used to before a couple of years.

The effect of global warming isn’t seen at just one particular area but it is seen all across the world! So it doesn’t matter which country emits more carbon dioxide and which emits the least, in the end we all are gonna suffer from global warming and climate change!

Other effects of global warming include the forest suffering from heat waves which may start a fire and you will also see more damage to crops and fisheries. Coral Reef and Alpine meadows also facing the threat of extinction due to their habitat destruction. Infectious disease, asthma, and allergies are also becoming more common to people due to the increasing rate of pollution.

I am sure you are as afraid of these facts as I am and as everyone would be! But is there anything we can do about it? Or it’s just something we have to accept and don’t care about? Is it too big of a problem to tackle? Or we are just being stupid and careless about it by not taking the necessary measures? Let’s see how can we handle the crisis of global warming!

It’s obvious that global warming is something that require everyone’s effort. That means, each country and each individual must come together and face this problem. Let’s see how can we control global warming at an individual level!

Speak up! If you think not enough is done by the government to control global warming then speak up and make sure you make your voice heard. Talk to your friends and family and tell them about the crisis we are facing. The more you talk the more awareness will be spread about it!

Reduce the carbon footprint! Countries may be emitting carbon for producing electricity and you can’t do anything about that, but you can make a change in your life and reduce your carbon footprint. You can invest in more energy-efficient appliances and reduce the use of appliances that emits more carbon dioxide.

Use public transport! Using public transport will save so much fuel and if that is not possible then you can pool your vehicle.

Reducing water wastage would too help in controlling global warming. So you can try to heat the water instead of using a filter. You can also reduce the use of dishwasher and washing machine.

Rely on renewable energy for your home which would save electricity as well as your monthly bills.

So these are some of the steps that should be taken by each individual to reduce their carbon footprint.

On the international levels, many summits are held which focus on climate change and global warming. Companies are making electric cars which would reduce the consumption of fuel. Government is also taking some initiatives to control global warming.


We can say that this is an alarming situation and everyone needs to be awake and realize what we are leaving for our future generation.  And the government should be more responsible and spend more time and effort to solve this problem.