Health Is Wealth Essay In English For (Students/Children)

There is an old saying that we all must have heard, Health is Wealth! It’s really important that we look after our bodies and keep it healthy but not all the people do it. They ignore their health until it’s too late and then regret their decision. Moreover, this phrase is not only for physical health but also for mental health. Your health isn’t just about how your body looks, you can be thin and still experiencing some health issues same as the overweight person.
health is wealth essay
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Essay On Health Is Wealth

It’s not like taking care of your health takes much effort. You can start by introducing little changes in your life, which will contribute to your health and wellness.

These small habits can enhance your health:-

  • Healthy food
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • A productive hobby

Healthy Food

Everything starts with your diet. You must have heard, you look at what you eat. And that sentence is one of the most significant about your health.

It’s not about how much you eat, it’s all about what you eat. So focus on the quality eating instead of quantity eating. A person who eats junk food all the time may appear healthy to you but he surely has an unhealthy body.

Your diet should contain the right amount of proteins, carbs, fat, vitamins, fibers, etc. It’s important that your meal should have the right amount of nutrients in it. Furthermore, you can take 5 meals a day instead of doing brunch, snacks and late-night dinner.

Your meal should also be compatible with your body type and you can even ask a nutritionist for a diet chart. It doesn’t have to be a strict diet plan just the right one which includes less junk foods.


Exercise is also important to maintain your health. And again you don’t have to join a gym and do intense training to remain healthy. You can do some light exercise in your home and become more healthy.

It will include jogging, maybe some pushups at home or any sports you like (dancing too). Just take about half an hour a day to have a good exercise session. Exercise is important as it will bring discipline in your life and you will feel more organized.


As we have mentioned earlier, good health isn’t just about physical health it’s about having h good mental health too. You can be physically fit and yet your mind isn’t at peace you won’t feel good.

A meditation session can help you stay focus and more aware of yourself. A study shows, people who meditate daily perform better at their jobs than people who don’t.

Taking up a hobby can also help you to stay mentally fit and feel good about yourself. You can do whatever makes you happy. This includes playing a musical instrument, reading a book, cooking, gardening, and traveling too.

Apart from this, try to stay positive by avoiding unnecessary drama in your life. So distance yourself from people who doesn’t share the same vision as you.

Nowadays good health has become luxury but you can afford it if you want to! Stay healthy, and stay happy!